Transgender Contestant Is Favorite to Win Miss Universe

Christian Headlines – by Michael Foust

The first transgender contestant to compete in the Miss Universe pageant is the favorite to win the crown. At least, that’s what the gambling oddsmakers say.

Miss Spain Ángela Ponce – who was born male – is the favorite to win Miss Universe according to the gambling odds at, as first reported by The Blast. Ponce is at +600. By comparison, Miss USA is at +2000. (The favorite has the lowest number.)    

According to the odds, gamblers also believe that a contestant will not trip this year and that host Steve Harvey will announce the correct winner. The pageant will be held Dec. 16.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, Ponce won the Miss Spain contest in June. Ponce had genital surgery at age 16.

“There are women with a penis and men with a vagina because the only key part of being a woman is to be and feel like a woman,” Ponce told The New York Times.

Ponce added, “I find it weird that some women don’t tolerate that I go to a competition to represent my country as the woman that I am.”

Guillermo Escobar, president of Spain’s beauty contest, said he supports Ponce.

“She is a pioneer, sending a message of equality and respect, but my hope is that we will eventually have many more candidates like her and this will no longer make the headlines,” Ponce added.

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6 thoughts on “Transgender Contestant Is Favorite to Win Miss Universe

  1. Favorite my ass this is just the NWO agenda to breaking down society….. All the real women should just walk out and say screw you instead of giving in to this crap

    1. Yeah, wouldn’t that be a moment?!! I’d like it to happen right before the winner is announced, there on national tv. The great walk-out.

      Great idea, daman.



  2. Which means NOBODY will be watching these pageants on TV anymore! Good luck getting sponsors (okay, okay, you’ll get Nike…) except on that gay TV network (I forgot it’s name, haven’t watched TV in a year and a half)

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