There Is Something Going On With This Colonial Pipeline Shutdown, Darkside, Crypto, Gas Prices Surge

May 11, 2021

The largest oil pipeline in the US has been shut down for precaution and the company put out a statement that had some interesting revelations
” Colonial Pipeline continues to dedicate vast resources to restoring pipeline operations quickly and safely. Segments of our pipeline are being brought back online in a stepwise fashion, in compliance with relevant federal regulations and in close consultation with the Department of Energy, which is leading and coordinating the Federal Government’s response.

Restoring our network to normal operations is a process that requires the diligent remediation of our systems, and this takes time. In response to the cybersecurity attack on our system, we proactively took certain systems offline to contain the threat, which temporarily halted all pipeline operations, and affected some of our IT systems. To restore service, we must work to ensure that each of these systems can be brought back online safely.” I do find it interesting that the dangers of crypto will definitely be tied to what is now considered a national event at a time when they are trying to push the idea of regulation for cryptocurrency markets. The other thing is the elite have been warning about a coming cyber event that would shut down the world worse than our last event. This has already led to a jump in gas prices despite the company’s assurances the pipeline should be able to be turned back on soon. The system wasn’t compromised and usually, ransomware schemes ask for bitcoin in exchange for access to private data or to regain control of their computer systems. It seems unlikely they would focus on this type of utility company if it’s true their goal was simply money.

4 thoughts on “There Is Something Going On With This Colonial Pipeline Shutdown, Darkside, Crypto, Gas Prices Surge

  1. Always being lied to. They want to shut down our means of travel, as well as create a panic. They don’t want us getting together and planning something. I think we are really close to this thing going off.

    Not to mention they will have a great excuse for the rising prices of everything.

  2. These are the signs that should be telling you to prep like you’ve never prepped before
    Fill up everything you have get a few more propane bottles etc, whiskey too
    Store water , food obviously and the freedomseeds should already be stacked and mag’d
    Harden the homestead
    Keep long range comms , (people you know from other states and areas) , open
    Watch everything

  3. I find it funny how the media has been spouting their mouth off these past weeks about a coming shortage in the summer with fuel and food and then this happens. I call bullshit on this coincidence.

    They want to maintain their control over us and keep the social distancing going over the summer now that the Corona crap is dying down.

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