Unconventional Tactics

Throughout history when lesser armies have defeated their greater counterparts, it has been through unconventional methods and weaponry.  Hannibal took elephants through the Alps and brought the Romans to their knees.  The Mongol hordes, through their unconventional field strategies, annihilated all who tried to stand against them.  In modern times America defeated Japan with two unconventional bombs.

We as 99ers have been fighting our foes using conventional tactics and getting nowhere.  We recently put up a page on this site called Think Tank and I have already seen unconventional tactics that I truly believe can cause an effect. I wouldn’t mind seeing 10,000 names on the registration page but while we are waiting for others to come to unite with us I believe we should start implementing some of these unconventional tactics.

We need to research each action and try to keep ourselves from straying from legality, no further than civil disobedience.  Not that I’m trying to tell anybody what to do, but if something goes wrong there is no defense fund, so you will be on your own.

I like the idea in reference to the dog and cat 99er meat stand.  Something like this could force mainstream media attention.  If you are not willing to go with the unconventional at least go to every website you can and try to get others to come to From the Trenches World Report as I believe there are a lot of people out there who are desperate enough to at least try new methods.

The federal government has $237 billion sitting in reserve that they are planning on giving to the good old boys in road construction.  I believe that if we had 50,000 names on our list and were hitting them from every angle with unconventional attacks we could force them to put that money toward keeping our people from freezing and or starving to death this winter.  There is one thing I will promise you absolute.  If we do nothing, nothing is going to change.

I make $15 per day writing articles for World News Heard Now.  This is my only income.  I spent $20 I didn’t have and a week of my wife’s and my time putting this site up.  (We have never put up a website before, this is new to us.)  I am always willing to do more as I have never shied away from work.  We all know how serious this situation is, so we need to get to work implementing the unconventional strategies via the web, newspaper, public radio, and any other venue we can find.

If we do not I promise you we will find ourselves having to implement unconventional tactics on the battlefield, where death will be certain on both sides.  So consider, what do you want to leave behind for your children and grandchildren?  A third world hell-hole or the free republic our forefathers left us.

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  1. I have been unemployed since 3/31/2009. I have applied for hundreds of jobs and no one has contacted me. I am 51 years old and have many years of knowledge in the medical insurance collections field, but cannot find a job. I have applied for cleaning, retail, warehouse jobs, etc.. with nothing. I have gone to job fairs that end up being school’s looking to sign up students, life insurance companies looking for commission sales staff or multi-level marketing groups. All are scams. I will run out of my benefits the first week of Dec. My husband was also just laid off in Sept 2010. We will have no money. We have already sold everything of value. Good luck in getting any social programs. We’ve worked are entire life and can’t qualify for them. I thing a revolution will be in the works soon.

    1. Maria McMurtrey,
      If you want to try and do something about it put a comment on the Organized Resistance page leaving your name and state and we will add you to our list of resisters. We have had enough and we are going to do something about the problem. See our Think Tank page.

  2. corporate america’s greed has taken over the only thing is they are to stupid to see even in this day and age that without the middle class they will eventually fall also. The day is coming when China will own us and they won’t have anything either. They will loose all their stuff just like we are loosing it now. And all these elected officials that we trusted will all be saying what have we done. The only problem is that it will be to late.

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