The Fourteenth Amendment [Lecture 4] by Thomas Woods

Published on Jul 20, 2010

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., history professor at Suffolk Community College–and a prolific specialist in American Colonial history, the Progressive Era, and modern political history–presents this seminar covering the material in his books, and details and defends the Jeffersonian-Rothbardian perspective. Here is the cutting edge of libertarian history that completely rethinks the meaning and impact of the welfare-warfare state. Recorded at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama; June 20-24, 2005.

Link to the playlist for the complete ‘The Truth About American History’ seminar:…

Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr. is senior fellow in American history at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and is the author of nine books, including the New York Times bestsellers Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. His latest, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century was released in July 2010.

One thought on “The Fourteenth Amendment [Lecture 4] by Thomas Woods

  1. Everything of importance that could have been said in five or ten minutes was drawn out to 1 1/2 hrs in this rambling, unfocused, and BOOOORING lecture.

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