4 thoughts on “The great shaming

  1. F*** you Chuck Todd! You make me want to upchuck, you Communist, fascist shill! How do I sleep at night? Just fine thanks! How do YOU sleep at night knowing you are a traitor who is destined to be tried in a Common Law Court and sentenced to swing from a hemp rope?!?

  2. Spreading lies!!!?

    Like What? Is it a lie there is No true Virus Isolation? (Lmk if anyone ever finds it, cause it DOES NOT EXIST) they can’t and they won’t because real scientist will expose it as has happened already!

    Again either we are Americans with our bill of rights and the ability to enforce such individually OR we are all living under abject tyranny!

    Guess which it is..! Only the guns are holding these sycophants back…!

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