8 thoughts on “The Who – Who Are You?

      1. ’76, Salt Lake City, the Salt Palace, where the Jazz used to play.
        Outstandind show! In my top 3 favorites.

        Saw them again in ’89. The Kids Are Alright tour, at the Coliseum in L.A.
        Not nearly as good. Daltry’s voice was hoarse & cracked from an already long tour.

        Still got the t-shirt from that one, tattered as it is.

        1. It was ’73 when I saw The Who in Dallas, TX, what a show that was and I remember it very well. #1 how nice that you saw them again in ’89. Even if Daltry’s voice was hoarse from singing I know it was a good show. They really do put on a good show and your tattered t-shirt is a keeper even after all these years! 🙂

          1. Throw in Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven tour), at the Forum in Inglewood, Yes (same place), but incredibly, they weren’t even the headliners. Black Sabbath was, and they were blown away by Yes. Three encores! Jethro Tull, SLC, and Zappa, SLC are my top five.

  1. Oh my gosh I know those were some good concerts that you went to. I never got to see Black Sabbath, Yes or Zeppelin. We did get to see Jethro Tull in concert and it was very good. LOL….the concert started off with the sound system way, way to loud. Tull wasn’t happy about that one bit. He refused to go on with the show until it was fixed. When the sound system was finally fixed Jethro Tull put on a really good show. Oh by the way who is SLC? I’m racking my brain but can’t seem to figure out who that is. lol

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