8 thoughts on “They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us

  1. If FTT is considered social media, yeah, I’ve definitely been programmed to know what the heck and why things are completely turned on it’s head in this country and that Israel has it’s claws in our so called govt..

    Social media can be a very good thing, just depends on where one is being socialized.

  2. Ftt is great for”social media”.
    Great place to find truly normal folks.
    Buy more ammo!!!!!

  3. I’ve lost almost all my “friends” and 90% of my clientele because of refusing to take part in social media. Many DO say they know its purpose in a cynical manner, yet they continue to participate. Every stupid statement begins with “I saw on facef@#k today” and that’s when I shut down.

  4. Twitter.. Instagram.. Periscope.. Facebook.

    These are all programming tools.

    I don’t do any of them.

    This is about as social media as I get.

    I mean… who wants to see a 57
    year old man’s saggy azz and grey haired dk pics.

    Sht….I’d probably have to pay a fortune for click bait.

    I mean …there’s no way I could compete with these btches.

    I don’t have big breasts….hair. ….and a penis the size of a fkng elephant.

    How do you compete and find market value in today’s economy with those short comings..?

    Well I offer solutions. ..not answers.

    I create a Facebook account…with a fake picture…of me ..

    With big breasts…long voluptuous hair…
    a non saggy photoshoped azz.

    And …..drum roll pleeeeez.

    A dk pic that looks like the neck of that giraffe that just head butted and killed that filmaker.

    Ahhh …I’m killin myself..

    Bada chinggggg !!!


    Back to our regular programming. ..and a word from our sponsors.

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