28 thoughts on “Watched this thing take off today, pretty.

  1. What type of airplane is that Paul? And, by the way, hey Angel-NYC, I know you’ll checkout our posts so I’ll say “hey” one more time 🙂

    1. It is a B-25. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I’m trying to figure out her name. I blew up the photo, but it’s too blurry. Can you make it out?

      1. The link wouldn’t open for me.
        The girl is a flaming Redhead, in a little blue dress, with high-heels (sure not Apache LOL). The name looks like … Mini. Can’t make out the first part.

  2. taken from the write up on it.

    “This event will offer airplane rides in a historic Boeing B-25 Mitchell along with airplane rides provided by Great River Aviation.”

    Fee for riding it was just under $400.00 for about a half hour.
    No thanks 😯

    1. LOL
      (Don’t know why this didn’t post as a Reply. I tried twice. Plus, my 6:43 pm comment posted in the middle of the thread. Weird.)

    2. Oh, come on Angel-NYC. I was almost blinded by the hideousness of Mark’s post. Those glazed eyes and blood red lipstick is stomach churning. (It would be difficult to type blind but I suppose I could learn.)

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