The Definition Of A Parasite

Published on Feb 2, 2013 by BMansRevolt

6 thoughts on “The Definition Of A Parasite

  1. What can I say guys, I just had to post this one. I know how Henry loves – hehe – them parasites. Just a joke there Henry. lol. Hope ya`ll like this one…………..P.S. Check out those links there at the botom of the post, awsome.

  2. I’ve had many thoughts about the financial parasites of this world these past few weeks. Thank you for posting this video, diggerdan. Great humor in the midst of its ugly truths. Please don’t be offended – sometimes the days are so dark that I have to turn off what seems to be reality and go into myself for life’s gifts. Thanks again.

  3. Something most people are not aware of is the fact that many bank employees are intelligence operatives spying on you,. It is easy to tell they are the ones asking you all those pesky questions that are none of their business. CHASE bank is a known CIA front. Also you would be surprised by the level of infiltration that is all around you daily in you community they have people in UPS, FEDEX, alarm companies, pest exterminators, utility meter readers etc. Basically any job that provides a good cover for spying on many people and getting onto your property.

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