Trenchers In Disgust – America Being Destroyed

It’s a position none of us here ever thought we would be faced with. Yes, we heard rumors as children, and some of us saw it coming, but for the most part, a lot of us were hit with a left hook. We never thought in a thousand years our own people would throw the American Dream to the gutter.

As a child I can remember playing hand ball, playing on the monkey bars, running around on the field playing touch football during our school recess, it was 45 minutes of pure fun, sweating profusely from all the fun, returning to our class room for a lesson on our beloved Bill of Rights, with a surprise quiz always to follow. We were proud as hell kids, looking forward to the pledge of allegiance every school morning. 

Many of us were upper middle class and middle class kids, with that one in a million kid whose parents were filthy rich. We loved them and they loved us, we were all proud to be an American, proud as hell frankly.

55 years later it seems now many of our kids are supposedly walking into a Walmart and killing people like flies, writing supposed manifestos putting their anger into words, something that boggles our minds, by design no less. What the hell has happened? What the hell has America turned into?

The monkey bars and handballs have turned into killings and mayhem, nothing short of chaos. Anger over what America has turned into, a vehicle where sedition, treason and greed has taken over the streets of Mayberry, incredibly going unchecked, allowed by the traitors who have been appointed to lord over us.

America had been overrun by invaders taking jobs from today’s kids as they watch their parents simmer with grief. Kids today many times never able to be a kid, growing and seeing death and pain like never before, watching leaders commit crimes, read about leaders raping children, many times committing murder and getting away with it. Never once studying or learning about Americas Bill of Rights.

We here at the Trenches World Report understand this as we watch the articles within the Bill of Rights seemingly vanish.

America is being overrun by 3rd world invaders bent on taking our jobs, liberty and peace away from us, stealing our wealth and life’s time. This is unacceptable, and will be stopped. Be it now or 5 years from now.

It’s unacceptable for letting only a greedy few scumbags make decisions on how our country will be run, unacceptable because they personally benefit while others suffer. These traitors will be held accountable must be held accountable as explained in our Bill of Rights, no man is any better than the next.

We see American scumbags who are billionaires, given free rein to steal from other American folks, putting them in harm’s way, while they feast on the bounty while others starve without a roof.

Billionaires who say they went out and earned it, given millions of dollars from a bank at low interest rates, only required to only pay interest without paying any principle.

This is the type of thing that had ruined it for everybody else, giving only a few who seemingly are better than anybody else this unbelievable opportunity only to cheat on the deal, sticking the rest with the bill. This while they live like kings.

American Nationals have had enough. From The Trenches World Report was born because of this garbage, many of us fed up with being forced to live like 2nd class citizens while scumbags lead us into hell, as they fill their pockets with our money and freedoms guaranteed by our Bill Of Rights.

From the Trenches World Report is a guiding light to us all, reminding us and all others who will listen, the true meaning of freedom, peace and the appropriate way to spend life’s time, we fight for our Bill Of Rights. Not some criminal from Honduras, Guatemala or some other 3rd world hellhole.

We here at the Trenches laugh in disgust at the millionaire talking heads coming from our corrupt media.

These American traitors are the ones killing our kids, as our kids watch this garbage as they sit in front of that 55 inch big screen. Watching leaders commit crimes while never having to account. We here at the trenches, and others around our nation understand this, and are hell bent on doing something about it.

Long live the 2nd Article.

7 thoughts on “Trenchers In Disgust – America Being Destroyed

  1. Thank God I home schooled my kids. Daughter is happy, supporting herself financially (no student loans), loes her job helping counsel disagffected kids (some of whom are affluenza types). Son has two kids, the four year old plays with others and is not allowed to use computer stuff and sit in front of TV all day. They know, and are happy they know.

    1. I’m sure you did an excellent job as well DL. Henry and Laura also did, those boys are all doing well too. It seems the home schooling is always the right way to go. Takes damn committed parents though. Not easy.

  2. Mark, excellent snapshot of what we’re up against, and you present it with so much passion and commitment to change things.

    What incredible days are ahead, but at least we can support and encourage each other here at The Trenches. That goes a long way. Thanks, Mark.


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