This shows you how desperate they are in getting people vaccinated

This photo was taken while driving on the highway in Louisiana. Every digital traffic board on the highway was showing this. I’m amazed how getting vaccinated has become the equivalent or equal to having your seatbelt on while driving. In my entire life, I have never seen a traffic board mention anything other than a person or car missing or seatbelts. This just goes to show you how desperate they are in getting people vaccinated. I drove through 4 different states and Louisiana was the only one with this propaganda on their board. Absolutely disgusting.

However, that’s not to say that Florida and all the other states I drove through had radio stations with disc-jockeys who all at some point had to take a minute between playing a string of songs to talk about getting vaccinated. It amazes me how every country and every state is supposed to be separate from each other, yet they all seem to follow the same propaganda. The coordination and logistics of it all in such a short amount of time is astounding. If people still don’t think this entire world is controlled by a small group of individuals at the top, then I don’t know what to say. Randomness in the world can never be this controlled and collective. The odds are mathematically as impossible as the 6 million Holohoax figure.


5 thoughts on “This shows you how desperate they are in getting people vaccinated

    1. They can order any goddamn thing they want, their orders are unlawful, completely without jurisdictional authority. They do what we allow. We outnumber them ten thousand to one, which means we are a bunch of pussies if we do not remove this United States Corporation from power and remove these international occupiers and enforce our goddamn law. It isn’t that they can, it is just that the men of this country have no f-king testosterone and will not kick the ass of the enemy who is not even a challenge. We should have told them back then to shove their seat belts and motorcycle helmets up their ass and get to swimming. They aren’t shit and they haven’t fought the Americans yet.

  1. Seat belts, in many instances caused death instead of saving lives. Vaccines are, always, dangerous to your health.

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