12 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 21, 2022

  1. “No man’s gonna have no more say than another. No man’s gonna represent me but me.”

    Thanks for the clear simplicity of this, Henry.


  2. What a story!! What a challenge!! Doc and Misty, I’m keeping you in my heart and prayers. On top of everything, you have to deal with the dust bowl. Be safe, and may strength and clarity be with you and guide you in your decisions. Love you guys.


    1. Hard pill to swallow Galen don’t know what to do, thank you for the kind words. Found a place away from crazy, thinking we could retire and at least try to survive, don’t know now? Heavy heart and mind.

      1. Misty, my heart goes out to you and Doc. Winds are ridiculous here as well but thankfully no dust as yet. It used to be I would make note of windy days but now I note when days are calm, like today. It is not unusual to have 50 and 60 mile winds here with gusts higher than that. I pray rain comes your way soon.

      2. Through all the harsh challenges we face together or alone, I hope that knowing you are in our prayers as you face your own, will help to pull you through. I’m sending out the vibe for everything you need right now, to find its way to you, Misty.

        1. Thank you all, I didn’t want any sorry, just telling the weather issues in my area.
          Love all your hearts great folks.

  3. Only 48 but ill just eat hot sauce and look at the chems…. HOPING FOR A ROCKET OR A CANNON!!! theres got to be way!!!!!!

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