The Ron Paul Revolution – United We Stand

Apparently many Democrats are breaking free of the false left-right paradigm and registering as Independents and non-partisan.  Of course the mainstream propagandists are trying to twist the meaning of this event, saying that it was a good thing for President Obama because these newly awakened individuals will surely abstain from voting rather than voting against him, because when it comes down to it, the choice that is going to be offered to we the people will so disgust us that we just will not vote.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.  This is the brush fire of the Ron Paul Revolution turning into the wildfire that is going to sweep this nation in 2012.  Every citizen with a half a brain has decided that the elite are not going to dictate who will be our next president.  The elite are indeed finding their money impotent when put up against our numbers.  They are also finding out that their lies in the propaganda machine cannot compete with the truth being put forth on the internet.

Any citizen who takes the time to read and comprehend our beloved Constitution has to know that no better chance for a happy life for an individual exists anywhere on the planet.  In reality in every uprising around the world, though being identified as movements for democracy, the people are shouting the words contained in our Bill of Rights, of which the insurgents here are trying to nullify through the implementation of a police state.

Like I said, this whole breakdown of the propaganda machine has become far too blatant to expect the majority of the citizenry to believe any of the lies being put out one little bit.

Ron Paul is getting ready to sweep Iowa and the enemies of our Constitution are coming to the realization that there isn’t a damn thing they can do to stop him.  If they start rigging elections, Russia’s President Putin is going to start attacking them in retaliation for the United States attacking Russia’s corrupt voting system.

We have the soviet socialist rats contained out in the open and they are starting to eat each other, with a neo-con or two on the side.

The Occupy protesters will be attempting to shut down the west coast ports this coming Monday.  Considering the fact that the truth is prevailing over the lies, we had all better be ready for anything.  No matter what they come at us with we must meet it head on and not stop fighting until the threat is neutralized.

Just a little while longer and we will have Ron Paul as Commander in Chief and can enforce our Constitution with total righteousness on our side.  It will be wonderful if we make it, but we cannot be lulled into any sense of false security.  We have to be ready for a full blown war right up to the point that Commander in Chief Ron Paul orders the enforcement of our Constitution.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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