The FBI’s ‘Facial Recognition Database’ contains over 411 million photos


According to a GAO report titled ‘Face Recognition Technology, FBI Should Better Insure Privacy and Accuracy‘ since 2010 the FBI has been building a secret database of over 411 million faces.

CJIS the largest division in the FBI has created Facial Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation (FACE) Services to identify over 411 million people.

18,000 law enforcement agencies voluntarily gave our photos to the FBI

The majority of photos enrolled in NGI-IPS are voluntary submissions from 18,000 federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement entities. About 70 percent of the photos in NGI-IPS were criminal mugshots stored in IAFIS that were not searchable with face recognition technology until the development of NGI.

“The total number of face photos available in all searchable repositories is over 411 million, and the FBI is interested in adding additional federal and state face recognition systems to their search capabilities.” (Page 15)

Nearly every state uses the FBI’s facial biometrics program to spy on Americans

The FBI is working with 8 additional states to grant them access to NGI-IPS for face recognition searches, and an additional 24 states are interested in connecting to NGI-IPS. However, according to the FBI, use of NGI-IPS for face recognition searches is voluntary, and the FBI does not know if the remaining 11 states are interested in connecting to NGI-IPS

411 million photos and only TWO ARRESTS

To date, more than 6,000 face recognition leads have been returned to FBI agents and other investigators. Most investigations are ongoing, but two arrests have been made as a result of leads provided by the FACE Services Unit, and two victims from a violent crimes case have been located.

What is FACE?

The FACE Services Unit of the Biometric Services Section, Criminal Justice Information Services Division provides investigative lead support to FBI field offices, operational divisions, and legal attachés by comparing the facial images of persons associated with open assessments and investigations against facial images available in state and federal face recognition systems.

In its support of FBI agents and analysts, the FACE Services Unit accepts unclassified photographs of subjects of, and persons relevant to, open FBI assessments and investigations.

In other words the FBI is secretly giving people risk assessments.

The FBI’s facial recognition program is expanding

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The FACE Services Unit only accepts probe photos that have been collected pursuant to applicable legal authorities as part of an authorized FBI investigation, and in a future expansion of the program….

The FBI also uses drivers license photos to identify Americans

According to CNN, Police everywhere will be able to tap into the system. Police will scan a motorists fingerprints and license during routine traffic stops.

Upon receipt of a probe photo, the FACE Services Unit uses face recognition software to compare the probe photo against photos contained within government systems, such as FBI databases (e.g., FBI’s Next Generation Identification), other federal databases [REDACTED] and state photo repositories.

In other words the FBI, DHS, Police are using Real ID photos to identify everyone.

According to Real ID, every drivers license picture must now be facial recognition compatible!
Real ID also links DMV databases with the FBI and DHS.

Now you know why DHS created Real ID.

The FBI/DHS uses secret databases to identify everyone

In order to access other agencies’ systems for face recognition purposes, the FACE Services Unit enters into Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with each agency.  In other words, its a secret.

All records of how the FBI/DHS identified a person are destroyed

The FBI immediately destroys all other photos and associated information. The other party to the MOU ensures that only authorized personnel receive and process the photos sent by the FBI. These agencies are prohibited from the further sharing and/or dissemination of any information associated with the FBI photos unless required by law. After the face recognition search has been completed, these agencies are required to destroy all probe photo images, and any associated data submitted from the FACE Services Unit.

How can America claim to be a free and democratic society, when all evidence of how they identify Americans is destroyed?

Wake up America before it’s too late. Spying on 411 million people who haven’t committed a crime is the very definition of a Police State.

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