Trump proposes a drastic expansion of presidential power

6 thoughts on “Trump proposes a drastic expansion of presidential power

  1. Puppet Dictator in the making! Things will swing from communist tyranny to a fascist thugocracy very quickly… if we allow it to… :/

  2. It doesn’t matter. With the way Sleepy Joe and Kamala Chuckles are running this country, it will be destroyed by 2024. So there’s no point. Donnie is just mere controlled opposition.

  3. Our Due process you stole from under
    Our 2nd Article you ripped asunder
    Your Red Flag Laws, your Stop and Frisk
    Put every sovereign person at risk

    Your loyalty was never with us
    To Tel Aviv you gave your trust
    Proclaiming yourself King of Israel
    You did what you could to make life miserable

    Through our lives you had your romp
    And you never did drain the swamp
    Instead you added more slime
    And stole a lot of peoples’ time

    What did you give ’em but broken promises?
    Barrels of lies and corporate communism?
    Master Salesman, what noise you make
    But we all know a snake’s still a snake


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