8 thoughts on “These so called caravan of migrants try to crash a Helicopter with Rocks! They Are NOT Refugees!

  1. Aww, the “children”. Think of the “children”. Did you see the poor huddled masses of “children” there, just yearning to be free?

    All I saw was wretched refuse using iphones and being violent just for kicks.

    Those united snakes military traitor “patriots” are gonna take care of them at the border, right?

    I bet they are gonna take a lot better care of their new compadres than they are the American Nationals.

    They’ll probably want you to buy ’em a beer and thank them for their “service”.

    Is it still considered a “beer” if a beer bottle is used but with a rag and gasoline in it instead?

    Carry on and continue following your treasonous orders, “patriots”.

  2. Yep, they’re definitely seeking asylum from the dangers of MS-13. (Sarcasm)

    How come they don’t throw these rocks at the MS-13 gang members that they are so afraid of down there? Is it because they think we won’t fight back?

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