Trucker Ride To DC All Day Live Updates

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

[Update] Bear with me folks, I am adding the photos as quick as I can save them, name them and open this article back up…. keep refreshing for more photos and videos— Thank you, Susan

For those unaware of what is going on, a quick intro. Truck drivers across the country are heading to Washington DC for the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” Facebook page for them can be found here. The event is scheduled for October 11-13, 2013, to shut down DC. Twitter hashtag #T2SDA.  

They have given warning, there is a Live Coverage event going on at Before it’s News by Radio host Pete Santilli.

Already one report has come out about cops pulling over portions of the convoy, by Live Free or Die at Before It’s News.

The Truckers have also offered free rides to Veterans to DC for their Million Veteran Marchon the memorials that Washington has banned them from due to the shutdown.

Ok, all caught up here.

New Before It’s News article by Liberator, “Happening Now! Truckers Roaring Into DC

Below will be continuous updates, photos, videos, news accounts, first person accounts from the Truckers’ themselves, so come back often.

Starting with some of the early photos coming out.







Updated videos will be shown before the the updates on photos below.




Via the #T2SDA hashtag, and so it begins…..




























Below is a photo that was emailed from Frank T. with a note that said “We can’t make it to the other Washington, but we’re showing our support in Tacoma/Browns Point, WA.  Roll On!!

Another Before it’s News reader, Linda K. sent in a photo showing support for the truckers ride into DC, with the note “Hubby and I in Florida ready to cheer for Obamas impeachment on our overpass..”


Truckers riding in three lanes, leaving one open as they said they would do.



9 thoughts on “Trucker Ride To DC All Day Live Updates

  1. Greta van Facelift just showed an in truck interview with “General Lee” still downplaying todays efforts claiming the weather caused more gridlock.

  2. Observed on Fri 10-11-2013 at 9 AM to 11 AM – travelling from Lehigh-Berks County border going southeast on I-78, then 476 South toward Lansdale – ONE Constitution labeled truck with a red, white, and blue painted cab pulled off the highway. Numerous unmarked trucks were business as usual. From about 2:30 PM to 5 PM traffic was moving well with nothing noteworthy. Many no-shows.

    Attempts were made to monitor on Channel 15 between 6 AM and 9 AM without success. Another hitch was the apparent server overload (or shutdown) of various event websites.

    There were several accidents and flooded areas within and south of Pennsylvania, which would account for the seemingly lackluster performance so far. Perhaps they will get there more slowly.
    NOTE: My area is full of logistics and warehouse centers with numerous trucks. NO show of support was seen – not even a sign. Sorry.

  3. I only learned about this trucker protest five days ago and I keep up with the news. We need to get the word out on more stations next time.

  4. Shelby, We used to have a free Press & now it is hijacked by Obama Linsay Graham Mich McConnells of DC! That is why it is not covered. Without the coverage We The People online are very aware of it. We send the doubters here to see and it makes them believers that we can be modern day minute men riding our carts and horses to the Nations Capitol! Trust me the WH & DC Devils in charge are very aware of us! GOD BLESS THIS PEACEFUL REVOLT. God will help our efforts in time just keep the Faith and keep on Trucking your Horses Amen!

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