This is what hope looks like.

Ann Barnhardt

So let me lay out some simple TRUE PREMISES, and then ask a follow-up question.

A.)  The constitutional republic referred to as the United States of America no longer exists.  TRUE.
B.)  The Rule of Law is no longer in force in the former United States.  TRUE.
C.) The Constitution of the United States and the system of government it defines is therefore no longer in force.  TRUE.
D.) The body going by the name “United States Congress” has been rendered meaningless in praxis.  TRUE.
E.)  National-level representative politics in the former United States is a completely false facade, kabuki theater, designed to entertain and mollify the masses who are of average intelligence, and to launder looted money and enrich the oligarch class.  TRUE.
F.) Given the reality of the true premises above, any person who holds or seeks to hold national-level public office is, by definition, morally, intellectually and/or psychologically unfit to hold public office (The Barnhardt Axiom).  TRUE.

Okay, so now my question.  What exactly are you people agog about?  Have we learned NOTHING?  NOTHING AT ALL?  It still hasn’t sunk in?  Do you not remember the 2010 midterms and how that was going to put the brakes on Obama once and for all?  DO YOU REMEMBER THAT?  Yeah. And what did they do?  Flip-all.  Zippo.  Nada.  I don’t give a crap if the “US Congress”, both houses, are UNANIMOUSLY republican.  What the hell does it matter?  No.  Stop.  Stop and think.  Answer the question, because it is not rhetorical.  You tell me.  WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

Oh boy!  I’m so excited!  Now there are a few more psychopathic imbeciles and whores who wave the flag with the elephant on it who will do exactly nothing to stop anything that the Washington DC regime does.  Run up debt, debase the currency and loot the Treasury to the tune of a TRILLION dollars per year?  NOTHING.  Dissolve the Mexican border?  NOTHING.  Run guns to and reform the islamic Caliphate?  NOTHING.  Sic the IRS on enemies?  NOTHING.  Actively attempt to bring viruses and plagues into the country?  NOTHING.  Aggresively force and promote a culture of sodomy and child slaughter?  NOTHING.  But the godless sellouts and larcenous hacks will all now, instead of capitulating to everything, suddenly stand tall and put their proverbial foot down!  Really?  And also the sun will rise in the west tomorrow morning.  Give me a break.

You can’t, you just CAN’T be that obtuse.  The former United States is being run by a shadow regime, who has full power and control with ZERO check or balance.  Have you not been paying attention to ANYTHING that has happened for the past six years?  The former U.S. is being run by executive fiat, which is carried out by an ideologically purged and compliant bureaucracy, judiciary, military, financial industry and with a fully compliant media/propaganda arm.  The executive is not Obama the man, who is less than nothing but a puppet front, but a Supreme Soviet of oligarchs.  And I mean that literally.  A Supreme Soviet of oligarchs.  The Legislative branch is a troupe of very, very highly paid shills and cretins who, I’m sure, will perform their little hearts out for you.  Hands will be wrung.  Frowny faces will be made.  Billions of breathless, personalized emails begging for contributions to their money laundering fronts, aka PACs, will be sent.  Balance sheets will inflate by eight figures for no apparent reason.

I’m sorry, but I cannot, in good conscience, engage in any sort of conversation or commentary that is not based upon reality and true premises.  This is another way of “going along to get along” that I simply refuse to do.  It is massively harmful to others to confirm them in their delusions or false premises.  Just to be sociable?  Just to be included in the conversation? Just to be liked?  Nope.  Can’t do it.  Won’t do it.  It’s a sin against Charity.

Look, you can tell me about how the United States is “turning it around” when abortion is a capital offense and sodomy is recriminalized.  You can tell me all about how the U.S. is on the road to recovery when there are people in the streets weeping and sobbing on their knees begging the Triune Godhead for His mercy and forgiveness for spending the last fifty years proverbially kicking God in the crotch non-stop.  You can tell me about how there is hope for America when there are dead bodies of these oligarchs hanging from the lampposts after their trials and executions for crimes against humanity with full due process in accord with the Rule of Law.

You want to know what the first glimmer of hope will look like?  Something like this:

Hope for Italy.

Hope for Italy.  (No due process – points subtracted for bad form.)



Hope for Romania.

Hope for Romania.

Hope for Iraq - utterly extinguished by the Washington DC regime.

Hope for Iraq – now utterly extinguished by the Washington DC regime.


Until then, save me the brainless rah-rah-team-elephant-yay-everything-is-awesome crap.

9 thoughts on “This is what hope looks like.

  1. It is sickening to just sit back and watch it happen. I have shoved the utter truth to people and even bystanders are speechless. Sometimes “Shock and Awe” can be effective. They use it against us all the time. I challenge them to prove me wrong. So far, no response. They attempt to besmirch and belittle you with ridicule labeling you a “Conspiracy Buff” rather than spend the time to search for truth. They take the easy way out and remain willfully ignorant about the world around them. (With their head firmly implanted up their arse!)

  2. I regretfully have to agree with the statements made in this article. Trying to point this situation to many people is an excercise in frustration. Most are in a complete state of denial due to years of propaganda and brain washing by the media. One can only gather like-minded people around and brace for the crash.

    1. Frank, I did misjudge some people who weren’t ready for the truth and it backfired. You have to be wise to the those who “can’t handle the truth” and focus on those that appear to be searching for the truth. There are so many that don’t even want to think about it and just go about their business with the “What Me Worry” attitude. Boy are they in for a rude awakening.

  3. Sadly, I agree with Ms. Barnhardt. There are many of us out here not in your specific ranks who know and understand the US as we knew and grew up within is gone. There are entirely too many others who know nothing of what’s been going on and have no care or desire to be brought into the world of reality.

    That all said, there are those of us who, living within the ‘normalcy bias’, still hope for and work within the confines of the American that used to be in order to continue to ‘correct the course’ and begin turning us around and back on track. We know it’s a futile effort, but we can’t help but continue trying until such time as tptb make their large scale attack on us. That’s when we will set aside our futile attempts, hopes and dreams and focus on resistance and survival.

    I get tired of the looks and comments from those who choose to remain asleep (not that I make many attempts any more to wake them up), but there are more and more just starting to open their eyes to one thing or another. I do what I can to widen their eyes quicker as they may be helpful in fighting later, but most of them just can’t get out of the affect of the normalcy bias; they can’t get their heads out of the sand or their asses.

    So, at least for now, while we are still living in the shell of the republic, many of us continue to hope and try to make a difference through the use of the Constitution and Bill of Rights until such time tptb goes on a larger scale frontal attack.

    Thanks for posting the article, I do intend to pass it along.

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