Vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood stolen from Italian church

NBC News – by Claudio Lavanga

ROME — A relic containing drops of late Pope John Paul II’s blood has been stolen, and Italian police speculate the thieves may want it for satanic rites.

The vial was stolen from the Church of San Pietro della Ienca in the mountainous Abruzzo region in central Italy on Saturday. Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005, loved to go on skiing holidays in the area.

A relic with a vial containing the late Pope John Paul II’s blood is seen in 2012.  

The theft sparked a major search operation involving sniffer dogs and dozens of police officers.

Italian authorities said they believe the theft was commissioned, as thieves stole only the relic and left many other valuables behind at the church.

Only three of John Paul II’s relics contain his blood and they are all considered of great religious value.

As the late pontiff’s blood would be difficult to sell, Italian police said it is possible the thieves may plan to use it for satanic rites.

Arguably one of the most popular popes in modern history, John Paul II is due to become a saint in April.

7 thoughts on “Vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood stolen from Italian church

  1. Why is this news-worthy? I’m thinking, “what kind of nut case leaves behind a vial of his own blood, anyway?”

  2. Isn`t Satans birthday reconized on Feb. 1st or is it on jan. 31st.. This would be a great gift to celebrate Satans birthday it seems to me. Yea, with all the security that I would think that they would have there I would think that there would have to be someone involved with the church.

  3. Oh yeah….. The Jews are going to use that blood to make matzo bread for passover rituals, like they do with all the innocent little babies they kill for the same reason. It’s a greater sacrifice to Satan when they use the blood of innocent Christians, and the pope’s blood would make the ultimate matzo.

    Google: St. Simon of Trent

    Or read: “Jewish Ritual Murder” by Arnold Reese

    There’s no shortage of original court documentation of these events, despite the Jews’ best efforts to scrub it from history.

    1. That scumbag was about as innocent as Genghis Kahn, JR.

      He worked for I.G. Farben in Germany as a chemist during WWll, manufacturing various types of gas for the Nazis, some lethal, others not. He hid behind the collar of a Catholic priest to escape, near the end of the war.

      Lo and behold, he eventually went on to become the Pope.

      The Catholic church has always been a Satanic creation.

  4. To say “innocent Christians” and the Head of the Jesuit controlled RCC in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron.

    Instead of a blood sacrifice,…maybe they are gonna try and clone the guy…would make a convincing body for the anti-messiah

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