The Kalashnikov AK-47 – Feared by Tyrants around the World

In the 1776 the United States was at war with the British Empire, which was considered the greatest military force on the planet at the time.  The British soldier was armed with the smooth bore flintlock musket known as the Brown Bess.  These rifles were incredibly inaccurate, which is why the European armies had taken up the practice of fighting in open fields and in rank and file.  The two armies would simply march up to one another and fire aimlessly.  The British were well disciplined and would probably have defeated the Colonials had our forefathers played by the rules.  Fortunately for us they did not.

One of the deciding factors in the Revolutionary War was the American woodsman’s use of the Kentucky Riffle.  It was longer than the standard musket and had riffling in the barrel, which is to say that the barrel was grooved in a twist.  When the round was fired the bullet would also twist providing superior accuracy at long range.  The tactic used by the colonial marksman/sniper was to target British officers.  When the officers went down the British troops fell into disarray and were literally slaughtered in many cases.

The Kalashnikov AK-47 is indeed as important to the modern day freedom fighter in America as the Kentucky Riffle was to our forefathers.  It is described as the preferred weapon of the 21th Century American militiaman.  The stock AK-47 is ingenious in its simplicity as it is light weight, incredibly accurate, and enjoys the quality of loose tolerance in the firing mechanism, which results in very few incidents of jamming, even under the worst circumstances. 

The rifle fires a 7.62 x 39 NATO round which is inexpensive and readily available.  The AK-47 will take magazines with every capacity from five to one hundred rounds, also inexpensive and readily available.  It has excellent accuracy out to 400+ yards and will drop a tyrant in his tracks with ease out to 600.  You will find the AK-47 sitting next to many a militia minute man’s pack ready to go into action at a moment’s notice. 

I will be writing a series of articles designed to educate even the most timid among us on how to prepare to fight and survive any assault in any quarter.  The articles will be released every Thursday and I look forward to your questions and comments.  We will be covering a variety of subjects ranging from weapons and web gear to gas masks and water filters. 

All take solace in knowing that although we the American people may not have been diligent in many aspects in reference to our civic duty, we are armed to the teeth and quite capable of protecting and defending our beloved Constitution and Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and with no other assistance than what we provide to one another.

God protect and preserve our liberty teeth.

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  1. The 7.62 X39mm cartridge IS NOT a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) round, but that of the Communist Block countries.

    It’s is not as readily available in the United States as the current 5.56 X45mm NATO round used by us and our North Atlantic Allies.

    The Kalashnikov rifle is considered highly reliable, but NOT as accurate as our Eugene M. Stoner based gas operated rifles as embodied M-16’s, AR-15’s, AR-10’s M-4’s etc. The M-16 and it’s variants were accepted into military service in 1958 and have been repeatedly refined over the last 50 years.

    In addition, if the country needed to protect itself from within against foreign forces, Kalashnikov rifles, repair parts and the 7.62 X39mm ammunition would be far more difficult to find, as it would not be manufactured HERE in a time of crisis.

    As an avid gun enthusiast since 1966, I would like to see journalism that reflects subject knowledge. This article was poorly offered as “good information”, and with just a few minutes searching via the internet would have at least produced a more accurate piece.

    This is difficult to say but, if you don’t have the firearm knowledge, don’t report on this topic. I would rather have a firearms opponent speak this way, and be someone that we could prove incompetent, instead of someone on our side, with sketchy information put forth as “quality” information.

    I expect to be able to debate issues based on the correctness and accuracy of the articles read, not setup to loose these debates due to faulty journalism.

    Thank you for your time.


    Keith Parker

  2. Keith Parker,
    The 7.62 x 39mm was adopted as a secondary NATO round in 2005. The ammunition is readily available and even if it wasn’t there are enough reloaders and brass in this country to start up several factories.
    As for the M-16, it is a jamming piece of shit. On the other hand the AR-15 is a fine rifle, but you better keep that son of a bitch clean to a fault, or it too will jam. Both the AR-15 and the M-16 will fail in the field before the AK-47 does, not to mention the fact that a AR-15 will cost you $800 or $900, whereas you can get an AK-47 for $300 or $400.
    By the way there is currently a contest on between the gun manufacturers to see who will build the gun that will replace the M-16 for the military. It seems our soldiers do not like it as they find it inadequate.
    I have to believe that you must have a site or support a site that advertises and sells guns and other outfitting for war. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made such an ass of yourself in trying to attack me for attempting to help poor people prepare for the future.
    One more such unwarranted attack and I will have our site’s founder, Henry Shivley, remove your IP from the site.

    1. Well, without realizing that we just added another contributing author, I owe George Nathan an apology for calling him Henry. Another fine mess I just waltzed into. LOL . Fine article George and am looking forward to more articles. Sorry, didn’t realize you just signed on. Glad to have you aboard and again my sincere apologies.

      1. Thank you Mark. I read your articles and find them very informative. I can only give one article per week at present but I believe if more of us just give a little we can surely make a difference.

  3. Comrade,

    Sorry that I made such an ass of myself, I felt strongly of my opinion, and thought with your professional presentation, you’d be able to weather a dissenting view.

    I guess disagreement or criticism are grounds for censure, because I can in no way have a valid view or opinion. Thank god that we are not in Egypt, they might turn our avenues of communication off!

    The 1st Amendment only works because of the 2nd Amendment!

    I’m sure you have valid info as to the adoption of the 7.62 x39mm cartridge as a secondary NATO cartridge. After over 1/2 hour internet search I was unable to find ANYTHING addressing the adoption of the 7.62 x39mm cartridge by NATO in any capacity. One of the NATO prerequisites is the uniformity of munitions and their support and resupply

    I find it interesting that you curse at my opinion. That you need to explain how much junk the M16’s are, et all, and how they must be cleaned or they fail to function, that’s no revelation. Neglect your vehicle, let me know how that works out.

    I guess that our ground forces figured something out, since the M-16 and family have been the primary infantry weapon for almost 50 years.

    Yes, if you don’t keep your weapon clean, you wind up dead.

    Having never battle fielded a M-16, and as an 18 year old designated as “A-18” in the Vietnam draft when the war ended, I was very interested in the “why’s and what for’s” of the conflict.

    I am surprised that the Communist block can produce a better battle rifle for one half to one third the price of OUR America’s best.

    Once again, someone advocates sending our hard earned income to some OTHER COUNTRY, to save a few dollars. Perhaps a simpler solution would be to move there and save hundreds of dollars / rupees.


    I am on my 3rd AR-15, in 34 years, and I don’t have a problem with any of them. But then again, when I stopped shooting, cleaning was next on the list. I have fired a couple of them over 1500 rounds without stoppage, before cleaning.

    With you vast historic firearm knowledge, you must know that the M-16 was designed and built around clean burning “IMR ball” powder and was subsequently fielded with poorly burning “reformulated” surplus machine-gun powder that had been reserved by the tons and reused against the recommendations of the design crew.

    In addition, the hype of clean running M-16 was so great that cleaning kits weren’t initially included with the rifles.

    I don’t have a web-site that pro’s or con’s the M-16 platform, but I read a few, do you?

    By the way, there’s always a contest to replace the M-16, can you spell CAPITALISM? Do you have ANY idea what a M-16 replacement contract would be worth? Other countries are vying for a piece of that pie.

    2 more points and then you can block my IP address.

    “A well regulated militia” refers to the people of this country having the ability to resist tyranny at a time of our nations fight for independence, from the then current government, Britain.

    I’ll say again, I cannot envision a time where we are resisting OUR current government, and finding 7.62 x39mm ammunition available. In addition, if we, as a nation, are preparing to resist foreign aggressors, I still don’t see a great availability of said 7.62 x39mm ammunition.

    Last point…

    I understand how one would block a “static IP” address, as one would have with dedicated servers, like you. How do you block “Dynamic IP’s”, like the one you get ever time you reset your dsl modem, like me?

    Thanks for the discourse.


    Keith Parker

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