The Only Peaceful Solution

Nobody wants war. What sane person would? I’ve never been to war, but I can easily imagine that screaming, bleeding, killing and dying isn’t much fun for anyone involved. Unfortunately, my opinions regarding war don’t matter right now, and nor do yours, because sometimes war comes your way, whether you like it or not, and the people of the United States are in just such a situation right now.

All of the protesting in the streets, letters to congress, lawsuits, petitions, impeachments and recalls you can muster aren’t going change anything, or stop us from being attacked.   

We’re in the way, we want too much for our labor, we eat too much food, we have too many toys, and the manufacturing jobs that paid for it all have been shipped overseas long ago. We have nothing left to steal except the ground underneath us, so no one wants you standing on it much longer. Your family’s share of the national debt is about a quarter-million dollars, and the collection agents are bringing tanks and machine guns. What’s in your wallet?

I considered myself lucky to be too young for Vietnam, and too old for Desert Storm, but now I’m starting to feel my age, and there’s no escaping this one. We’re being attacked, and our only options are to either defend ourselves, or roll over and die for them. Neither option is pretty, but only one option gives a chance of survival.

Do you think they’ll keep you around because you’re smart, pretty, educated, or spent years kissing all the right asses? Sorry. We’re all in the same sinking boat here, because there’s a big surplus of useless eaters right now. They’re done using us, so it’s time to get us out of the way. Do you think these people give a rat’s ass about your life, or your family? They don’t even consider you to be human. They might use you and your family for rape and torture victims if they want to amuse themselves, and I guess that will keep you alive a little longer, but only long enough to wish you were dead.

The Department of Homeland Security operates solely within the United States, and they just ordered a billion hollow point bullets. Did you think they were to be used as paperweights? The Pentagon just decided they’re going to respond to “civil unrest” inside the United States. Do you think maybe they just have nothing better to do because there aren’t enough wars to fight?

You really have to ignore all of the political scandals and distractions being put before you right now, and focus your attention on the reality of our situation. Study history instead of the news, and see what’s unfolded in the past in countries that have been put in this identical situation, by the parents and grandparents of the people who have put us here now.

You also have to ignore all the phony political labels that have been invented to keep us divided, and remember that we’re all freedom-loving Americans, who have always had the ability to stand together to defend ourselves from our common enemies, and put aside our differences to get a bigger job done.

You have to see the big picture, and understand that the American people, and only the American people, are what’s standing in the way of someone else’s plans to rule the world. Only we have the guns and numbers that can stop them, and once the guns are gone, the numbers mean very little, because they’re no longer interested in appeasing or even answering to the population. They only want us slaughtered, because they have cheaper labor elsewhere, and we’re standing in the way of their theft of resources and real estate, as well as their plans for global domination.

No, it’s not a pretty picture, but it’s not one we painted, either. We just happen to be on the wrong page of a future history book, and if we want to keep our lives, our homes, our families and freedom, we’re going to have to fight for them, and when it does come to that, we’ll have no other option.

There is however, one, and only one way to prevent the impending attack, and once you understand the attack is coming, you’ll rush to implement the solution, as much of America already has.

The only thing that will stop our enemies now is fear. It’s the same weapon they’ve been using on you for your entire life, but now it’s your turn to instill the fear in them. No one will attack this country if they’re convinced that the entire population is ready, willing and able to kill all enemies of America and its constitution. They’re only planning to attack because they’re convinced we’re a nation of weak, spineless sissies, who have been brainwashed by the television, and softened by lives of luxury. You’re going to have to prove them wrong, or you’ll probably die before your time.

Do you want peace? Do you want to prevent the massacre of millions of innocent people? Do you want to live in freedom, and enjoy your share of this nation’s wealth?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you can do your part to achieve these things by getting ready to fight a war, and win it. Arm yourself, train yourself, and organize a few friends to fight with you. Prepare yourself physically and psychologically for all the horrors of war, and be ready and willing to fight for your country and your freedom, because that’s the only way you can possibly avoid having to actually do so, and if we can’t scare ‘em off, at least we’ll be ready to fight ‘em off.
— Jolly Roger

“To be prepared for war, is the most effectual means of preserving peace”
—  George Washington

19 thoughts on “The Only Peaceful Solution

  1. Wow Jolly Roger, I woke up this morning and did what I usually do each morning checking out FTTWR for the breaking news stories and read your article that pretty much sums up where we stand at this point. It’s really sad that we have allowed ourselves to be pushed into our current position and your analysis of our fate hits the bulls eye. I have a renewed optimism concerning the outcome of our struggle as I continue to see an awakening of people happening at an alarming rate. I do believe time is short and we have reached the tipping point. I don’t believe we can restore our republic without bloodshed. Everyone employed by the government will have to be dealt with. Those judged to have known better will be dealt with at the gallows, those judged to stupid to have known better will, at that point, know better and will remain deserving of punishment. In the outcome rests the fate of humanity. We American Nationals are the only thing standing in their way.

    1. ” In the outcome rests the fate of humanity”

      Dead on, Millard. I’ve been saying this, too, for some time. This is not just about the fate of of Americans, it’s about the future of our human species. If we fail now, George Orwell’s classic quote about what he saw in the future, “A boot in humanity’s face, forever.” will come true.

      For too long, American soldiers have been tricked into fighting in other people’s countries under the guise of “spreading democracy” when they were really making the world safe for Central Banking. It’s time we all worked to “spread freedom” instead, by staying home and proving that it works better than any other system of arranging a society. First, we must root out the totalitarian globalists from our midst..

  2. Do not start any violence, but be prepared. The big bang is near, whether that comes as dollar collapse (no later than 2017), or the start of Russia vs USrael (WW3), the end result will be the same. The end is the collapse of the dollar. Inability to import raw materials to build weaponry when the dollar is not respected will result in desperation among those who currently control the hegemony. These people do not care what happens to the cattle, and will sacrifice each and every one of you. That could mean nuclear exchange. We must continue the great awakening, especially among military, Leo and professionals.

  3. Right on Jolly Roger,

    I can tell you this, 2 million truckers (there are more but not natural born American) feel the same as you. Our freedoms are being attacked out here as well, and it’s taking big money out of our pockets. They are putting restrictions on how long we can drive. When it boils over, you won’t even be able to find a gnat’s ass on the grocery shelves.

    Many of the truckers are ex military, and they’re big time pissed off. The oligarch manure pile had better understand that we control this nation’s economy……

    1. I said it loud and clear on the Yeahoo, GOOhoo’s, Bingoo’s a few days prior; “Are we there yet daddy?” A national trucker’s strike; even if it’s only private drivers. Wouldn’t the odds be astrophenominal if all the trucks konked out on the tollways and Interstates nationwide? Be like an act of the plague from God Trucker wood’n it? Screw the airplanes not flying, right? Wouldn’t be much of a war if no one showed up to fight it for their side wood it? ” Sorry Sarge, I feel like I got the Spankie the bankie flu from Iceland.” Dang!!!

  4. I whole-heartedly agree with your article, Jolly Roger. I am a “silver-back”, born in ’49, but I will fight to my last breath to restore this country to the republic that it was founded upon. When I see the criminal way the LEOs are treating their fellow citizens, it totally makes me sick, and as far as I’m concerned, most of them would be first on my list to eliminate. They seem to be acting on their Israeli training very well. And I surely don’t trust the military to aid our cause either. No, it will be “we the people” in this battle to stand for our own defense.

  5. Jolly Roger, Millard, SamAdams, Mark Schumacher, Paula Walker, I make my stand along side of you. Count me in. To the last act of defiance – Molon Labe Come and take them.

    I will post this everywhere I can and send to all I know.

  6. Wow Jolly what a great article! I wholeheartedly agree with you. We all must be prepared, however, we must not lay our cards out on the table too soon. Let them make the first move. I’m betting they won’t though as long as they don’t know just how many of us ARE prepared out here.

    I sometimes wonder what it was I did in my previous life to end up back on this planet … and then again … deep in my soul … I know exactly why.

    Thank you Jolly!

    . . .

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  8. And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… if, during periods of mass arrests, … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  9. I’m all in!! It’s important to note that they have to shoot first. We’ll have the moral high ground once they do. Also, I am not going to fight their minions in my backyard, I’m going to bring the war to their front yards.

    1. JR, your words are those a leader would use to spirit his troops before battle. Your articles are from the heart and always hit the right points of what every American who believes in restoring freedom needs to hear, in order to keep up the faith, keep on fighting and to never give up. Well said, buddy.

      And as to Millards comment above, I completely agree 100%. We are not just fighting for the freedom our country, but for the freedom of the entire world. We were once a great nation of which other nations admired and wanted to be like. Let’s show them that we still are. We are the last hope for preventing the Orweillian nightmare from fully coming true.

      So let’s make our country whole again and show the rest of the world that we will do everything humanly possible to fight in order to live free, rather than die a slave to tyranny, and that they (the rest of the world) have the human right and ability to do the same as well.

      Should they choose to follow suit, our spirits will be with them in battle, but just as it is with our country, I believe it is a fight that the people of each nation must fight alone or risk falling into the “One World Order” trap.

      1. Correction: Millard and Tom’s comment, I completely agree with. Gotta give credit where credit is due. lol

  10. Aside from all which has been said, what got us here in the first place is the paradigm of government that we have.

    That paradigm, along with the slack language of the U.S. Constitution —as fine a document as it is— has allowed all manner of evil to transpire. It was a good start, but the evil bastards in positions of power have thoroughly misconstrued, and perverted the very words of that Constitution to suit their own ends.

    What we need, more than anything else is to remove ALL authority from the elected and appointed to make ANY law, rule, or regulation at all.

    Rather, that authority should reside in the people themselves through quarterly plebiscites.

    ALL votes would be public knowledge, be done in duplicate, signed by both the voter (who provides his home address), and countersigned by a proctor. That vote would be immediately tallied, on the spot with a printed statement with a time-date stamp showing the ballot results at that moment. The voter would keep the original, and the copy would be used for record keeping.

    No voter who voted against a measure would be made to pay any tax, fee, or other revenue generation measure. Neither would he be able to take whatever advantage, unless he paid what everyone else has who voted for that measure up to that point.

    All laws would need not less than 80% of the voters to approve. Failing that, the measure is rejected.

    All laws, and treaties —save the respective Constitutions— would expire (sunset) three years after they have been enacted, unless 80% of the voters agree to continue those laws by voting to retain them for another three years.

    No law, rule, regulation or other effect in law which in any way, manner fashion, shape or form, impedes, diminishes, infringes, limits, contravenes, negates or otherwise intrudes upon whatever individual right of the People, would be put forth. Further there would be a ‘Bill of Rights Enforcement’ provision added to the Constitution expressly stating in no uncertain terms what the punishment would be for violators.

    If the people are the only ones making their law, then who would seek to bribe an elected public servant, when they would have no power to make anything happen at all?

  11. The blood of George Washington and Nathaneal Greene run through my veins. The blood of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson run through my veins. I am with you 110%.

    I am not necessarily a warrior physically, but my motivation can lead a thousand men! Perhaps even 10,000 men. Actually, I KNOW I can lead thousands of men!!! This is what made us men! This is what lead us towards Liberty and Freedom!!

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