The Word From the Trenches – February 19, 2021

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Archive: TWFTT 2-19-21

4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 19, 2021

  1. In the 20’s, and sunny.
    The round was Federal 9mm 115 Gr. Aluminum case.
    It was a Hi Point C9.
    Each time the projectile fell out was only when first cocking.
    Each time the slide didn’t completely shut. It was the same both times.
    The projectile fell out at the ramp, and the case went cockeyed, and stop the slide from completely closing.
    Never had a problem while shooting, but still I don’t like aluminum case.
    Just a heads up.

  2. Also.
    If you live in snowland, having a good plastic sled and a harness to pull it is a good idea.
    That is how I scoot stuff around.

  3. Well sh!t!
    Speaking of unfortunate cartridge mishaps, check this stupid one out…
    Within the last hour I got back from a water, diesel run from the main farm. Poured some diesel into the burn barrel to get rid of the remaining refuge, and lit it.
    Walked back to the truck, and carried in the first water jug, and greeted the dogs.
    Standing there, and heard POP-POP. Sounded like a 22 revolver.
    Headed right out the door armed as always, and immediately looked south into the sound to hear, and see POP-POP-POP, and flaming parts and pieces flying out the top of the burn barrel.
    WTF! I thought! That shouldn’t be happening!
    Again POP-POP-POP-POP-POP-POP! Then some more.
    Recently I did some trading with a friend and got me ten boxes of 7.62×39. Two of the boxes being hollow point which I set aside on a small shelf under the solar charge controller until after putting the FMJ where I wanted, then put the HP else where but never did (which has never happened until this).
    More recently the sub-zero week came, and there’s two friendly feral cats here, one male, and one female that I feed in the morning.
    I let the female in during the cold, but the male had been gone for a week. The male showed up one evening, most the way through the freezing ass sh!t, and was quite tore up from fights, and cold. He was fkd up, and very happy to get warm.
    Both were content, and stayed in the hallway with a towel on a tote, and makeshift cat box. I had gave them the rest of the small bag of cat food, and used the bag for garbage right under the small shelf under the solar charge controller (clue).
    The female cat was always cool, but after about two and a half days or so ole Spot (the male cat) was feeling better, and decided it was open house, and checked out the whole fking place until I woke up and put him in a small kennel.
    That is when it occurred to me while watching the burn barrel fireworks, so I walked back in and looked on the small shelf under the solar charge controller exactly above the cat food garbage bag which I had put in the burn barrel a day or two ago (and lit, but only partially burned), and there was only one box of hollow points there.
    Evidently the cat knocked a twenty round box into the garbage due to my negligence, which I can’t believe I did…. DUHHHH!!!
    It sucked standing there watching and thinking… “Wait a minute here! I think I know what that is!”
    If ya give me any crap I certainly earned it.
    PS. Yes, the other box of HP is secured.

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