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Road Challenge

The 2016 Collapsed Sub-frame Over-compensate Both Ways Throw The Buick Backwards On The Drivers Side Down a 15 foot Water Diversion Ditch Bust The Rear Passenger Window With The Butt End Of A Buck Knife Climb Out Unhook The Battery And Walk 3/4 Mile Home Barefoot On Gravel Road Challenge. 

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22 Responses to Road Challenge

  1. Swifty Lomax says:

    Damn Hal, You must be tougher than boiled owl !

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    need more info

    Glad to hear your still with us

  3. A guest says:

    Hal in his first practice run for the new Tryouts for the upcoming dukes of hazzard movie remake……….


    glad ur ok.
    ; )

  4. tc says:

    Anybody can roll a car into a ditch.
    But it takes real class and a modicum of professionalism to do it barefoot.
    Glad you made it out in one piece.
    That could have ended badly.

    • Hal Apeeno says:

      The funny thing is that I found my boonie hanging on a tree branch the next day.
      There were better photos on a friends ‘smart’ phone.
      For some reason, they thought it wise taking the phone kayaking!?
      Found these photos on a beat up cell phone I was cleaning up for other uses.

    • Hal Apeeno says:

      I had to look up the word modicum.
      Thank you, and very happy for not ending badly!

  5. Frank Face says:

    Knowing how to roll with a crash is a valid skill, do you recall what was happening during the roll over? I’d like to hear more if your willing to share.

  6. Cynicles says:

    Nice to see you won.

  7. Hal Apeeno says:

    Hi Frank.
    A lot different than dirt bike or skateboard and such.
    In a cage going backwards, ya just don’t know what’s there man.
    (I knew that there were tree stumps though)
    Just a big “SH!!!!!!!!!T” and “THIS IS GONNA HURT!!!”
    Try to stay clear of the windows that are about to be ground by whatever means…

  8. Angel-NYC says:

    HOLY Sh$T!!! Amazing that you were able to walk away. Glad you’re still with us, Hal. WOW!!!

  9. Hal Apeeno says:

    First of all, this happened last August 2016. While cleaning an older cell phone, I found these photos. Anyway.
    We were at a farm practicing. There’s woods, sleuths,large ponds, and tall grass there.
    Having gotten wet and muddy, changed into shorts and loaded all but the wet and muddies. (Forgot)(Promised to be somewhere and was pushing time)
    This is why my dumb ass was barefoot.
    Normally, extra clothes and all are suited in my vehicle. I had recently traded a truck for two Buicks. This one ran great and everything worked good except that there was a wobble at 55 to 60 mph. My guess was tie-rod and/or CV, and was to tear into it the next day. (The driver side sub-frame collapsed due to rust)
    Everything seemed good on the way. I took roads to keep it under 55.
    Got about 3/4 mile from home and the damned thing snapped left hard.
    I was moving 40/45 mph. (usual)
    I over compensated right and went too far sideways and got it coming left way too fast. At this time I was wishing for a helmet.
    The car spun around, and down into the diversion ditch backwards.
    The ditch banks are very steep. You aint climbing out without grabbing brush, branches, or grass. Lucky the car went in at 25 to 30% I think.
    When it rested, it was filled with smoke and dust. I could smell wires, and there was no water in the ditch.
    The seatbelt seemed forever to get out of, and I stood up. On that model the doors are locked because it’s in drive yet. By the way, it was dusk.
    When I realized the doors were locked, looking down at the drivers side I saw the shiny end of the handle of my Buck knife, grabbed it and busted the rear passenger window out, got the hell out.
    The hood had popped open and the battery was hanging there, so that was easy.
    The neighbors were Johnny on the spot with their ATV, so had it been worse someone was there. They offered me a ride but I declined because…Man, I needed the walk to recoup! God Bless them 🙂
    The airbag did go off. It about broke my nose. Or it could of been a coffee cup or other. I didn’t know the airbag went off until coming back to get the rest of the equipment from the trunk. (Of course wearing boots)
    Gravel sucks barefoot but perhaps something that need awareness of.
    Here, one has to have a red accident ticket for a wrecker to yank it out.(which took more that an hour) I did not know this. If I had something to pull it out with, I’d have done it myself.
    So I had to call the Sheriff to send out a couple of A HOLES! who were half bent on escalating the situation. They got nothing 🙂 There was no alcohol involved. These sh!theads wouldn’t even go in the ditch to look. I climbed down the ditch, up the car, down through the window, into the glovebox, back out, and up the ditch to show these pussies proof of insurance and their beloved registration. I should have not, but I did enjoy showing these wet behind the ear, twenty-whatever-year old tools that they aint much.
    That’s about it. Sorry if it’s long, or boring.
    I’m not much of a PR guy.
    Thank you for your concerns, and blessings to you all.


    • Angel-NYC says:

      Thanks for filling us in, Hal. That makes me LMAO (still glad you made it out OK) 😀 😆

    • Frank Face says:

      The cop was a dick when I got in my first and only accident (knock on wood), seems they can’t help themselves. I’d rather hear about your crash then “Melania Trump swatting Donald’s hand away” (I just noticed that’s top trending on YouTube).

      • Angel-NYC says:

        “I’d rather hear about your crash then ‘Melania Trump swatting Donald’s hand away’ ” Agreed. Me, too. LOL

    • NC says:

      Wow! That’s quite a story, Hal. Glad you made it out in one piece. Sorry to hear about it. You lived to fight another day.

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