The Dynamic

I would like to explain a dynamic that has been in use, in recent years, to keep the Restoration of this once great Republic at bay, “To Quell the Resistance to Tyranny” if you will. It is very important for everyone to understand this, because it is causing the tyranny to gain an incredible stranglehold around the Neck of the Republic.

There are only 2 parts to this dynamic. They are as follows.

1. The National Surveillance State.  

What this is used for, and probably THE ONLY REASON IT IS IN EXISTENCE, is so the traitors can keep their finger on the pulse of the American people. To monitor just how close they are to an ass whoopin. They monitor everything in order to pick up on chatter and see how far off they are from a violent uprising and a shake off of the current traitorous regime.

2.  The Propaganda Media (this goes for certain alternative news sites and stations as well), not just the Main Stream outlets.

When the traitors’ “think tanks” feel from the chatter they have acquired through their illegal monitoring, that it is imminently close to a revolution, they leak a story such as “Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse”, which as I am sure you are aware of by now, NOTHING EVER TRANSPIRES FROM ALL HIS “HARD PROOF AND EVIDENCE OF TREASON”.

What it does achieve however, is immediately cools the blood of the American National, who has had enough, and the Patriots of the country say to themselves ” Whew, thank goodness someone is finally going to expose this traitor and his communist regime and it doesn’t have to get violent” and (the sheep go back to sleep) or (put their guard down)

And the traitors buy themselves more time to plunder the country.

Then a few weeks or months pass, and some more robbing and plundering of the country, and trampling of our rights takes place, And the American Nationals start to get tremendously angry again, they start talking, and buying guns and ammunition and again, that chatter and direction of the Patriots is picked up on through the surveillance state AGAIN..

Then all of a sudden a retired congressman (Georgia Rep Bob Barr) announces if he is re elected, he promises to immediately start impeachment proceedings against the president.

Once again, the American Nationals who were just about to unleash their rage and take back their country, take a deep breath and go WHEW !!!! That was close, we don’t have to do anything, there is a congressman who’s going to impeach the bastard !!! And the blood runs cold again, and everyone gets complacent again (The sheep begin to sleep again) or (Guard down)

There are SO MANY examples that have taken place over the past few years that I couldn’t possibly list anymore. I think a person of average intelligence can now understand how this has been playing out. Practically every story that has appeared to be in the favor of the American Patriot has been a contrived, carefully crafted story, to quell the resistance before it ever gets momentum.

Sent to us by the author who wishes to remain anonymous.

8 thoughts on “The Dynamic

  1. Thinking on what you said makes perfect sense. So it is our duty to let the people know when this happens to quit listening to the mumbo jumbo. As you brought up the sheriff from Arizona, sheriff Joe, I remember a while back a story came out that his posse had found mind blowing evidence against Obama and it was just what was need to bring him down, BUT they were going to wait a while to release that info. Months later, nothing has been released, because it was a lie!

    Great article there and I will now watch much closer on their “bait” stories!!

    1. The Little Sheriff that Cried Wolf was nothing more than a distraction.
      every quarter he would have amazing new info that would etc. with never providing any results for how many years?

      Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty ‘s teeth.
      ~George Washington

      1. cynicles, exactly, sheriff joe always mind blowing new information, but yet nothing ever comes about, How many years? I would have to say since 2008, he was put there for a reason!

        1. Yes Missy, all that sheriff joe is no more than a arrogant pig that likes to be a pig and that is that. He has his prison down there in Az. and I have heard that if you want to be a snitch he will provide drugs to hand out to other prisoners and then bust them – nice guy eh. yea I watched a ducumentary on that guy about a year ago about that. One of the guards interviewed said that. That was about the time when people were dieing there in his so called prison. He is a old arrogant pig sheriff. He should have been done with a long time ago – and now that celebrity/actor tough guy swat guy is teamin` up with the puke joe pos.

  2. The author could have signed with an appropriate one-time user name, however. Nothing untrue about what he/she said.

  3. Excellent point. Well written piece. It always comes down to the surveillance state and the MSM. I have definitely noticed that trend that they are using to quell the people when things get hot. Sooner or later though, the people will see through it and most of us already have. You can only cry wolf so many times before it is useless.

    Just like medicine, once the strongest medicine is used and the tolerance wears off, there’s nothing left to slow or stop the disease from spreading and the system collapses. So too with We the people against the elite. There’s only so much left that they can throw at us before our tolerance level wears off and nothing they can say or do will stop us from revolting full force on their ass.

    It will happen when they least expect it. One day out of the blue. They treat us like a lab experiment where they can just inject a Valium to cool us down each time they need to. Eventually, we will grow an immunity to it when they least expect it and uncontrollable chaos will ensue. From that point, all of their money and all of their power will not be able to stop We the People from hunting every one of them down and taking them out one by one. Like the Incredible Hulk, the rage in almost everyone one of us will be too much for them to contain.

    Their time is definitely coming to an end.

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