10 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. I am ready and waiting!! I just don’t trust others, so this battle will be local!!
    I am in the deep south and waiting to see how this invasion is going to play out. All I know is the other day in buybacks, a used dvd store, there were 3 kids and they were speaking Spanish, no adults around. Also been seeing a lot more tan skin around the city. Locked and loaded.

    1. Come to Texas. I think the majority are Mexican/tanned skin. As a matter of fact, I can’t even ask them because NONE OF THEM CAN SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

      In addition to that, all of the landscaping and house building companies are run by these bastards, as they blast their Mexican music all over the place while they work outside and wear their ghetto sunglasses that make them all look like Benecio Del Toro in the movie, “Savages”, ready to cut you up in two if you say anything bad or mess with their drug cartel. It pisses me off! 😡

      1. Tomorrow Bulldog is going to write a piece on what he saw today at the convenience store, and it wasn’t your normal tan skins. Quick teaser the gangs are not hiding anymore. Lock and Load, STAY VIGILENT, shoot FIRST, then ask questions!! I am adding an additional weapon to my vehicle, I feel it is getting to the point where my 38 ain’t quite good enough.

  2. We have a local farmer that all of my kids worked for at one time. He hires Guatemalans almost exclusively to work the fields. They don’t have a drivers license and they don’t speak English. My son’s girlfriend wanted to get a job at his farmstand this year. He requires American applicants to write an essay on why they should be hired, in addition to the application itself. Do you think he requires the same from the illegals? Hell no!

    1. So why are we AMERICANS not losing our minds?????? I am guilty!! This is BS, it is time to take this country back or lose it, if we do not fight this wave, we are done. I for one will start filming every time I see an illegal, I do not care what nationality and send it to the trenches. We need a place to record all of the illegal activity. I know this has been done, but we need to let OUR people know what is going on in areas that we are in. Stay vigilant, stay focused and fight to the death.

      1. I didn’t realize the extent of it until my oldest daughter started telling me stories about these guys somewhat recently. She worked there from 2006-2010. This dirtbag farmer took better care of these illegals than he did of the American boys and girls that he employed. I haven’t stepped foot near that farmstand since my last kid worked there. We grow our own and have no need for what he sells anymore. Yes, I will most certainly start documenting them when I see them. I’ve had enough! The fact that this is being allowed to happen from the very top in the den of criminals is infuriating to say the least.

        1. We need to do something! This is all I can think of doing for now, until the time comes that I am not looking forward to, but I think is inevitable.

  3. Back in 2005, our family was vacationing out in Mazama, WA. We went for a three hour drive to find a store to buy a cellphone that would work in the area. We came upon a walmart. The place was crawling with Mexicans, and they would plow you over, rather than step out of the way, and they had hatred in their eyes when they looked at you. They would “hog” the isles and act superior. It was unsettling to say the least.

    I could have worded the three hour drive better. We drove around to explore the area, and it took us three hours to come upon a populated area. Fast food, stores, etc. anyone who knows Mazama, knows it’s way out of the way of civilization. Heck, the good people of that community never felt the Great Depression when it was in play.

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