15 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 9, 2018

  1. Contact info to request Henry’s CD ‘Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained’

    PO Box 94
    Kulm, ND 58456

  2. Darzak, you sound great and your mental faculties are in tact too it appears. Grace and peace to you and yours in Christ’s name!

    Your water story makes me thankful for having water.

  3. I still think that with the introduction of Clarence a kosher check was deposited………..

  4. Henry — I’m listening to the show now and I think you’re absolutely right about the micro effect crew. They’re full of shit, and they’re in the process of selling out the patriot movement a la Alex Jones.

    I haven’t heard the intelligence report in months (since the archives were no longer posted), but I’m listening to the woman who called you “angry, frustrated, etc., and she’s shoveling it like a used car salesman.

    They’re interested in maintaining the status quo, and how they can benefit from it. They’re NOT acting in the interests of the American people, or the restoration of the Bill of Rights.

  5. i like how she cut off your ‘angry racism’ and let him babble bullshit!! unabated!

  6. Bummer! Had much to do today, and it sounds like I missed a good one. I’ll have to catch it tomorrow, almost out of time tonight.

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