Trump says he will NOT force Americans to take coronavirus vaccine as polls show widespread skepticism about jab


US President Donald Trump said he would not issue a mandate for a coronavirus vaccine when a jab becomes available, allowing individuals to choose for themselves amid concerns that immunizations are being rushed through trials.

Asked who would be first to receive a vaccine in an interview on Fox Business on Thursday, Trump said “essential workers” and “older people” would take priority, but made a brief detour to assure that he would not make vaccination compulsory.

“I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine,” the president told Fox’s Stuart Varney. “I just don’t think I would do that, where you have to have it, because there are some people who feel very strong about that whole situation.”

Recent polling shows that around 50 percent of Americans surveyed would decline to take one of the coronavirus vaccines under development, many citing concerns that the approval process is being rushed. Though Trump has repeatedly stated a jab would be available by election day, a recent shift in federal guidelines – as well as delays in at least two ongoing trials over safety concerns – could push FDA approval into December, with a mass roll-out coming in the following weeks and months.

5 thoughts on “Trump says he will NOT force Americans to take coronavirus vaccine as polls show widespread skepticism about jab

  1. It’s not skepticism mthrfkrs…it’s because we have bought up all the guns and Ammo on the shelves No. 1. Number 2, your algorithms show you, a very distinct intent and cold statement by the average joe’s out here, u Trump fkn Raeli… we will engage you directly if you try it. Some of us really wish you would… fk you, fk your masks, fk your fake plandemic.

    Many will die fighting the NWO, that is certain, but so will a whole host of you suits and your enforcers who think you are removed from the repercussions of your treason….!

  2. More speaking out of both sides of his crooked mouth…..Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah!
    I’ll believe it when I see it? And he does not rule, but will employers, esp. govt. ones, follow suit? Medical ones won’t, since Moderna etc. will be buying them off…

  3. And just who are those essential workers?
    Come and try to give us a vaccine, you won’t like what you get in return. We know you know this country is lined with guns; fun to watch you people tip toe around them.

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