17 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 16, 2018

  1. Downloaded flash player, still can’t access live broadcast. I can only listen after the broadcast on the archives. Not savy enough to figure it out on my MacBook Pro. 🙁

    1. Really enjoyed the visit with you Saturday morning Henry and Laura, not only enjoyable but educational as well. Already looking forward to next time. Even got a shout out on the phone to Mark.

  2. This is what these ambulances chasers are working with.

    “Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office is not necessary to secure copyright protection in a work; however, it does have its advantages. For example, registering your copyright provides a public record of the copyright claim. Copyright registration is also necessary (for works of U.S. origin) before a copyright owner can file an infringement lawsuit in court. Finally, if you register your copyright within three months of publishing the work or before an infringement occurs, you have the ability to recover attorney’s fees and statutory damages in the event of a lawsuit.”

  3. Good to hear you mention Spike, Henry. He was in one of my first thoughts when the alert was posted. He is so missed.

  4. Henry, thank you for coming up today to do the broadcast and fill us in. Our thoughts and best regards are with you and Laura. My hope is that your filing will cause a gigantic foundation rock that will cause the pillars to crumble. Thanks again for doing this for the people.

  5. FREE!!! Yours for the asking…..Henry’s awesome CD: Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained……just send Laura your mailing addy and she will forward to me

        1. Yeah, but Henry can’t spell and Henry can’t type, although he did just tell me how to respond.
          – Admin

  6. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! I just received this email, our troubles are over.

    Good day,

    I am Mr. Andrew Hales; I work in the Powerball Lotto. I am soliciting your assistance for a swift transfer of 150,744,528.12 USD, should you be willing to assist me in this project, and you will be giving me just 25% of your winnings.

    Just as a brief, you just have to register online; due to my position in the company I can make it happen that you would be a winner of the above stated amount. Naturally, every body would like to play a lottery if they are assured of winning. I am assuring you today to be a winner, please do not take for granted this once in a life time opportunity as we both stand to collectively gain from this at the success of the transaction.

    Should you be willing to assist me in this transaction please do respond to


    Andrew Hales


    1. Dear Andrew Hales,

      It has come to my attention that your manhood is the size of a peanut, your wife and I had a great laugh over dinner. Holster that torpedo and drop dead.

  7. Dont forget you guys, Henry probably wont be doing a show today because he is in Medford responding with his mandamus at the court house.

    Plz try and help him out a little if at all possible, it’s going to cost him 80 bucks, plus the fuel back and forth.

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