22 thoughts on “Top Feminist Says Put Men in Concentration Camps

  1. This creature will NEVER naturally have offspring nor should she. If I were the last guy on earth I’d eliminate half the problem, one way or the other. What a grotesque individual… just sayin’ 🙁

    1. “Top Feminist Whooore Says Put Men in Concentration Camps”

      And I say send these “Ho’s” to ISIS!!!!

      They was MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

      Allahu Akbar!!!!

  2. Uhhhh, she’s gonna need MEN to round up all the MEN to put them into camps. It sure it’s gonna be a gaggle of broads doin it. Then wut, put all the MEN who rounded up the MEN into camps? She’s out there just to make waves people. Btw, I’m a broad too so I can say “broads” and laff if I want to. This is a big joke folks.

  3. Top Feminist – Old, dyke, dried up, and ugly woman, who not a serious or even blind idiot would marry – who is destined to live her old dyke dried up life alone for the rest of her mentally decrepit years, wants men, locked up – lolololololo

  4. Well she’s an ugly dyke, so she’s probably been ignored by men all of her life, and now she’s bitter about it. Sex and reproduction are usually the result of physical attraction, but we can see by her ugly mug that it wasn’t the case with her conception, and that leaves us to conclude that her mother was a whore, or her father was a drunk, or both. What else could cause the copulation of people ugly enough to produce this wench?

    What’s interesting to note is that it’s the mouthpieces of all the “liberal” causes that want to put people in concentration camps, arrest them for expressing their opinions, kill all the gun owners, and lock up everyone who disagrees with climate change.

    It’s also the “liberals” who make all the racist statements, such as; “its about time we had a black president, disarm the white people, black lives matter”, and most recently, “Asian girls suffer more from rape than white girls”.

    When we look at who’s funding and leading EVERY “liberal” cause, what we always see is a gang of Jews, and EVERY one of the “liberal” causes, also supports the installation of communism here.

    It’s kind of important to grasping the big picture that people see the connection between liberals, Jews, and communism, rather then equate liberals with democrats as they’ve been trained to do.

  5. “Well she’s an ugly dyke, so she’s probably been ignored by men all of her life, and now she’s bitter about it”

    That Hammer Hit that Nail dead on!

    and its a dam good thing she hasent reproduced( i hope, and i didnt check) and screwed up the gene pool any worse than it is already

  6. That….thing is so ugly that I believe it was created in a mad scientist’s laboratory. I can’t imagine any man touching her, even with a forty foot barge pole.

  7. Women have it very good in the West due to Christianity. These feminists are stupid. They have turned their “freedom” into an opportunity to destroy other women with their hatred. I say other women, because some men have taken the attitude that if women want to be like men, then they can do for themselves like men. It’s a fact men are physically stronger than women so they can lift more. “Broad in the shoulder, narrow in the hip.” Woman are narrow in the shoulder, broad in the hip.”
    They should go the middle east for a good dose of unfairness to women, then they might wake up.
    You men are awesome, keep being men and more so!!!

    1. My Wife is actually pissed at feminists .. she says she has a good thing , and doesnt want any dyke messing it up for her

      1. She’s right, we’ve got a good thing! And another thing, if all men were in concentration camps, I can assure you this female/man would be trying to rule as well as other of her type, so women wouldn’t have it any better, because this type is brutal.

    2. Good on ya Katie….

      To bad WOMEN (The REAL ONE’s) haven’t stepped out of their comfort zones to SHUT the Feminazi’s up…..
      Men put up with it because though the Feminazi’s love to CLAIM — “We can do ANYTHING a Man can do” —- they don’t care for good ol Azz-Woopn’s behind the wood shed. This Pathetic Dyke doesn’t want men “Dead” – but in “Concentration Camps” because she’d still need someone to build her sorry azz a car. Hook her up a telephone. Keep her FAT AZZ Fed. Make her water run so she could continue to try to wash away the Ugly and the Stink…. etc…. Men without women are lonely. Women without men are FUQ’d!!!!

      Like I said —- these destitute, scum and scourge of the earth food consuming garbage heaps that — because they are not even women serving their purpose in life (ie being mothers), thus contribute NOTHING to society and needs be handed off to the likes of ISIS — where they might at least keep the beast at bay by serving as the Rag Dolls they really are!!!!!


  8. we need to put this whore degenerate in a Muslim nation, lets say Saudi Arabia and then we will see how she fairs, what a degenerate whore slob she is. she belongs in a camp with dogs.

    1. “what a degenerate whore slob she is. she belongs in a camp with dogs.”

      That’s an even better idea (The Dogs) —- send her WORTHLESS ARSE to North Korea!!!! She’d surely end up on a shelf in a dog food can before being allowed to spout off on any more Man Made equipment!!!!

  9. Why are all feminist so ugly and manly looking? I think she is saying, we should put all white men in camps for not marrying me, for rejecting me. I am a man-hater now.

    Put them in the camps leave for one week then send me in by myself neked. I will FORCE them to like me.

  10. Yet another opinion piece from another low IQ, mentally challenged, sexually devoid c#@t. <Can I say that? Look at nature. Birds for example to keep it simple stupid. How many homo birds do you see building love nest together in the spring in the yard/park/gutter? None! It's "NATURE". In the wild she would be left behind by the flock to die……

  11. These (this) feminist sow (female swine)has not a clue for what’s coming her (it) way! These sow’s will reap what they’ve sowed!

    *Daniel’s 70th week is all about bring His people back into the fold & (AND) horror for the rebellious ones – then Hades await’s, after that the Great White Throne Judgment!

  12. If economic depression, war or hardship ever revisits our nation i sincerely believe feminism will become a thing of the past. I don’t want this to happen (to repeat a great depression), but being 20 Trill in debt the forecast isn’t looking too good.

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