The Great Reset: Cyber-attacks on America’s Food Supply Have Started

Emerald Robinson

Last night, there was a fire at a food processing plant in America. It was the 18th such “accident” to hit our food processing plants and distribution centers in 2022.

Eighteen such incidents in only four months is an unprecedented rate. Usually, there are a dozen, or less, in any calendar year.

On April 22nd, there was an “explosion” at Shearer’s Foods in Hermiston, Oregon. On April 21st, an “unidentified small plane” crashed into the General Mills plant in Covington, Georgia.

On April 19th, a mysterious fire destroyed the largest independent food distributor in the United States.

On April 14th, a food processing plant in Salinas, California called Taylor Farms caught fire.

On April 13th, a pilot crashed his plane into a potato plant in Idaho. On April 12th, the East Conway Beef & Pork plant in New Hampshire caught fire.

All of that happened in the last two weeks. At the start of February, a fire broke out a fertilizer plant in Winston-Salem.

In January, a mysterious fire broke out at Van Drunen Farms plant in Illinois.

That’s too many mysterious fires in avery short time to be accidental, don’t you think? On March 31st, a fire broke out at a Rio Fresh onion factory in San Juan, Texas. On March 24th, a fire broke out at a potato processing plant in Belfast, Maine. On March 19th, a fire broke out at a Walmart Food Distribution center in Plainfield, Indiana. On March 17th, a fire broke out at a Nestle food plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

You get the idea: fire, fire, fire, fire.

According to Zero Hedge, the FBI is now warning that cyber-attacks against “agricultural” targets are actually happening and may be an attempt to disrupt “the supply of seeds and fertilizer.”

The FBI bulletin does exist. It was issued on April 20th. The key sentence: “Since 2021, multiple agricultural cooperatives have been impacted by a variety of ransomware variants.”


And the FBI waited until April 2022 to warn anybody about it?

So you have a rash of mysterious fires at food processing plants across the country and, simultaneously, you have the FBI warning the Agriculture Industry that cyber-attacks are a big problem and have been since 2021?

The obvious question: what is the relationship between all the mysterious fires and the cyber-attacks?

I seem to remember a bald psychopath warning the world that he was now a prophet and that all these things would come to pass thanks to the corrupt global elites at the World Economic Forum.

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