Trump Says U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraq’s Oil, and ‘Maybe We’ll Have Another Chance’

Daily Intelligencer – by Margaret Hartmann

While addressing the CIA on Saturday, President Donald Trump took a break from lambasting the media to remind everyone that he thinks the U.S. should have stolen Iraq’s oil. He also suggested that the U.S. might get another chance to violate international law.

“Now I said it for economic reasons,” Trump said while introducing Representative Mike Pompeo, his pick to lead the agency. “But if you think about it, Mike, if we kept the oil, you probably wouldn’t have ISIS because that’s where they made their money in the first place, so we should have kept the oil. But, okay, maybe we’ll have another chance.”  

National Review has noted that Trump’s “odd fixation” with taking Iraq’s oil dates back to at least 2011. He made the argument numerous times on the campaign trail, suggesting that the U.S. could take Iraq’s oil while fighting ISIS. When PolitiFact examined the claim in September, numerous experts said trying to seize Iraqi oil would not be legal, feasible, or desirable. The idea is “so out of step with any plausible interpretation of U.S. history or international law that they should be dismissed out of hand by anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of world affairs,” said Lance Janda, a military historian at Cameron University.

It’s not clear what Trump meant by “maybe we’ll have another chance,” but when you’re president, people take even offhand remarks about violating international law pretty seriously. BuzzFeed spoke with several Iraqis on the front lines of the battle against ISIS, and they said they were prepared to take up arms against Americans if they attempted to take their country’s natural resources.

“I participated in the attack against the Americans by attacking them with mortars and roadside bombs, and I’m ready to do it again,” said Abu Luay, an Iraqi security official using a nom de guerre, who is currently fighting the terrorist group in northwest Iraq. “We kept our ammunition and weapons from the time the Americans left for fighting ISIS. But once ISIS is gone we will save our weapons for the Americans.”

Several other people at a base for Popular Mobilization Units, a new branch of Iraq’s armed forces consisting of former militiamen and volunteers fighting against ISIS, said the move would be counterproductive. Iraq recently took out a $5.3 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund, in part to help pay for the fight against ISIS.

“There’s no way Trump could take the oil unless he launched a new military front and it be a new world war,” said Kareem Kashekh, a photographer who works for the Popular Mobilization Units.

7 thoughts on “Trump Says U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraq’s Oil, and ‘Maybe We’ll Have Another Chance’

  1. I have ZERO pity for any chump supporting foreign occupying govt military member who serves the united snakes govt when they are killed or wounded when video of these statements are made and available for them to see with their own eyes.

    You have pledged allegiance to these usurpers, tyrants and traitors and stood by idly while you await your next orders to commit your next atrocity and expect US to laud your endeavors.

    You have also ignored your true duty to those who you are sworn to protect, as well as our Rights, and you continue to do so in our name.

    Your wake-up alarm ended decades ago and the ticking of a new clock of many actual REAL Americans is ticking and you’d better start living up to the hollow, insincere oath you’ve taken.

    You’ve not only shirked your duty but you have actively worked against US, the American People, and We have recognized it.

    WE know that you will follow orders implicitly, as you have done so in the past, and all of those orders have been carried out of your own free will against other nations and people in violation of our Constitution and We have no faith in believing that you will not do so against US.

    YOU have made yourself the enemy.

    You will live with or die with the knowledge of these truths, or you will change and amend your transgressions.

    You are no hero but merely a human borne of blood and worth only as much as your word and your word, frankly, is absolutely worthless.

    Your actions, inactions, blatant treason and dereliction of duty have made you a rightful target of the American People, and you will reap what you have sown.

    We, the American People, recognize you as the strong arm of our oppressors as you do nothing in defense of Our Rights and do all that is necessary to further the agenda of the unlawful will of the enemy occupying govt that has infiltrated the rightfully declared govt of the United States of America.

    Change your ways(but I don’t expect you to because you have already proven where your loyalties lie) or suffer the consequences of your cowardly, traitorous crimes which will be punished with great prejudice by We the People.

    P.S. I know your programming is strong, so please know that I have NO expectation of you heeding the voice of the People, so just consider this a Declaration of War. F U boot lickers.

    1. WOW, it’s like you’re in my head man! If you don’t mind, I’m gonna copy t hus to use in the numerous useful idiots I know I’m gonna butt heads with today. Damn good speech and assessment.

    2. Yeah, trump has a screw loose, no doubt about it, what kind of an idiot would make a fkg statement like that? Really great comment Marist, great to have you around brother.

  2. Thank YOU, my fellow Trenchers. It is my pleasure to be in such like American company. WE will never forget OR forgive 9/11!

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