Times Square driver: ‘I’m not sure what’s wrong with me’

New York Post – by Nick Fugallo and Max Jaeger

Times Square rampage driver Richard Rojas says he knows he’s crazy — but he can’t put his finger on why.

“I’m not completely sure what’s wrong with me,’’ the killer told The Post in a second jailhouse interview Sunday.  

Rojas appeared tired and sullen in a Rikers Island visiting room, sitting slouched with his head in his hands, which were covered in small cuts he sustained during his frenzy three days earlier.

Rojas, 26, plowed his Honda Accord up a crowded Seventh Avenue sidewalk in the heart of Times Square on Thursday afternoon — a three-block rampage that left one dead and 22 injured, including four critically.

He eventually smashed his car into a traffic bollard and then began running through Times Square on foot, charging his terrified victims with arms outstretched.

When cops finally took him down, he said he expected them to kill him, yelling, “You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them!” according to sources.

He later told investigators that he was high on pot and PCP when he went on the spree.

Interviewed by The Post in jail Saturday, Rojas said his memory of the attack was a blank, while also claiming that the heinous act was a cry for help.

“I wanted to fix my life. I wanted to get a job. Get a girlfriend,” he said.

He also said he wants to see videos of the destruction to “verify that I’m the person” who did it.

Rojas was charged with second-degree murder for killing 18-year-old tourist Alyssa Elsman and 20 counts of attempted murder for the people he hurt.

When asked Sunday if he had been threatened in jail over the deadly mayhem, the Bronx man replied, “Nothing has happened to me, if that’s what you’re meaning.”

The 13-year-old sister of his dead victim, Elsman, remained hospitalized Sunday with a broken leg. Another victim is clinging to life, law-enforcement sources have said.

A makeshift memorial to Elsman sprung up in Times Square over the weekend, with well-wishers leaving gifts and messages on an NYPD barricade placed at the intersection of West 45th Street and Seventh Avenue, where Rojas’s rampage came to an end.


5 thoughts on “Times Square driver: ‘I’m not sure what’s wrong with me’

  1. “I’m not completely sure what’s wrong with me,’’

    well than , lets put a small hole in your forehead and take a look inside and see

    1. Immaterial.

      Whatever is wrong with him, Big Pharma can ‘fix’, with just the right ‘mix’.

  2. You all missed the message. This was real, not assisted by FBI or CIA. When was last time a terrorist got press interviews?

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