4 thoughts on “Ugly and cruel politics

  1. That f***ing old hag needs to be bitch-slapped with a clue-by-four. Does anybody still believe any politician gives a crap about the people?!? They are all career politicians, they all have had their pay and benefits without interruption, they participate in the theft of the country’s wealth. Restore the Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law, restore our Common Law Courts, have trials for every single one of these treasonous bastards and let them swing from hemp ropes!

    1. Or send them to Antarctica so they can eat each other (because they’ll be shot if they try to eat penguins, seals, or whatever else wildlife exists on Antarctica).

  2. this vial bitch forgot whos the boss , it isnt Wolf Blowhard either ..its We the Fcken People!!!

    listening to this sick whore talk down to Us is treason , shes lost her place , and needs to go immediately

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