Two Simple Kitchen Cancer Treatments Used Successfully to Beat Cancer

Health Impact News – by Paul Faasa

There are some folks who know the truth of chemo drugs’ toxicity and will do whatever it takes to avoid a therapy that many do not survive, whether they have medical insurance or not. Two such persons were Vernon Johnston and Ann Cameron.

Both were diagnosed with cancer, and both took paths few would dare under the circumstances. The pressure is great to succumb to conventional medical treatments.

There are dietary treatments under supervision, however, that have much higher success rates with no serious side effects.

Though not nearly as expensive as orthodox Western oncology, they are not covered financially with private or government medical insurance and usually demand travel or relocation. So some are forced into resorting to staying at home and using do-it-yourself (DIY) protocols.

Some protocols, like the Budwig Diet, Essiac Tea — home brewed with fresh herbs, and others, have taken to the task successfully. But Vernon and Ann took matters into their own hands with even more unconventional inexpensive protocols that many would consider suicidal.

Disclaimer: This article is not an attempt to diagnose, prescribe, or give medical advice. It is simply sharing interesting true stories for educational purposes.

Vernon Johnston’s “Dance With Cancer” Using Baking Soda and Molasses

After some preliminary tests and a biopsy, Vernon was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, which had metastasized into bone matter around the prostate. Stage IV is the most advanced life-threatening level of cancer. But fortunately, prostate cancer is slow moving or spreading.

While staying with a brother near Portland, Oregon, Vernon was eligible for services from a VA (Veterans Administration) hospital in Oregon. VA offers complete coverage without co-payments for most medical services to low-income veterans while charging small co-payments to veterans who are financially better off.

Because of the VA medical system’s patient load, the time between diagnosis and treatment often takes longer than private medical services. That gave Vernon a window of opportunity to do whatever he could to reverse his cancer before being pressured into conventional therapies.

Vernon’s adult son suggested he look into cesium to rapidly boost pH levels in the cancer cells for treating his cancer. It could be ordered online, so he did. Cesium is available as a powder, cesium carbonate, or as an ionic liquid, cesium chloride.

Consuming the natural mineral cesium penetrates cancer cells and instantly raises their pH readings from close to five (5), highly acidic, to around eight (8) (highly alkaline). The rapid shift from cancer cells’ comfort zone of low pH and high acidity to alkaline beyond what’s considered the normal 7.3 pH level has been proven by some iconoclastic doctors and researchers to have the ability to destroy cancer cells.

Nobelist Otto Warburg discovered in 1931 that cancer cells cannot metabolize oxygen, but instead rely on fermenting glucose to survive indefinitely. Dr. Warburg also realized that cancer cells cannot survive high pH levels and infusions of oxygen. The process of fermentation creates lactic acid and high acidity low pH levels approaching five (5).

So boosting the pH levels rapidly to eight (8) creates a sudden rush of oxygen into cancer cells making it impossible for them to survive. Fortunately, the cesium order did not arrive and his window of opportunity to experiment on a DIY basis was running out, which would have forced him into chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

This was fortunate because cesium cancer treatments require close monitoring of potassium and magnesium levels for safe consumption. If potassium levels go too low from the addition of high cesium salt supplementation, death can occur.

This is why a health practitioner should be used to monitor those levels. Instead, Vernon discovered another way to rapidly boost cancer cell pH environments rapidly and oxygenate them – sodium bicarbonate or baking soda.

Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda does not contain aluminum, but baking powder often does. Aluminum free on baking soda containers simply addresses that confusion. But baking soda alone is not very efficient at penetrating cancer cells.

That’s why the combination of baking soda and maple syrup was used by DIY cancer patients effectively and without causing dangerous mineral deficiencies, especially potassium. The maple syrup serves as a Trojan Horse to allow sugar craving cancer cells to accept the baking soda, then the pH shoots up rapidly and oxygen rushes into those cancer cells, reversing them into normal cells. (Source)

But Vernon only had a bottle of molasses on hand, so he used that instead of maple syrup with the baking soda. He also did daily breathing exercises and sunbathing. His window of opportunity had shrunk to slightly under two weeks from almost a month. He was scheduled for a VA appointment to determine future treatments on 13th, June 2008.

A few days after that appointment, Vernon received a report in the mail from them stating there was no evidence of bone metastasis and his PSA reading was zero point 1 (0.1) compared to the 22 PSA reading at the beginning of what he called his “dance with cancer.”

Even better, after a few weeks, Vernon received a medical examination that confirmed his complete cure from prostate and bone cancer. In 2009 at age 65, he began giving talks about his experience. His story was written up in a local California newspaper, The Valley News.

It is important to realize that Vernon did not undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy prior to embarking on his “dance with cancer.” Thus the probability of surviving cancer with such an unusual DIY therapy was enhanced considerably.

Six years later, one year after the standard of five years cancer free that orthodox oncology considers cured and not just in remission, Vernon finished his book My Dance With Cancer: After the Jolt.

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Ann Cameron’s Even More Outrageous Cure for Her Cancer

Ann cured her cancer by consuming five pounds of carrots juiced daily. She didn’t make this up. She had found out from a network of others who had cured their cancer with huge carrot juice consumption.

The person who told her about it was Ralph Cole who had cured his cancer in 2006 by juicing five pounds of carrots daily. And he had found out about this from another woman who cured her ovarian cancer this way. Chris Wark of the Chris beat Cancer website consumed eight glasses of carrot-based veggie juices daily. (Source)

Carrot juice is the staple of the Gerson Therapy for cancer. Dr. Gerson had discovered that the best type of juicer for his protocol was a slow speed mastication juicer. He had discovered that high-speed centrifugal juicers produce cellular electrical polarity issues in the juice, reducing its effectiveness.

Ann’s husband had died from lung cancer in 2005. In 2012, Ann was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. On June 6, 2012, Ann had surgery for stage 3 colon cancer. But she decided against chemotherapy. Again, this made whatever alternative treatment she could find twice as effective.

A routine follow-up CT scan showed Ann’s colon cancer had advanced to stage 4 and had metastasized to the lungs. Her doctor predicted a two to three-year life expectancy. She was advised that radiation would be useless, and chemotherapy was recommended without any guarantee it would extend her life.

Ann remained firm with her refusal to avoid chemotherapy. She was aware of chemo’s damage with low curative success. That’s when she discovered Ralph Cole, who was still cancer free after seven years and very willing to share his details with her.

On November 17, 2012, Ann began a daily regimen of 5 pounds of juiced carrots yielding a quart or slightly more per day. Ann juiced in the morning, drank a glass and then refrigerated the rest, which she finished off throughout the day.

Ann faithfully continued juicing five pounds of carrots daily, although there were occasional short downtimes due to work related travel and a confessed short ice cream treat, not recommended for anyone seeking alternative cures. Cancer thrives on sugar and ice cream has lots of it.

After eight weeks of daily carrot juicing, a follow-up CT scan revealed that the cancerous tumors had stopped growing, there had been some tumor shrinkage and there was a reduction in swollen lymph nodes.

A few weeks later in March 2013, it was determined that her cancer had not grown. No new cancer, no swollen lymph nodes, and tumors continued shrinking. Then in April of 2013, her oncologist determined her cancer was gone. All swollen cancerous lymph nodes had returned to normal.

Ann’s book, Curing Cancer With Carrots, should handle all of your particular questions. She researched the science that supports the carrot juice approach and included insights on how oncologists con you into harmful but profitable treatments that usually don’t work.

Regardless of what main alternative method one chooses for treating cancer, the Cancer Tutor recommends adding it to another compatible protocol, which is indexed on their site, with a firm foundation of what they call the cancer diet.

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    1. Hi #1.. this article you posted cant be shown enough times. new people come to this site all the time. it’s good that they can have access to this information,. thank you sir. 🙂

      1. Agreed, Paul.

        Since I know it works from personal experience, the more exposure it receives, the more lives that can be saved… and spared the horrors of chemo/radiation MURDER ‘treatments’.

    2. Re-read that again #1 thanks its a great article , I learn something new everytime I read it , was also a blast to see the post digger-dan made!

      1. Most welcome, Foehammer. I like to put up the link to first posting for just that reason… comments from posters who are no longer with us (for one reason or another). Digger was a good friend… although we never met in person, we talked for many hours on the phone. It truly broke my heart when he passed.

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    Please remember that I am also a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” who is “shunned by animals and people, lives alone, has no friends or life”, etc., etc., BUT I hate cancer, I HATE ‘medicine’ – and ALL the money they generate with their bull$hit, and I REALLY HATE all these ‘Runs for Cancer’ – because the simple fact is YOU are running for Big Pharma to NEVER ‘cure’ cancer, but to PROLONG YOUR MISERY – as long as you can pay.


    They have been “close to a cure” for 50 years. But that’s not going to make muneeeeee.

    NOW – a few years ago, I started sending these treatments to others. One, ‘we’ lost, but the young boy’s mom said he’d showed remarkable improvement, had gotten off EXPENSIVE $$ – which forced her to work 3 jobs – and his last year was OFF oxygen, and allowed him to even play basketball. Sadly, it was too little, too late, as he’d been diagnosed at a VERY early age, but the ‘med$’ were effing him up, ruined his remaining life, and broke him mom and dad, financially. THESE methods gave him at least a better last few months – not laying in bed, hooked up to oxygen.

    The SECOND guy (50’s) was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and he was trying ‘med$’ before horrible other treatments, and HATED that the female hormones were effing him up, he was getting breasts, and acting ”all emotional – like a chick”.

    AND WEREN’T DOING A SINGLE, EFFING THING. His ‘numbers were “unchanged” or “slightly worse”.

    About 18 months ago, he started in with several of the treatments I sent; Lots of tumeric, and the baking soda/molasses treatment.

    I just received an E mail about 2 weeks ago. He’s completely cancer-free, and his doctors “can’t understand it”.

    I’m happy to be part of that, and happy that he defeated The Big C, The Big Pharma – and The Big Brainwashing.

    You’re free to make your own choices, but the brainwashing runs deep in our society – unless you’re like me; “gullible, paranoid, and afraid”, and “ONLY listen to conspiracy websites and videos” – (as I have been told as a conspiracy theorist, these are the character traits I show).

    Thanks for posting, Henry. I will post on Craigslist’s Rants & Raves, but it will be Flagged and Removed.

    But if it reaches JUST ONE person….

    1. Hey Koorz.
      Information like you just posted needs to be seen, and you posted it on the right site.

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        ”I worked for Big Pharma, the biggest, with the most bucks for many many years. I was on the inside, I saw the truth.

        There is no “cure” for cancer, you’re completely nuts thinking such a crazy conspiracy theory. If there was, they would not be hiding it, the people who work there would let it be known, even if the greedy “owner” (no such thing / public companies) didn’t want it. Why do you think the scientists went into that field, to hide shit from people, or do you think they MIGHT have an interest in helping people?

        By the way, when there is a “cure for cancer”, there won’t be one. All types of cancer are very different and if you had a “cure” for one, it will not work on others although there would be some which might work the same way, that would be a small win.

        You make people feel bad by uninformed, uneducated, crazy-ass bullshit”

        1. …and sure enough, my post on the cancer cures was Flagged & Removed.

          Amerikans HATE the truth, HATE knowledge, and are their own worst enemy.

          “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” ~ H.L.Mencken

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          How’s that old saying go? you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink.

        3. By the way Koorz never quit telling people about it. like you say if you can save just one person from it.
          Carry on brother.

        4. I love how that shill adds the biggest bucks and most amerikans won’t even think for a split second that a cure would stop that money train a rollin’! hasbara and big pharma must be cousins.

  2. Hey…what happened to Jerry’s kids.
    Aren’t we still fighting Muscular Dystrophy. ?
    Oh… I get it..
    Jerry’s kids are in the kitchen now.
    They have MS and cancer.

    Cruel world isn’t it.

  3. Wish I would have known this years ago
    Just lost one of my best friends wife to stage 4 lung cancer
    Bless you and may God be with you Brenda

  4. I have a simple answer to cancer.
    STOP EATING Their fkn food.
    If your to lame to take 30 seconds to dig a hole and plant a seed..then shame on you.
    You get what you deserve.
    I have no pity on u.
    And neither does mother nature.
    She gives us the abundance to provide for ourselves.
    Just like father sun… or… the son of God.
    You want to c Jesus.
    It comes up every day.
    It’s just one of the suns of the creator.

    This world is more magical and mystical then your mind can even comprehend.

    Baby steps…
    Baby steps.

    Now njoy your… SonDay.

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