Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Israeli Job! Petreas tried to Stop it and was Relieved of His Job

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Vatic Note:  Of all the blogs we have put up, this first one below is the most important and critical truth exposure I have ever published on this blog.   Even with Alex interrupting him continually when ever he got into Israel, the man still stuck it out and insisted on continuing to really say that this was a murder intentionally done by ISRAEL that set this up. We have been saying on here continually that ISRAEL HAS KILLED MORE AMERICANS FOR POLITICAL REASONS THAN ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES PUT TOGETHER.  Remember the USS Liberty?  Now we have confirmation of that fact from a most reliable insider source, who is also Jewish, so there are many of them who are honest and truthful.  

(UPDATE 2nd video): I found a full video without interruptions done by this man on his own video where he talks about Benghazi.  I still trust Alex, EXCEPT where Israel is concerned.  However, at the end of the first video he finally admits he did not know all this and you could tell he was overwhelmed.  Video 2, is the one I found without interruptions, but different in tone and much more professional than his interview with Alex, but both are good and worth listening to.

Remember it was Israel that wanted Hillary as senator of NY, and that is why JFK Jr. was killed and she was then hand picked by the Israeli’s to be the Secretary of State and given the state depts role in invading all these middle east countries, you can see who her handlers were.   The good news about this interview is he exposed so much that it stopped the invasion of Iran.  Its amazing what we do not know.  The truth is finally rearing its ugly head and now we know who the real enemy is to the American people.

DAMN, WE OWE THESE SEMITIC PEOPLES OF THE ME countries, A HUGE APOLOGY AND I WOULD NOT BLAME THEM IF THEY DID NOT ACCEPT IT.  We have murdered millions of these people and we have a lot to make up for.  NOW CALL  YOUR SENATORS AND TELL THEM YOU “KNOW” AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THEIR UNQUESTIONING LOYALTY TO ISRAEL.  ITS TREASON WHEN THEY KILL AMERICANS AND WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. I just did my Senator and informed him if he continues to support Israel I will work to the bone to see to it he does not get re-elected ever again.

IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THIS NATION, YOU BETTER DO THE SAME THING. This now makes much more sense than what we all thought was the truth.  Our leaders have had no say for a very long time based on  Israel blackmail and threats.  Neither President has had any say in any of it..  NOW WE KNOW WHY THEY BOTH NEEDED TELEPROMPTERS SINCE THEY WERE NOT MAKING THE DECISIONS, RATHER JUST SERVING AS THE BLAME TARGET FOR WHATEVER THESE KHAZARS DID IN OUR NAME. That means they did not have enough information to speak contemporaneously.  Its Why they needed the teleprompters.

This man is a dispora Jew, so that adds to his credibility tremendously.   Remember these Zionists in Israel are khazars and not real semites as those Israeli’s of the Bible were.  They go way back and are from the seed of cain, and esau, they are the ones that did the Tower of Babel and spit in the eye of God.  They are the ones that want to rule the world through satan.

Critically acclaimed author and former State Department official Steve Pieczenik talks with Alex about the unfolding geopolitical situation in the middle East and who will start world war three.

Video #1 – Alex Jones and Steve Pieczenik·

Video #2 – 

Published by Steve Pieczenik· on Dec 29, 2012

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, reveals the truth about the Benghazi Attack and warns government officials from distorting the truth to gain power.  (VN: this is really very dry and obviously policy wonk talk, but he did stay very professional in this talk about what happened in Benghazi, what part was truth and what part was lies and in the end he warned the civilian leaders that there are praetorian guards and that we have a republic and to remember that at their own risk, no more Benghazi’s will be tolerated).

25 thoughts on “Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Israeli Job! Petreas tried to Stop it and was Relieved of His Job

  1. Great article-

    This man was railroaded by that testosterone taking weightlifter slut he was playing beach blanket bingo with, Paula the power lifter. Half man, half Mossad CIA.

  2. How can anyone trust AJ when it comes down to it? We KNOW that Israel is behind way too many evil deeds, which is evil. So, if Alex is covering for Israel and it’s evil acts then he is a part of this evil. Big or small still a front for evil.
    If we all stop making excuses for evil when evil does it work then we will get WAY ahead of this evil plan.
    I for one REFUSE to accept evil acts and it’s actors as victims. They are what they are…E.V.I.L.

    1. Most of us here at FTT haven’t trusted AJ since the Stratfor e-mail debacle about this time last year.

  3. I’d you can’t trust Alex on Israel, you can’t trust Alex. Period. As far as calling your senator, you’re wasting your time. They sold you out the day they were elected.

  4. “Remember it was Israel that wanted Hillary as senator of NY, and that is why JFK Jr. was killed and she was then hand picked by the Israeli’s to be the Secretary of State and given the state depts role in invading all these middle east countries, you can see who her handlers were.”

    While growing up in Buffalo, NY, I always found it strange and insulting that Hillary Clinton became senator of NY when she never even lived in the state and knew she won by treachery. However, I didn’t know that the reason why they killed JFK Jr. was to make Hillary the senator of NY. That is surprisingly news to me and that really pisses me off to know that.

    UGH! Everything in history has been a lie. It just drives me nuts. The more lies you find out, the more you just want to hit yourself for being a fool and the more you want to beat the shit out of these Zionist bastards for doing all of this and making you and everyone else a fool for believing in it.

    1. Yes; when I woke up three years ago, I felt like a fool because 9/11 is so obvious in retrospect; along with JFK junior and a lot more. We have been played and it’s no joke. I’m mad as hell and we must stop this pure evil or the world will be one giant slave camp.

      1. Hans Solo
        I too woke up a little more then three years ago. Kazars from the line of Esau. Anyone who is not a true Jew is nothing more then goi and deserves to die.


        If this does not paint a picture of today. War by deception

  5. I truely hope it doesn’t turn violent NC, but if it does my advice is choose your target and aim small miss small. We have felt our enemy for fifty plus years. Perhap the day will come that they must feel us.

  6. Esau was the GOOD GUY!!!! Esau SHARED his food , but when hunting went bad Jacob REFUSED to reciprocate. The whole story of Jacob and Esau is a “lesson” for Jews on how to be RATZ-AZZ-WEASELS It was the weasel Jacob who tried to STEAL his brother’s birthright by covering his arm with a sheep skin. It was JACOB who had a “thing” with his MOMMY. Esau was the GOOD GUY. Jacob was a POS.

    1. Romans 9:13
      As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. Genesis 25:32

      And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?

      Esau was not a good guy, He sold his blessing for a bowel of portage.

      Genesis 26:34 And Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite:

      Esau polluted the seed line by not taking an wife from the lineage of Abraham.

      Genesis 27:41 And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob.

      Genesis 28:8,9 And Esau seeing that the daughters of Canaan pleased not Isaac his father; Then went Esau unto Ishmael, and took unto the wives which he had Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael Abraham’s son, the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife.

      Genesis 17:20 And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.

      The seed of Ishmael has been trying to kill the seed of Jacob ever since even up to today.

      Alan can you show me where it says that in scripture?

      1. And the angel of the Lord said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the Lord hath heard thy affliction.
        And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. Gen. 16: 10, 11 KJV.

  7. ” Re politicians supporting ….Israel I will work to the bone to see to it he does not get re-elected ever again” Lots of luck fella–Every candidate under both parties must promises TOTAL support to Israel or no funding

  8. Why doesn’t Pieczenik say who gave the stand down order, decommissioned military commanders preparing a rescue and why?

    Why doesn’t Jones ask him specifically those questions?

    This is as bad as the MSM. A bunch of face flapping without providing relavent information.

    1. In a situation like Benghazi the only person who is authorized to give the order to stand down is the commander in chief. That just so happens to be Obama. If Obama had not given the order to stand down he would have been on every news network immediately saying he did not give that order. We know from the videos of the hearing that the order to stand down was given. That in and of itself is an act of treason, but no one in the media or the Gov. will touch that because they would be called racist from the Obama followers and sent off to gitmo under the NDAA.

  9. My train of thought leans toward the CIA knew Gadaffi Loyalists (Greens?) were planning an attack/ rescue mission on the compound while the money changers from their various villas gave orders for the ‘stand down’. Thinking the resulting deaths were just a result of the military operation, nothing more.

    Interesting how the money changer controlled media has repeatedly stated that the ambassador was targeted and repeatedly raped by the ‘horde’. Why was the ‘mission’ sacrificed? Petraeus was clearly brought down by the sayanim in his midst.

  10. With Benghazi and the rest of the scandals wafting around in the news…I wonder what’s being planned behind the scenes to further cripple America. I smell a large false-flag brewing in Zionist Occupied America.


  11. The Tulmud and the Cabala are the basis for the Jewish faith from the time of Christ – they both teach and declare war against Christ and His Church and within their teachings is an admission of worship of Satan, which has been admitted by many Jews. The end game, the mission of Judaism is to establish a One World Satanic Judeo-Freemasonic Dictatorship, and all means justify’s the end, the non-jewish members of humanity are nothing but “goyim” or cattle, no better than animals to be treated.
    “Thou art the Synagogue of Satan” – “liars”

    The Jews have been expelled from over 102 countries and thousands of towns, cities, provinces, and villages over the centuries, unfortunately, most times they were finally caught committing their crimes of treason, theft, subterfuge, and murder after the fact and after enormous damage had been done. In America near 90% of all spies caught have been Jews, selling our national secrets to our enemies, even up to just recently. They control finance, government, military, publishing houses, hollywood, all the movie company’s, education, social institutions, and six Jewish familys control or own 96% of the major media in America, you here and are fed a steady diet of misinformation and distraction. Gun control, homosexuality, abortion, pornography, anti-christian legislation and endeavors, have all been introduced and championed by Jewish interests, legal firms and persons.

    President Kennedy, Sen. R. Kennedy, Kennedy Jr’s assassination all have MOSSAD evidence of major MOSSAD complicity, Oklahoma City bombing, 9-11, the recent school and theatre shootings also have indicated MOSSAD complicity. The day before 9-11 over 3000 Jewish workers at the Trade Centers were warned by their “early warning electronic sytem” via cell phones, etc, not to show up for work, this a week or so after a Jewish company was doing “weekend maintenence” in the Trade Centers duruing which they were completely closed down, however, 400 Jews didn’t check their “warning sytem posts” and went to work.

    In the first Soviet Communist Government of Russia, USSR, of the 502 Officers of the First Rank, 469 were Jews, Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Bakunum, Lenin, Stalin, all were Jewish by both or one parent, all Officers in charge of the Gulags and Torture Chambers were Jewish. Alexandr Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia that the “Jews” murdered over 66 million Russians, this not counting those murdered in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, etc. The Holocaust? Why do you think it is against the law in most countries to question the fantasy of the Holocaust, why is evidence, study, investigation of the Holocaust forbidden – why do scientific, investigative, historical, and other studies state that no one was incinerated, the ovens were built by the Germans “after” the war, the International Red Cross, who had unobstructed access to all camps during the war and recorded all deaths in the camps, document approx 350,000 deaths mostly from Typhoid as the allies bombed everything that moved in the last two years of the war preventing supplies from reaching the camps. Census figures, from even Jewish sources show prior to WWII approx 15 million Jews world wide, after WWII approx, or nearing 16 million Jews after WWII, and we could go on and on – let me add that my mother spent two years in the Camps, Buchenwald, the Labour Camps, and Nurenburg as a captured Dutch resistance fighter, my father was with the Canadians who liberated some of the camps and both confirm their were no ovens, and that most died of typhoid from lack of supplies.
    Obama’s mother was a Jewish Marxist, her father, Obam’s father in law, was also a Jewish Marxist; Obama’s mother, father, step-father, grandfather, grandmother, half brothers, etc, all worked officially for the CIA and KGB, sometimes both.
    What is the endgame?
    You have a consortium that for years worked together with the common goal of destroying the West and Christianity, Russians, Jews, Muslim, Elite Freemason’s, and the Chinese. But now that the victory is smelled all these temporary alliances are falling apart, so to speak, each now accelerating their attempt to be the victor and owner of the spoils. The deceptions, conspiracies, intricate alliances that shift near daily, although maneuvering against each other, still for now are unison in their ultimate goal, first to destroy the West, America and Christianity. Obama has a twofold adherence, Judaism from his mothers side and Muslim from his fathers side, but both Mohamedian and Jewish foundations are atheistic, Marxist, and Pantheistic and war against Christ and Christianity.

    We will be severely punished by our Apostasy from the faith, for our part in allowing and taking part in abortion, homosexuality, contraception, pornography, drugs, our wives and women dressing themselves and daughters like protitutes in the most immodest dress which is now so common, fashions made and marketed by homosexual and Jewish fashion designers. Rest assured that God will first allow our enemies to severely punish us before He intervenes, but also rest assured that in time, when all seems lost, God will intervene and all will be made right, but the cost will be extremely high as never before seen in history.

    Catholic mystics have warned that soon will come a most serious chastisement, both the Church, its hierarchy and laity, will be punished for abandoning near 2000 years of the faith given to us by Our Lord, for not only the sins mentioned previous but for the sin of Apostasy. Lucia of Fatima, Blessed Sister Elena Aeilla, and many more Catholic mystics, stigmatics and holy souls have warned that Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her “secret” armies; that every major city in the world will be destroyed, over 75% of the worlds pop. including America’s will be annihilated and not a soul will not be terrified – this followed by a few generations of the greatest era of peace and prosperity (for those still alive) in history and then man falls again and then comes the anti-christ.
    Obama’s mission was and is to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship, to bankrupt America with entitlements, handouts and uncontrolled immigration, to deplete our financial, military and social resources, and finally to assist a foriegn invasion. One of Obama’s Columbia classmates (who never knew or seen Obama although in the same classed and graduation class) relates how this class and others were indoctrinated and taught how to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship, and that most were overwilling to participate in the destruction of their own country. If you study the Tulmud, the Koran, if you read Satanic literature, if you have read much Marxist literature, you will find written what these consider to be the greatest threat to their existance, the greatest threat to their end mission, an Institution that has been heavily infiltrated and at the moment enormously wounded, the Catholic Church, by their own admission, however, God will intervene and the tide will change, but not before we pay our debt.

    1. jarheadusmc,

      You know the truth is out there we just have to look for it and stop being brainwashed by the Zionist controlled Media and the moneychangers in DC. If people will stop and think what happens to sheep? They are sheared and lead to the slaughter.

      Ever since Gen. 3:15 and Gen. 4:8 the serpents seed has been lying, killing and deceiving. There motto “War by Deception”

      Not only Jews but the Roman Church has a fair amount of blood on it’s hands too. No worries I am not leaving out Islam it’s just as bloody.

      They believe if you can’t convert them, kill them. Kill in the name of GOD? Not so GOD is a giver of life not a taker of life. I believe the only time we can take a life is in self defense.

      Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:36

      My sword spits out hot lead and if some uncircumcised Philistine comes into my castle he best be prepared to spit on. Μολwν Λαβέ

      To my Believing brothers don’t let your pastor tell you to give up your guns. You are called to be a good steward over the things GOD gives you, your family is just one of those things Our founders required the people to own a gun. It’s the Zionist bastards who want your guns to take away your freedom. liberty and control your life.

      “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason
      for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
      – Thomas Jefferson

      I concur with your assessment of history, history our children can’t find in the Jew controlled NEA.

      Long live the Republic

      1. Let all Christians who have been deceived into believing that Jesus is the Prince of Peace read: Mathew, Chapter 10, verse 34.

        You can believe your preachers or you can believe Jesus, your choice.

        Jesus says he came to bring war. Scripture makes it clear who his enemies are. They weren’t the Romans, who he asked God to forgive when they crucified him.

        1. He is the Prince of Peace.

          Right after he cleans house, he’ll bring a thousand years of peace to the Earth.

  12. alex jones is a government sponserd stooged
    get as far away from this idiot as you can
    it is because of A holes like him, that people like yourself
    are looked at like a bunch of retards and crazies

    wake the f up people

    and as for the rest of you let me RE translate all that for you


  13. “Whoa, this is way over my head.”

    “I had no idea it was gonna go in this direction.”

    This is Alex trying to assure his financial backers that he’s not to blame for this interview.

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