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The Man Behind the Open Carry March

kokeshDr. Sharon Schuetz, May 15, 2013

America will be closely watching the Open Carry March on Washington DC on July 4th. Activist Adam Kokesh and his followers intend to march across the Memorial Bridge with loaded guns slung over their shoulders. Once in Washington, they want to walk around the Capitol, the Supreme Court, and the White House, then return to Virginia across the Memorial Bridge.  

Adam Kokesh has invited over 70,000 people to attend this event through his facebook page, and is adding new invitees every day.  Almost 8,000 have responded yes or maybe. Most people know facebook RSVPs are notoriously unreliable; however, these numbers are still impressive. Kokesh says if 10,000 people commit by June 1st he will march. From 10,000, he expects at least 1,000 to come.

Before we brandish loaded weapons at the capital in defiance of its laws, shouldn’t we understand the potential consequences of such actions? Will we go to jail? Pay a fine? Do community service? Most of us believe Washington DC’s guns laws are draconian and unconstitutional; yet, these are the laws the police will use to govern their actions. The city has strict gun regulations. They do not accept conceal carry permits from any state. To own a gun there it must be registered, and you are required to stay in your own home or business with it. Penalties for the first offense of breaking this law are a maximum fine of $1,000, up to one year in jail, or both.

There would be no question of our guilt. If we do this, we will intentionally break the law. They will arrest us, and they will find us guilty. The Washington courts have little patience with romantic notions of heroes and villains and will most likely give us the maximum sentence. Most of us live in other states making travel for court appearances difficult once we bond out of jail. Furthermore, would we serve our sentence in Washington DC or our home state? This is important because we would want to visit our family during our incarceration.

We need to understand everything we can about the people behind this march if we will be going to jail for participating. This is a serious decision. It could change our future and shape our families for a long time; therefore, it would be smart to know a few details about it. After all, we will most likely be committing a year of our lives to this cause if we are not outright killed for our efforts.

Who is this man we will be following into the proverbial lion’s den? Adam Kokesh ignites strong feelings in those who deal with him. One either loves him or hates him. Most gravitate toward hate for legitimate reasons. He has had quite checkered past with lots of shady friends and associates.

If you genuinely want to understand a man, talk to someone who knows him.   USN, Retired Captain Larry Bailey, discloses his personal experience with Kokesh, “I first met Adam when he and a motley group of Code Pink,, IVAW (Iraq Veterans against the War), and other ”representatives” of radical anti-American organizations formed up in front of the Army recruiting station in Washington, DC. Their clear intent was to create a disturbance….”1

Since his less than honorable discharge from the Marines in 2007, Kokesh has often been in and out of trouble with the law. Hot Air has written several pieces on him. In 2007, someone made fake flyers to create a hate incident that would reflect badly on the conservative group YAF (Young America’s Foundation) at the liberal George Washington University where Kokesh was working on his masters degree.

“Leftist administrators at The George Washington University are on a rampage against a conservative group on campus for anti-Muslim fliers posted that the group had nothing to do with. Young America’s Foundation chapter at GWU did not disseminate fliers that read “Hate Muslims? So Do We!!” even though the flier purported to have the group’s moniker at the bottom.

“How clueless must the GWU administration have to be to see this as anything other than what it is: A smear of some of its own students by others who want to shut them down?  Adam Kokesh was one of the seven who confessed.”

Hot Air explained their reaction when Adam Kokesh confessed to this act, “As soon as I saw it, “the name Adam Kokesh rang a bell. He’s the Marine vet who got in trouble for wearing his uniform to anti-war protests, and who heads up the Iraq Veterans Against the War…The involvement of IVAW’s Adam Kokesh tells me that this was more than just satire. 2

In January 2009, a blog called This Ain’t Hell wrote an article about an impostor named Jesse MacBeth. It called him the poster child of the phony soldier movement. MacBeth  admitted that Kokesh’s group, IVAW helped him forge the DD214 he tried to pass off as proof of his combat experience. “He also says “higher ups” helped him perpetrate his fraud on the media. He doesn’t name the “higher ups”, but at the time he inflicted himself on the stage, that could only mean the Veterans For Peace and VVAW (the parent group of IVAW) clowns who were running the organization behind the scenes.” 3

In the same Hot Air article quoted above, the author talks about this fake soldier who was a member of IVAW and friends with Adam Kokesh, “They were so careful about who they associate themselves with that they touted phony soldier Jesse MacBeth — until Hot Air and others outed him. MacBeth is currently in jail for fraud. Kokesh, an actual vet, evidently didn’t notice all the problems with MacBeth’s uniform and outlandish stories, or didn’t care that his organization was propping up a liar.” 4

MacBeth created a video that went viral accusing the US military of gruesome murders and atrocities, many of which he claimed he took part. All of this was a lie he and IVAW used to discredit the military. Did Kokesh help make MacBeth’s illegal DD214? Who knows? Why would Adam Kokesh’s group help make fraudulent DD214s’ documenting phony combat experience for its members? Who knows? How many other phony military records did they produce? Again, who knows? However, all one has to do is look up “Winter Soldier Investigation” to see why these faked military forms were needed by the IVAW group and their followers in their smear campaign against the American military.

In 2010, Kokesh unsuccessfully ran for Congress in New Mexico against the GOP Republican Tom Mullins. According to Dave Thul from True North, “Adam Kokesh…moves from one scam to the next sucking people in and making a living off of their generosity. He admitted after losing the endorsement fight in New Mexico that he had to keep campaigning to keep accepting donations, which were his only source of income at the time. He rationalized that with no problem.” 5

Since he left the Marines in 2007, Kokesh has taken part in many anti-American protests with various Marxist groups while passing himself off as a libertarian. Hot Air has written several pieces on him. One particularly stands out from his 2010 run for Congress in New Mexico, “He’s running as a Republican in the primary, which is interesting considering his many affiliations with Marxist and liberal organizations, like CODEPINK, A.N.S.W.E.R., and of course, the Iraq Veterans Against the War. He’s a liar and a phony who has been arrested multiple times and encouraged soldiers in Germany to go AWOL. Yet now, he parades himself as some kind of Constitutional crusader.”

Adam Kokesh is a narcissist who packages himself as a crusading folks hero, out in the front, leading his troops against “the man”. He never found a law he didn’t want to break. He plays on people’s emotions, and knows just which buttons to push to get what he wants. He plays to the base elements in humanity and taps into the resonating chord of hurt, hate, and anger and uses them for his personal benefit.

Just what are Adam Kokesh’s intentions and his true goals for this event? Why would an anti-American, anti-military Marxist take such a striking, dangerous stand? He has a large following. His facebook page has over 42,000 followers and his youtube account, nearly 60,000. Why? Why would people listen to and follow a person like this? Is he that charismatic? No. Does he make people feel good about themselves, or encourage them, or make them want to improve their circumstances? No. How can people be so blinded by Adam Kokesh that they would go to Washington DC and throw away everything they value on the hope that he is not selling them a bill of goods?

People are blinded because they are hurting. People are scared. People are frustrated, and they are losing their hope. This lunatic voice of defiance is saying what they want to say, but have no platform. Who listens when they speak? Their families? Probably not. Their friends? Some, maybe, but very few. The lump in their throats grows bigger every time they hear about another American strip searched by the TSA, a 6 year old expelled from school for calling a pencil a gun, or a brave veteran who is broke, sick, and hungry while our government strips him of his rights.

Americans are hurting and Adam Kokesh has tapped into the bitter reservoir of pain, boiling within each of us. He easily manipulates others into doing his bidding. Does he honestly believe the Open Carry March will be peaceful? I doubt it, but why don’t we look at his own words before we come to any conclusions. On May 3rd Kokesh tweeted,“When the government comes to take your guns, you can shoot government agents, or submit to slavery.” The third paragraph of his statement about the march begins, There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from government before…” The last sentence in the same paragraph says, “We are truly saying in the SUBTLEST way possible that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.”

If this were all I read from Adam Kokesh I would be seriously concerned; however, there is more. On May 8th, he posted this on his facebook page after Washington DC Chief of Police Cathy Lanier said she would not allow loaded guns in her city. “This is now a call for mass civil disobedience on July 4th anywhere in Washington, DC. Break whatever unconstitutional law you choose. “Law Enforcement” has made it clear they have no respect for the Constitution and so we will shut them down by overwhelming them. I will still be crossing the line on the Memorial Bridge and facing up to 5 years in jail.”

On Friday, May 9th he posted: “We have already seen out first provocateur: Someone created a fake “Adam Kokesh” profile to post that I was considering calling off the event. That is not the case. We are pressing forward and will continue to work to hold the criminals accountable as we gather strength and work out further details. It is now critically important that you verify all announcements as coming from this account.” It appears Adam Kokesh is becoming more and more paranoid.

It is hard to believe that a person who has worked so closely with Marxist groups like CODEPINK, SDS, A.N.S.W.E.R., United for Justice and Peace, Communist Party of America, Muslim Brotherhood, the Black Panthers, and the IVAW would suddenly grow a conscience, start caring about America and the Americans who are following him. I don’t know where Mr. Kokesh will be standing on July 4th, but you can be sure he is going to be in the limelight. That is what it is all about for him.






5) crazy.html


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4 Responses to The Man Behind the Open Carry March

  1. milidude says:

    I am so sure am not the only one who calls this proposal ‘stupid is as stupid does”……… i am equally as sure more than a few people have told this idiot/kokesh NOT to do this armed march into the dist. of criminals. you NEVER raise an arm in protest or to intimidate. IF an arm is ever raised against an adversary, it is at the point of eminent use of deadly force. kokesh being former mil. knows what to do with your trigger finger when you are on patrol. same thing you do with a weapon when not in a war zone. he is clearly acting as a subordinate to a xionist plot to either bring unfavorable light to the patriot movement and or allow the recording of names and fascial recognition of all those who would potentially have shown up. my advice. DONT DO IT. there is a time coming soon, where we will be forced to confront this cult of mega-deth. i am also pretty sure he is sitting in the lap of xionist/mossad luxury as all have been duped otherwise into believing. thats why no-one has heard from this traitor..semper fi!

  2. Julie T. says:

    Someone sent me the following information:

    Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention

    Adam Kokesh, a trojan horse “gun rights supporter” is doing what it takes at EXACTLY the right time to get guns banned once and for all:

  3. Tomas says:

    Mr Kokesh sounds like a Zionist. Code pink, move on, both Zionist Marxist Groups.

  4. starviego says:

    “…Marxist groups like CODEPINK… Muslim Brotherhood, the Black Panthers, and the IVAW….”

    Why are the groups mentioned above considered ‘Marxist?’ You start to suffer your own credibility problems when you make blanket statements like that.

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