Trencher Alert: Roommate Wanted

Greetings, fellow Trenchers,

I’m currently seeking a new roommate here in Sweet Home, OR. I’ve received zero legitimate responses from Craigslist, but the odds of finding someone awake from there are slim to none, and I have a very low tolerance for blindness to the truth these days anyway.    

This place is beautiful… just the kind of area I wish I’d grown up in (hell, ANYWHERE is better than growing up in L.A.), and it’s definitely the right kind of place to retire. Mountains, lakes and rivers everywhere… a fisherman’s/hunter’s paradise. The 1st photo is of the S. Santiam River, that spot is literally a 5 min. walk from my front door (yes, timed it). The 2nd is of Foster Lake, less than a 10 min. drive., and Green Peter Lake is just above Foster. There are dozens of lakes & rivers within a 20 – 30 mile radius… fishing opportunities ABOUND here.

The 3rd photo is for those who hate snow as much as I do. That is the MOST snow we’ve gotten in the 2 1/2 winters I’ve been here, and it was completely gone 2 days later. Even though we’re surrounded by mountains, the elevation is only about 400 ft. above sea level, so we see snow maybe 2 -3 times a year. However, there is no shortage of rain (beats the hell out of snow!), but then again there’s no shortage of greenery, either. Also, 2 grocery stores, post office, library, credit union & banks (if you use those things) are all within a 10 min. walk or less from here. This is a very quiet small town (about 10,000), and most of the people here have healthy distrust (or outright hatred) of so-called ‘government’,…unlike the larger cities in this state (buncha commie libtards in those)

I have a 2 bedroom apt. (upstairs). They just raised the rent this month to $625, so that won’t change again anytime soon. The only utility to be paid is the electric (between $60 – $70 a mo. avg.), management does the rest. If I could afford this place by myself, I gladly would, but it’s just not possible.

I welcome all inquiries from all LEGITIMATE Trenchers… king’s men need not apply. As stated previously, I’m surrounded by mountains here, and I have 4 wheel drive.

And a shovel. 🙂

33 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: Roommate Wanted

  1. Hey #1, If I was about 15 years younger I’d jump on this. However this old body aint what it used to be, and my brain is worse than that. The wife thinks it’s an excellent idea. 🙂

    1. Yep,Jill thinks it’s an excellent idea as you,I’m older than dirt,and almost as damn dusty………and in bad shape. The drive would probably kill me…


          1. I don’t get nearly the exercise I did when I was working, and I’ve been disintegrating ever since… slowly but surely. 🙁

    2. “… this old body aint what it used to be…”

      Neither is this one, Paul. That’s why I had to retire as early as I could, before it broke down completely. 🙂

    1. I have no desire to reside anywhere else now, tc.

      As Brigham Young once stated (referring to the Great Salt Lake valley, however, not Oregon)… “This is the place.” 🙂

  2. Did I forget to mention that virtually everyone I’ve met here has a least one gun, and most are armed to the teeth? One guy I met has over 20,000 rounds… for just ONE weapon!

    Pity the so-called ‘government’ fools that try to invade THIS town!

      1. I should have said ‘so-called ‘government’ BACKED fools’, koyote.

        Like the stinking jews, they never do their OWN fighting.

  3. 650 for a two bedroom in that location? You cant get a crack house here for that. wish you the best brutha.
    I may have an opportunity to relocate and I if it becomes available i will jump on it. I have read that cascadia has the mentality of tejas, which is armed to the teeth.
    we do not have a rifle or pistol, we have a “collection”.
    when gander mountain goes out of business, we buy ammo boxes.

    1. $625, but you are correct, charlie. You’d be lucky to find even a home’owners’ room for rent for that little in L.A.

      Unless you wanted to live in the ghetto (depending on how much you value your life, that is).

    1. Yes, me too (if I were single).
      However. I don’t know that #1 could “deal” with me. 😉 😀 😆

    1. He rents.
      “I have a 2 bedroom apt. (upstairs). They just raised the rent this month to $625, so that won’t change again anytime soon. The only utility to be paid is the electric (between $60 – $70 a mo. avg.), management does the rest.”

  4. Used to live there for 26 years. On the “wet” side of the Cascades. Got tied of working AND playing in the rain… approximately +65″ a year. I wore out rain gear… NOT the cheap kind….$50.00 sets 40 years ago. Sweet Home is at an elevation of 635 feet. LOTS of green, because it rains so much, but that is why is it so beautiful. Last heard in city limits 7,800+ population. One of the nicest small towns on the wet side. Enjoy. It is beautiful there.

    1. “Sweet Home is at an elevation of 635 feet.”

      Thanks for the correction, Darlene. I got that 400 ft. from my ex-roommate, and never bothered to look it up. As for the rain, it took a while to get used to, but I’m good with it now. On the upside, however, most of our rain here is generally a drizzle to light, as opposed to downpours (almost no one ever uses umbrellas here, myself included). And we rarely ever get lightning (something I actually love to watch). Total 180 from L.A., we were lucky to see ANY rain more than a half dozen times a year there, if even that.

      I MUCH prefer the greenery to a concrete jungle! 🙂

  5. A point of wisdom.
    One thing I’ve learned in life.
    Is nobody gives a fk about you.
    The only person you can depend on is you..!
    People will whisper sweet nothings in your ears.

    Then leave you to die.

    Maybe you can sell all your sht and Henry and Laura might be nice enough to let you live in your car outside.

    Cruel world isn’t it.

    When you get old people throw you out like trash.


  6. Beautiful ! Well, i couldn’t live in that crazy liberal state, but if i were single i would think hard about it for the beauty, i would fatten you up though! Good luck 🙂

    1. LOL… to be perfectly honest, tess, I would only consider a female roommate if she were a Trencher. 🙂

      1. Do like I did! Just make one!!! LMAO! Jill was a Wisconsin communist!!!!!!!!

        1. College ‘indoctrination’ (for those who went) makes it virtually impossible to educate most of them, koyote.

          Otherwise… there is a chance.

      2. 🙂 Roomate Wanted: Female W/boat. Able to cook, clean and do landscaping. Send photo of boat.

  7. Any good paying jobs in the area (30 mile max each way)?
    I grew up in Dallas Or, and I know the Sweet Home area well, I’d love to get back up there

    1. Lebanon is 13 miles from here, Albany is 28, and Corvallis is 33. Being retired, I haven’t been looking, but I hear about jobs from time to time from others here. Depends on what you’re looking for, I guess. I also hear they need drivers for the logging industry (theft of our resources, unfortunately), and that they pay well.
      Sorry I can’t be more helpful in that department.

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