Uncle Sam Desecrated At Team USA Soccer Match


Everyone knows the classic image of Uncle Sam. On Tuesday, July 9th, a new, 30-foot-tall version of Uncle Sam appeared at Portland’s Jeld Wen field. In honor of Team USA’s Gold Cup soccer match against Belize, Uncle Sam is shown wearing not a stars hat, but a Cascadia hat. Cascadia is a fantasy “nation” movement that is promoted throughout the northwest. Cascadians seek to arrange for Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to secede and form a new nation that is based on environmentalism and socialism.  

This is hardly the first time elements of the Cascadia movement have appeared at commieball, er, soccer games in Portland. The Cascadia flag and its tree symbol appear regularly at Portland Timbers games, the city’s MLS team.

Update! Video has now surfaced of the unveiling of “Cascadian Sam”, which immediately followed the singing of the National Anthem. (I suppose we can at least give them credit for singing the Star Spangled Banner, rather than the Internationale)

The Cascadia movement made headway during Occupy Portland, as their members were often seen flying the flag at rallies.

And oh yeah, the USA kicked the crap out of Belize, 6-1.


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2 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Desecrated At Team USA Soccer Match

  1. What is it, ‘commieball’ or some sporting diversion where the USA, a nation of 320 million, ‘kicks the crap’ out of Belize, a nation of only 327,000 people?

    If this is what it takes to get our manhood a boost, we’re totally lost.

  2. im all for the movement until I read its a socialist movement. If that is the case why secede? Maybe im more on board with the Nation of Franklin? or what ever they call it in nor cal.

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