U.S. court orders Iran and others to pay $6 billion for 9/11 attacks

Raw Story  NEW YORK — A US judge formally ordered Iran, Al-Qaeda and several other defendants Wednesday to pay $6 billion compensation to the victims of September 11, 2001, in a largely symbolic ruling.

Although Iran denies any connection to 9/11, it was included in the list of alleged culprits by the US District Court in New York, along with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, Afghanistan’s Taliban guerrillas and Al-Qaeda, which took credit for the massive terror attack.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is also named.

However, the money, awarded for economic, personal and punitive damages for a total of $6,048,513,805, is unlikely to be recovered.

Iran is in a tense standoff with the United States over multiple issues, especially its nuclear industry and alleged plan to build an atomic weapon. Iranian-backed Hezbollah has no relations with the United States.

Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, who is also named, was killed by US Navy SEALs in a raid inside Pakistan in 2011. The Taliban are in an active war with US-led troops across Afghanistan.

The ruling caps a series of court decisions prompted by lawsuits filed by families of 47 victims from among the nearly 3,000 killed on 9/11.

Last year, Judge George Daniels signed a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs. A magistrate then calculated the recommended compensation, which Daniels on Wednesday approved in his ruling.

Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks, in which hijacked airliners were used to bring down the World Trade Center towers in New York and to crash into the Pentagon near Washington.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan at the time and were giving shelter to Al-Qaeda. Iran was blamed by the US court partly because some of the hijackers passed through the country on their way to carrying out the attacks.

71 thoughts on “U.S. court orders Iran and others to pay $6 billion for 9/11 attacks

  1. Last time I checked, Iran never has done any controlled demolitions here in the US, nor sent any unmanned drones or missiles into the Pentagon, so I fail to see why they should pay for the false flag attack orchestrated by the United States government, CIA, and Israeli Mossad.

      1. Wrong. It was Iranians who got the US military to stand down on 911. It was the Iranians doing drills in NYC that went live the morning of 911 with FEMA. It was Iranian air security at Boston Logan that allowed the “arab” hijackers on board the planes. Iran set up the op called Able Danger with NSA and CIA.

        IT WAS ALL IRAN. IRAN IRAN IRAN. aaahhhhhhhhhh

  2. What crackheaded judge made this ruling? This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Send the bill to the CIA, Mossad and George Bush’s cousin they are more involved than Iran.

    1. How the hell can a US court make a decision like this? No real investigation is permitted by either the US government or the US courts so what evidence is being used: the NIST report which contradicts the laws of physics?

      The US court system has lost ALL credibility after this.

  3. “Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, who is also named, was killed by US Navy SEALs in a raid inside Pakistan in 2011.”

    If he was, it was the first time in history anyone has been killed and come back to life, only to be killed again some 10 years later.

    “Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks, in which hijacked airliners were used to bring down the World Trade Center towers in New York and to crash into the Pentagon near Washington.”

    CIAl-Qaeda MAY have claimed responsibility, but the REAL Osama Bin Had NEVER did, only his fake replacement in the fake videos made that claim.

    Send the bulk of that judgement to Zionist Israel and Mossad, and the rest to Bush and his cronies for restitution.

  4. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Were those 15 Saudi nationals, you know, the alleged hijackers, included in the judgement? And as they came from Saudi Arabia, does Saudi Arabia have to pay anything?
    Five will get you ten, that judge speaks both fluent Yiddish and Hebrew.
    That’s it, I’m speechless………………………………….

    1. Apparently 12 of them also miraculously came back to life to turn themselves in to overseas embassies the very next day, but you never heard THAT from the MSM.

      Seems to have been an awful lot of resurrections connected with 9/11.

      ALL Muslims, too. Maybe I should convert to Islam?


      1. Yea, I’m thinking about driving off a cliff and then resurrecting myself a few days later, too. I hear it’s the thing to do these days. Good times.

      2. You know, I heard later that them white unidentified planes that were noticed where the hijacked planes were, were from Warren Buffet.. The story goes that NORAD or someone in the command structure, had asked them on 911 to shadow the planes, since they were in the neighbourhood. He has also some suger in that remote control business.. I mean.. In plane sight, I guess they didn’t have a cam in the cockpit.. And yes, it seems to be amazing as they tell me what an F-16 can do without fragile human on board.. Al the way up to the design limits of the plane.

        1. I’m still sold on the ‘no plane’ hologram scenario.

          I’ve seen credible evidence in favor of it.

          1. I have seen that also. However, what were all them New Yorkers looking at in the sky? And why the hell even document the non-event by them Israeli’s? I now even burn more to see what they had on tape of the first Impact, since with holograms that can’t have been nothing more then an explosion outward of building.. That ‘documentation’ would reveal a lot, not?

          2. I saw a video presentation by Jim Fetzer at ConspiracyCon 2012 that showed the second plane disappear into the south tower, frame by frame, without a crack even appearing until the entire plane was gone, then the explosion followed. The week before that, I saw another video titled “9/11 There in no Plane – shot from Helicopter.” I’ll post you a link to it below. They can do incredibl things with hologram technology these days.
            Also, I’ll check my older e-mails to see if I can find the other video showing the ‘ghost plane’, I think Clark Kent found it and sent it to me. Hopefully I still have it.


            Sorry, TanceAm, couldn’t find that other link.

  5. “U.S. court orders Iran and others to pay $6 billion for 9/11 attacks”

    BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROLMFAO!!! Are you kidding me? They weren’t even on the radar during 9/11. That’s like saying Russia or North Korea had something to do with the so-called Muslim hijackers when there was zero talk about them. What’s next? China will be accused of being responsible? How about Hawaii or France? Maybe Spain or Greece? I mean for the love of god, how can the sheeple actually believe the shit coming out of these guys mouths? And to request an 8 billion dollar compensation for the victims? HAHAHAAHAHA!!!! OMG! It’s insane! As Nigel Farge said the other day in a video, “Who the hell do you think you are?”.

  6. This is going to backfire in incredible ways. Persia has been waiting for a long time to release America’s secrets regarding that day. Israel will have to wage war with Iran to silence Iran or Iran is about to out them, Saudi Arabia, and the United States as the perpetrators of 9/11. Cheney gave that stand down order.
    America is in trouble.
    We’ll be at war before the month is out. If you are an American aged19-25 and reading this right now-make plans to write your conscientious objector status letters.

    1. I would love to see them try to pull a draft with this generation.
      For people calling revolution this will bring it if they try.

      1. And if they pulled a draft like they use to there would be a lot of pissin` and moanin` – just visualize that . hahahalol!! hgistory would repeat itself.

    2. The problem is that nobody will believe it when Iran releases the full truth.

      The same media that claim Ahmadinejad wants to personally wipe Israel off the map will just shrug it off as the rants of a madman who hates our freedom so insanely that he makes up ridiculous conspiracy theories and fabricates evidence.

      And the sheeple will believe it, after all, TV has never lied to us.

  7. I’d like to see the comments section with regard to this topic on a site like CNN, to see exactly how stupid people really are. This site is not a good place to figure out “stupid”, and if even the comments section on CNN calls B.S. on this, the scamming zionists might as well throw in the towel.

  8. I think I read that there were Iranian assets frozen in american banks. If this is true it is a way to legally steal those assets by court order, Steal -confiscate, whatever the government calls it now.

    P.S. I liked that “CIAl-Qaeda”, from NWO Hatr.

    1. Obviously, only a filthy Anti-Semite Nazi lover who supports genocide would think Israel was involved in any way.
      Even if there’s plenty of evidence, and even if Israel admitted it.

  9. But … but … but …. I thought it was Israeli Mossad, not Iran. And isn’t, or wasn’t, Bin Laden and Al-CIA-da one and the same? The wool has been taken down from our eyes … guess the U.S. courts didn’t get the memo.

  10. Didn’t they do the same thing with Iraq before the invasion. Did the judge make any kind of ruling about the mossad agents that were arrested that day?
    New York is becoming like another country.
    This world is getting disgusting. I guess every time we are going to invade a country a judge in New York is going to rule the!y were involved in 9/11 because one of the terrorist had a second cousin whose wife had a aunt that was from that country. WTF!

  11. Jct: Iran?!! What’s Iran got to do with 911? They blamed Afghanistan, wrong, they blamed Iraq, wrong, now they’re blaming Iran? American Justice is as delusional as American Government.

  12. A desparate attempt by the f#@ked-up US guv to cover up 9/11. I wonder how long it will take Americans to wake up and take their country back from PNAC cabal. Or am I expecting too much from zombies?

  13. Bush once said that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and lied about the WMDs.How much will the USA pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars?

  14. Hehe, That is a joke. Butt then again, gov using the gov evidence to proof the govs case.

    How does this Judge think he is going to enforce that judgement?
    An Oil Embargo? That is the Heroine of the world, and they think they can go Cold Turkey?

    “Al-Qaeda, which took credit for the massive terror attack.” ?
    Oh, did they? I can remember that ‘forbidden’ view on youtube, where Bin Laden stated that he had nothing to do with it, and if the Americans wanted to know who did it, they should look at their own shadow government.”

  15. Congratulations now our legal system has achieved the level of Honey Boo-Boo. I’m sure the ruling was done in a court that look liked the scene right out of the movie Idiocracy.

  16. RE: “Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, who is also named, was killed by US Navy SEALs in a raid inside Pakistan in 2011.”

    What ! Osama was dead for ten years and they have the nerve to blame a dead guy who was Bush’s business partner to boot?

    “Did bin Laden die again?

    CIA Report: Bin Laden Is Dying Of Kidney Failure…

    Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years – and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?

    Osama Bin Laden Died of Kidney Cancer

    Bin Laden said to be dying of kidney failure (Pre 9/11)

    Hospital Worker: I Saw Osama (Kidney dialysis)

    Dead and gone for over a decade.

    Myth sustained for profit.

    Death declared now for political gain.

    RE: ” Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks, in which hijacked airliners were used to bring down the World Trade Center towers in New York and to crash into the Pentagon near Washington.”

    Al-Qaeda is actually AlCIAda, ” Al-Qaeda” Does Not Exist
    Did Osama really choose to name his terror network after potty humor or was it a computer database he used to chat with his CIA handlers? ”
    “An organization by the name of “Al-Qaeda” does not exist and has never existed outside a falsely coined collective term for offshoot loose knit terror cells, the majority of which are guided by the Pakistani ISI, Mossad, the Saudis, MI6 and the CIA, that were created in response to America’s actions after 9/11 – as the recent NIE report shows. ”
    “So if the group doesn’t exist, where did the name come from?

    You have heard before that “Al-Qaeda” roughly translates into “the base,” but were you aware that “Ana raicha Al Qaeda” is arabic colloquial for “I’m going to the toilet”?

    Would hardened terrorists hell bent on the destruction of the west name their organization after a euphemism for taking a shit? ”

    Former Leader of the House of Commons Robin Cook, who admirably resigned in protest of the 2003 Iraq invasion, penned a piece in the London Guardian shortly before his death that shed light on the true genesis of the name.

    “Al-Qaida,” states Cook, “literally “the database”, was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.”

    Former French Military Intelligence official Pierre Henry Bunel expands , noting that “Al-Qaeda,” was an early form of intranet, which was used by Islamic nations and influential families to communicate with each other. It was also used by the “American agent,” Osama bin Laden to send coded or covert messages back to his CIA handlers from Afghanistan.

    “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the ‘TV watcher’ to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism are only interested in making money.”


    We should be calling for the arrest of George Bush and Dick Cheny and all the Mosaad who are now in America. Send the Bill to Bibi Nutinyahoo and Israel because all of the world knows it was they who did this and they will not get away with it. Eventually truth will prevail and they will suffer. Stop all of our hard earned money going to terrorist Israel and lets have nothing to do with these cutthroat bastard terrorist again. They are nothing but a leach on the American tax payer to the tune of billions per year. Lets stop supporting America’s biggest welfare leach. to hell with Israel, God bless Iran which translated means Aryan or White nation.

    Israel hates all the white peoples and blacks even more. They want Iran destroyed simply because they have oil and they are white. Do not let the Jewish controlled media make you believe they are Arabs on camels in the desert or towel heads as they like to call them. They for the most part are a white nation with a diverse population like America , only they have all the oil.

    Look at the link below and see how beautiful Iran is and what Israel wants Americans to die for simply because Israel hates everyone not Jew.


    Look at the beautiful people of Iran

    There is more if you just look for them on line. This is what the Jews want destroyed and murdered, that is why they orchestrated 911, because they hate and they are the only terrorist in the world!

    1. It’s not “the Jews” (there are plenty of good people who also happen to be Jews), and while Israel was involved, they couldn’t have pulled it off alone. Israel couldn’t order NORAD to stand down. Cheney (who is not a Jew) could.

      Jews may be as overrepresented in the terrorist group comprised of CIA, Mossad, US government, Israeli government, EU commission, … as they are in US media ownership, but they’re not in it alone, and not all Jews are in it.

  17. Bin Laden in fact denied any participation in 911. Check the authentic video not the faked video.

    As for this judgement, unbelievable…theft in plain sight.

  18. I have heard of wind blowing a piece of straw through a tree during a tornado, but I have never heard of a beer can blown through a piece of steel.

  19. I also heard that the hijackers passed through Florida on their way to the attacks. How much does Florida have to pay?

  20. Since USA sends 3 billion per year to Israel and Israel did the 9-11 attacks, it would be easy to hold back two years of payments and call it square.

    But then people would wonder why USA should ever pay 3 billion to Israel again.
    They might wonder why they should buy wine from Israel that is made from grapes grown on stolen land. Same goes for oranges, olives and lemons. Then there is the tax for having a letter K put on food products. Kosher salt – I’m shaking my head.
    Then there is the whole movie and TV industry that Americans could learn to ignore. Then there are all the newspapers that spew lies constantly.

  21. Must be one of those judges from “Dancing with the Stars”. As for those that are supposed to receive the money: “Wish in one hand, sh*t in the other & see which one gets full first.”

    1. Don’t forget to tickle the nose, so that the shit goes back in their face when they wake up and try to scratch it. lol

  22. Insane. Didn’t we just give 45 million to Al Quaeda in Syria? WTF.
    Iran was NEVER mentioned as a scapegoat once during the entire 911 coverup. It was always Iraq. This is really scary that Americans will believe this had garbage. FALSE FLAG ALERT.

  23. If Iran was involved in 9/11, the spoon is guilty of making me fat! The REAL guilty parties to 9/11 are Israel, Bush family, Dov Zakheim & all of PNAC, Dick Chaney, all Congress & Senate, Russian Mafia, DOD, FBI, DOJ, EPA, IRS, Federal Reserve, Larry Goldstein and hundreds of others in this astronomical conspiracy, but IRAN? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am more appalled at the total apathy of ‘regular people’ even when the s*** is being shoved down our throat. The psychopathic supremacist tribe wants a reaction…. It hasn’t happened yet. It will just get worse. The question in my mind now is whether most people are just ‘born to be slaves’ and that’s that. A ‘slave’ is anyone who accepts the status quo blindly. Could be a rocket scientist or a bum on the road. The popular definition of ‘intelligence’ in ‘modern’ society is hopelessly flawed. An ‘intelligent’ person today is a big hard disk and executes instructions with the least amount of failure in repeating instructions. Our cell phones are indeed ‘smart’ . Smarter than us. They do not question their ‘maker’. They are getting better and better at following instructions without flaws. They are becoming more presentable. They are becoming more cost effective. They remember and recite like a 4.0 1 gpa student on mental steroids. But they are without a soul. They are ‘dumb’ no matter what we name them.

    The same is being done with us stupid human beings. The gap between human and machine is narrowing down. One cursed tribe from the desert is at the wheel now. That tribe is insane with the power and control they have managed to get away with through the ages and it continues. Their unique tribal bond and loyalty bonded by fear has worked well for them. Just like worker ants manage to bring down prey larger and more intelligent than them this tribe does the same thing. The difference is the fear and respect we as human beings give to their ideology. They will use any and every trick in the book to silence others. Once a psychopath is well groomed and literally taught that he is ‘chosen’ and superior, once he is taught to lie and deceive, once they are initiated into the tribe they do not feel remorse or regret. They do not have empathy. They do not sympathise. They have a mission just like the worker ant.
    People must not be afraid of this menace… They cannot and will not succeed. Let them threaten us as much as they want and say they will take all of humanity along with them if we actually hit them back. They are deceivers and cowards. Top generals of the tribe have a little ore sense than their leaders and their tails are between their legs, They ARE AFRAID TO DIE because they have no clue what awaits them. None of us do definitively. I say – call their bluff…. They will yell and scream and a few of the dangerous ones may indeed push a few red buttons. If anything is ‘worth it’ , the end of Judaic supremacist ideology is worth everything. All of us. We all live in ‘Palestine’ to varying degrees. Humanity has been consumed and ruled by a an aberrant and destructive ideology.
    Before I get labelled let me make one thing clear. I am 100% against Judaic ideology. The people who are unfortunate enough to be part of it are truly victims. Victims of their own ideology. I do not condone hatred or violence against them and I do not condone violence inflicted on the rest of humanity by them. As for the ‘antisemite’ label – it makes no sense to anyone and is truly a dirty trick used by people who themselves have anger and hate issues and just fling it onto anyone they please as a silencing tactic – because it has worked for a while.

  25. “Hey, judge!”
    Go hide yourself!
    From the comments above it looks like everybody in America is against you!
    Get a life!

  26. First OBL dies of kidney failure in December, 2001.Then he is killed in a bunker that did not exist in Tora Bora in December,2001. Then, he is killed again in Pakistan a year or so ago and dumped in the ocean, which really puzzled the embalmer who did his preserve job in 2001. Then the U.S. Navy SEAL team that ‘got him’ is murdered for reasons of ‘national security’. Then, he is sued by the U.S.and found libel, even though the head of the FBI and Vice President said there is no evidence. Who makes up this shit. Tell them to f#@k off. This judge is being lied to and cannot legally reach such a verdict on no evidence. Or,this article is infantile and bigotted in its scope and focus,unlessthe fooljudge really reached this verdicton his own. Or I am missing a sick punchline. I will read it yet again. Could it be that this judge is a bigot who deals off the bottom of the deck and the author does us a favor by pointing the fool out? Judge goofy with fangs and a taste for human blood.

  27. This is the same thing as what the jews did with their “holocaust” lie to squeeze money out of the Germans from that time and today. Actually the false jews need to send the bill to US Britain, the Vatican and Queen Elizabeth and pay the Germans for the damage that they inflicted on them during two wars. Israel should disappear from this planet.

  28. Sept 11 2001 bombings
    911 bombings
    Get wise and don’t leave out Thermo nuclear BOMBINGS that were used on all floors at WTC 1 WTC 2

    CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
    This true American lady–worked as a CIA agent–Arrested-shackled prisoned and not allowed to talk. After ten FKN years–she came out–her supervisor told her not to investigate the on goings of placing thermo nuclear bombs. Once she got concerned–sho was wire tapped and arrested.
    Anyone ever questioned–redcross collection of millions and the billion$ allocated to shut up the greedy victum’s family members/ How about that one lady–Buffalo airport jet plane crash-she was headed to interview her lawyers on death of her husband which the court hearing was about to start.Yaaah! Modern 1 yearold jet–develops icing in early December–my ass :^(

  29. What a sound judgement, it should just have gone a bit further! Clearly and beyond all reasonable doubt, only Iran has the technology to violate the laws of physics by making skyscrapers collapse from simple fires. You know, Iran’s violate-the-laws-of-physics device, the same one they’re using to turn a power plant into a nuclear bomb.

    And obviously only Iran could have told the US military to stand down – everyone knows that’s where they take their orders. That’s why Iran is also responsible for the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – THEY ordered the US military to commit those war crimes. Clearly our beloved Fuhrer Bush is innocent, he couldn’t even harm a fly.

    They should have gone a step further. The one thing truth seekers and defenders of the various variants of the ridiculous government sponsored theories can agree on is that, ultimately, a human was behind it.
    So clearly, the court should sentence humanity to pay $6 billion.

    Given the judge is a religious nut who probably believes in creationism, how about also sentencing God to pay a hefty fine (or even do time) for the act of creating the terrorist?

  30. Er…Bin Laden had been dead for over a decade now. Irritating that
    the lie that he has been killed by us keeps getting published.

  31. Anyone notice anything interesting about that specific number? $6 billion!!!

    Change the B to an M and it becomes 6 million – which is the exact same number as those supposedly killed in the “holocaust”

    This Jewish fixation on the number 6 is a dead giveaway. It is so obviously clear that this judge was pressured by AIPAC or the Jews to demand this amount. And of course the Jews are now demanding that it must come from Iran even though 11 years ago, noone ever indicated that Iran was involved.

    This judge is african american – he cant be Jewish – so he must have been presured to make this decision. He is usually consistently late with his decisions. Wanna bet this decision was early or on time?

    1. Yup. Another miracle about to occur by the end of the year is the Jewish population in Israel reaching that revered and holy 6 million number….6, 6, 6….. the number of the beast!

      How odd, the security question I got is “What is 6 + 6″… LOL

  32. ROFL.
    Einstein was right, “Two thing are infinite, the universe and stupidity of men. And I am not sure about the first”. Just curious how those stupid idiot could become judges.

  33. I did not know there were Kangaroos in US courts. I thought they kept them all in a successful south east Asian country.

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