58 thoughts on “How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

  1. I have been watching this website for a couple of weeks now…I will be promoting this website, I just had to make sure first…great job on all your articles and info..thanks. It is of my opinion, you just may go far, you really are doing a great job and I will do my best to promote.

    1. A big thumbs up for ya Steven, I`m a new one here to but like you I watch ed this site for a month or two and you are right. I trust it for sure.

  2. @ steve: Welcome to the family. I started posting mainly on beforeit’snews, but found a more intelligent and well informed class of people regularly posting on this site, so I began posting here consistently. Good choice.

    1. yes #1NWO, the same with me. at least you all seem to know what`s happening. By the way, remember the song by Black Sabbith ” WAR PIGS” ?, seems to fit now days as much as them days! thumbs up.

  3. Finally, someone with the balls to tell the cops off. If only everyone would do this and not give into this unnecessary psychological fear behavior, the Nazis might get scared and run away. My congratulations on a job well done for this guy.

  4. They did this to a pastor? Oh these cops have got to die!! DIE DIE DIE!!! What kind of sick sons of bitches are they? He did absolutely nothing and they tased and batted him to a bloody pulp all because he didn’t answer a stupid question? How sick can you be to taze someone for not answering a question. That’s like tazing someone for not looking at the television. WTF??? I mean really, they couldn’t grab him out of the car. I mean 5 cops against 1 unarmed person (who is a pastor, mind you) and you use two tazers on him? WTF???? Are cops that lazy and psychotic?(YES!) WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! The time to rebel is NOW!!!!!!!!! There’s more of us than there are of them. When are you going to realize that? For cryin’ out loud, WAKE THE F- UP!!!

    1. Yes NC, they realy are that lazy AND sadistic. It takes a certain tyoe of personality to be a cop.Hey Nc where can I get a licence and when does the season open for the cop – wild PIG hunt? There is a epidemic that has been going around for decades now with them wild pigs!

    2. Get used to it. They’re conditioning American citizens incrementally. That’s the reason that you’re are seeing the police murdering innocent citizens everyday, to make it a common occurrence, like it’s no big deal. The same thing with the TSA. It started in the airports, then the bus stations, the train stations, and now on our highways. The security in the airports started with x-ray machines, then empty your pockets and take off your shoes, then it notched up to full body scanners and groping body searches, and now they’re using Gestapo vocal commands like ” Freeze ! “. Slowly. Incrementally. Conditioning. And the worst is yet to come. They’re conditioning us to be herded onto trains, and into Fema Camps. Get used to it ? I don’t think so. Get ready to resist. Get ready to fight. Get ready to take our country back, or we are all going to be slaughtered.

  5. thia same sort of thing happened to me back in the 80`s. there excuse was that because I hade a pot arest way back when that it gave the swine a reason to completly search my car, myself my old lady. They did not find anything – we had absolutly nothing to hide but they still had to have us surrounded in public with there drug dogs frisking us in public. By the way ,we were surounder by three squad cars that remained there wntil they were done, about a hour or so later. All they said when they were done was “YOU CAN GO NOW, HAVE A NICE DAY”! If anybody and I mean ANYBODY can trust a cop your probobly working for them or with them for a lesser charge. Next time they frisk me down i`m thinking of having a dirty veterinary needle for the fu3kers to stick them selves with and wory about the test results. If I only knew when to expect another pat down! Sorry `bout the rant but as long as the cops and authority is alowed to get away with these actions things will only get worse, period!!! What would happen if a person would flag down a cop and ask the cop the same things they cops ask at a check point?, think about it!! Liberty and justice for all or there is no liberty and justice for any body!!!!!!

      1. Yea , I know Henry. By the way I was watching your video and they actualy did take it down just when I was starting to get back into it, I had to step out for a secont, do my duty ya know. What`s wrong with freedom? they all just seem to think they got to get there fingers into everything that isn`t all for them guy`s. Simplicity is intelligence, because you do not have to complicate intelligence to be wise and you guy`s are intelligent and wise on this site! A big thank you,you guys from digger.

  6. Sir, you have my sympathy as a county law enforcement officer. Personally, I think the Border Patrol should be out enforcing immigration laws, not harassing and injuring US citizens. My agency has strict guidelines concerning use of Tazers and simular devices. We may not use them on an subject who is only being verbally uncooperative. However, if the subject is threatening the officer with violence either verbally or with body language cues, we can use the Tazer to effect control. You were not threatening in any manner that I could discern. Also, our Tazer policy states that we are to use no more than 2 five second discharges, and we are to avoid using more than one Tazer at a time. If they are not effective, we move up the force scale to pepper spray and baton. You might want to have your attorney check DPS and BP policy concerning Tazer use. I’d say, even as a law enforcement officer, you should have a pretty good case for excessive force and damage to property . I am appalled you were assaulted in such manner just for exercising your rights as a citizen to travel unmolested unless you had committed some sort of infraction or violation of law [Probable cause] to give them reason to stop you. Checks for drivers license, registration and insurance are reasonable to me. To want to search you or your conveyance without cause is not. Good luck with your suit!

    1. “We may not use them on an subject who is only being verbally uncooperative. However, if the subject is threatening the officer with violence either verbally or with body language cues, we can use the Tazer to effect control”

      I’m sorry, but you just contradicted yourself. You just said you can’t use tazer for verbal complaints but then you say you can in the next sentence. Which is it? You seem as confusing as the cop in the pastor’s court case.

      And by the way, since you are a law enforcement officer, I’ve been meaning to ask someone like you the question of, WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED TO USE TAZERS ANYWAYS???!!! Are you guys so lazy that you don’t take any self-defense courses these days to restrain suspects without lethal force? 5 guys against 1 completely unarmed person and you still use Tazers? I thought you guys were suppose to be the best of the best in restraining people in unarmed combat. Are you guys weak or something? Can’t fight like a man? Need a baby gun to restrain an innocent person? I guess so, since now you just shoot them. Are you going to shoot me for not smiling on the police camera too? I mean really..what’s wrong with you people?

    2. “Checks for drivers license, registration and insurance are reasonable to me.”

      HAHAAHA!! Is that what they teach you at police school these days? HELLOO!!! 4th AMENDMENT Violation!!! Terry v. Ohio, Delaware v. Prouse and Brown v. Texas, pal. Do the research. You’re pathetic and you know those checks are bullshit!

  7. PS All LEO are not your enemy. We all took an oath of office to support the Constitution of the US and our home states against all enemies, foreign or domestic. It appears some have forgotten that oath or never knew what the Constitution and Bill of Rights says. Unfortunately, it comes from higher up. If the POTUS won’t respect it, neither will some LEO. We have not forgotten, and we will respect it, to the best of our ability.

    1. Unfortunately, not many of them HAVE the ability because not many of them HAVE respect and/or never learned about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and would rather enforce their stupid, penis codes, I mean Penal Codes to show their abusiveness rather than protect the citizens that pay for them.

      1. people are people. Why do people need something like that peice of shit constition? Honest people don`t need a peice of fu3kin` paper to tell us how to live, or do we??? The CONSTITUTION DON`T MEAN A HILL OF BEANS IF IT IS NOT UPHELD BY THE LAW OF THE LAND THAT WROTE IT. TELL ME I AM WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I agree. And we wouldn’t need to use that piece of paper (Constitution) if people were taught proper moral values at home and in a proper school and if our education system (which is government/globalist controlled) wasn’t creating curriculums designed to bring up dumb lunatics as graduates these days. Some who end up becoming brainless bullying cops with no values. As a teacher, I see this first hand. Read the “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. Lays out the whole proof, right there.

          1. We are all born with proper morals but we are formed by greed and deception. Dogs are not born to be bad asses or mean!!! They are just made that way. There are no bad dogs , just bad owners. just a anology! I am a example! and i will not be owned by any govt. P.

  8. If there are any good cops reading this, these pigs you work with are going to get you and your family killed when SHTF. You don’t think all those people they’ve f#@ked over are going to care about the badges you wear. If you don’t join the people then get the f$#k out of the way, people like these pigs are not worth saving. I’ve had 3 of my friends killed by local cops in the last year and 2 of them were unarmed the other one had his weapon out of arms reach and nothing happened to the cops, not even an investigation.

    When the elite have had their way and destroyed your pensions and bank accounts I hope you’re in good standing with your neighbors otherwise you’re screwed.

    1. Yea chris, that`s kinda why I got my attitude. the cops rode some of my freinds until they commited suicide. and I was almost one of them. and that was back in 73 – 74 ! and that was not the first time cops acted out like they do. Personal experience by the way, and nothing is gonna change as far as i am concerned. The true form of hate is when you cannot stand to be any where near around the ones you hate. and I know who i hate. and i do no the true form of hate and it is self consuming. that is why i stay away.

      1. The sick part of it all is these cops like to talk about all the training that they have . The cops actions are intentional at the very least. They are all just organized gang members called the police.

  9. What do you mean at 4.49 comment WE! Are you a Cop? I ask you, don`t you have to give me a honest answer? You said “we may not use them on a subject that is only being verbaly uncooperative. However if the subject is threatening the officer with violence either verbaly or with body language cues,we can use the taser to effect control. ” Again are you a cop. or just making a quote . don`t mean to offend but just askin“ got to look out for myself and I got tostay with my own people and cops can stay with their own! Cops can stay away PTSD . PERIOD no b.s. don`t need no cops breathin` down my back and tell me it`s raining

    1. Yes, NC LEO is a cop aka Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). That is why he uses, “WE” and I am just quoting what he said.

      1. O.K. So you guy`s bagged me again. I just don`t see eye to eye with cop`s of any kind and they know it!! That is why I live a very off the grid life!!! and cops just can`t stand it I just don`t need to be fu3ked with by the authority donnut eati`n well ya`ll know what I mean I hope.

        1. LOL No worries dude. We’re all human. With the exception of the elite, of course. God only knows what they really are. Blood sucking leeches, demons, psychopaths, sociopaths, whatever. Keep up the fight!

          1. I can see but just can`t interpret the blue coats. Ya know – a socialy controled form of life style. they cannot help it but they still do it and bring every one else down with them and they don`t apparently know what the f. they are doing and every one else is left to pay for their diry deeds. AC DC smile good things never change, cause they were made that way i guess.

  10. Your gonna need these goodmen Leos, trust me, or yourself for that matter.

    some of thee officers, have much code, standard and moral, they also pay more than enough attention to the situations around them.

    Dont feel alone, feel empowered that they are with you, they will help you in your fight, in your pursuit of justice, as did they in days of old, when ye did claim independence, stay strong.

    I also have the scars of unlawful, unrighteous misdeeds.

    1. Forgive me if I don’t take your word for it, but I’ll believe what you say when I see it. Until then, LEOs better stay the hell out of my way and I’ll stay out of theirs.

    2. LH Ld Elon, Mighty big of you saying that we all are gonna need these goodmen Leos. Where are you from, what side of the fence? I could bet that you just graduated from the acadamy didn`t you? I don`t support you and you don`t encarcerate me or any thing else and I just better shut up right now eh. pig.

  11. these stories make me want to clean my guns. cops like the ones in these videos deserve nothing more than summary execution. they’re obviously beyond re-education.(not that i advocate violence in any form;)

  12. Remember, any compliance with government is implied contract. Implied contract is to answer a question, accept a piece of paper, or doing what you are told to do by a government employee or entity. SCOTUS ruling says that police may lie to you at any time without fear of reprisal. And this is what one NC judge has said in warning NC employees in this video, they are not part of the state.

    1. This says it all. Government is above the law. Eliminate the bastards!!! We don’t need no stinkin’ government to tell us how to live our lives. We are AMERICANS!!! FREEDOM!!!

  13. Notice how when you demonstrate to the NAZI regime that you know your rights, they back down!
    This IS AMERICA PEOPLE, we should NOT be going through these ILLEGAL CHECKPOINTS just to prove your identity to them.
    This is exactly the same tactics utilized by the NAZI’s in 1933 Germany, are we going to go down the same road as they did?

  14. @NC@7/10/6:43p.m. Excellent advice. Don’t have the book, but I got the video a couple of years ago. Very ‘educational’, to say least!
    p.s. Sorry it took so long to get to that comment, I’ve been off the grid in a dead zone at my brother’s house. Just spent spent over an hour catching up on 151 e-mail notifications I’ve gotten since 6:00 last night!

  15. Zero spam, that ALL gets blocked. No, they were all either new posts & comment notifications from this site, or cn’s from that ‘other’ site. Oh, wait, one was an advertisement from the website I get my apricot kernels from.
    But you guys posted a GANG of comments on this story alone!

  16. Please excuse me for posting on this blatantly anti-law enforcement website. I was only trying to make the point that not all of us are not anti-citizen and anti-constitution as the ones in the video. I have been viciously and crudely attacked and maligned by the trolls on this web site, who apparently have had bad interactions with LE in the past. I wonder how much of it was provoked by the trolls attitude themselves? Apparently it is not possible to have a civil discussion with most of you. Due to the irate reaction to my trying to tell you that I support the Pastor, citizen rights and the Constitution, I have decided to remove myself from this site impermanently. The next time you cop-haters get yourselves into a situation you cannot handle, remember that regardless of your attitude, there will be an officer respond, and if need be, give his life to protect yours, worthless as it appears to me.

    1. I hope you take the time to read one more comment because there is something you need to know. There are no trolls on this site. We are the American people of the American race and it is the abuse that has been put upon us by those in uniforms that has caused the divide.
      I know there are good cops out there, like the one up in Canada that had the jam session with those fellows in the woods. I have also personally known a good cop or two, but they are the exception, not the rule.
      When you speak of using a taser on a person you consider to be displaying aggressive body language, well you just haven’t quite got it yet.
      I hope you continue to look for the truth in this situation as it would seem you want to be a peace officer in the service of we the people. I do realize that in some rare instances a peace officer may be forced to defend him or herself, but that should only be after every attempt at a peaceful resolution has failed.
      And don’t forget, if you harm a person while enforcing an unconstitutional law there is no excuse.

  17. I’d like to add my thoughts on that, also. I have a good friend that I’ve known since before he was even a teenager. He decided to join the L.A.P.D. years ago. I’ve never cared much for cops, as I was constantly in trouble with the law when I was younger, but I never thought any less of him for that choice.
    He’s a wonderful husband and father to his family. He’s still the same person he was before he joined the force. I would gladly lay down my life to protect him, if it ever came to that, and I know he’d do the same for me. So please, don’t make the mistake of thinking EVERY cop is bad, although, granted, the vast majority are these days.
    By the way, he told me privately that he’s going to leave the force, but asked me to keep it to myself until he did. You see, he’s a Christian, and he can’t stand to see the corruption and abuse of power he has to deal with from his co-workers, and I for one, applaud his decision.

    1. Please do keep quiet about your friend’s intentions. Remember what happened to Frank Serpico (he’s not the only officer that it’s happened to, just the most famous and one of the few who survived).

  18. No, it’s not anything like that, Angel. I was just talking to him one day about the NWO, and how the day was coming when he would have to make a choice between them or us. That’s when he confided to me he was going to resign. He didn’t want anyone else to know because he wanted it to be a done deal before his family or other friends could try to talk him out of it, that’s all.

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