Ukraine’s PM Azarov and government resign

BBC News

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet amid continuing anti-government protests.

Mykola Azarov had offered to step down as prime minister to create “social and political compromise”.

The move came after the Ukrainian parliament voted overwhelmingly to annul a controversial anti-protest law.  

The protests have spread in recent days across Ukraine, even to President Yanukovych’s stronghold in the east.

Official buildings in several cities have been occupied.

Tuesday saw the interior ministry report that three protesters had stabbed and wounded three policemen in the southern city of Kherson, one of whom later died.

In total, at least five people have been killed in violence linked to the protests.

Parliament – holding an emergency debate on the crisis – voted by 361 to 2 to repeal the protest legislation, which among other measures banned the wearing of helmets by protesters and the blockading of public buildings.

The law had helped fuel the demonstrations which began in Independence Square in the capital, Kiev.

2 thoughts on “Ukraine’s PM Azarov and government resign

  1. When the whole country is rioting to get rid of the leader, stepping down is the only decent thing he can do, and he should consider himself lucky that he still has his head attached.

    yes…it’s good to be King, but the severance pay’s a bitch, because his head is usually what gets severed.

    If you want to be King, you’d better be good at it.

  2. You mean those FAKE riots and stage productions in Ukraine actually worked? Wow. Talk about controlled opposition. That’s pathetic.

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