Unemployed Make Lemonade out of Lemons

Zero job growth for the first time since 1945 and it only took the propagandists 24 hours to make that a positive thing, or at least something we really shouldn’t be worried about.  Everyone is saying the government has to step in and create jobs, as this is the only alternative left because the filthy rich corporations are not only not creating any jobs, but are in fact planning on sending more out of our country.  So I guess the only thing left is for the government to create jobs.

When the government creates jobs what they are doing in reality is paying your wages while you create wealth for private industry.  And as private industry has taken over our government, we will be, again in reality, working for the government.  When government runs industry and employs the citizen to work therein, that is what is known as socialism.  Add in the Marxist doctrine of each working to his ability and being compensated as to his need, and you have communism, hence, working for welfare.

There is no end to the elitist’s mouthpieces who say those who are not working have only themselves to blame.  In this great land of opportunity, there is no excuse for not working.  Sitting in their ivory towers they look down on we the people whom they consider peasants and tell us to “Ruck up.”  I’ve heard more than one say that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade.  So I thought, what they hell, I’ll give it a try.

I went down to the store and got a bag of lemons with the last of my unemployment check.  I made up a few gallons of lemonade and set up a stand in front of my house.  Business was a little slow at first, but I became very encouraged when I saw three great big black motor home type busses roll into town.  I thought, these have to be rich people and it is hot, so they must be thirsty.  Here is my big chance.  Then all three of the busses started up my street.  I was ecstatic.  I was already counting my profits in my mind.  Then the busses stopped right in front of my lemonade stand and I was like, “Oh yeah.”

Then the government agents dressed as storm troopers came rolling off the busses.  They were pointing machine guns at me.  I threw up my hands and said, “What?”  Unbeknownst to me, throwing up one’s hands, and saying “what” is considered an act of aggression.  I was tasered and as I was lying on the ground, with their dogs chewing on me, as they kicked me, I heard them shouting, “Stop resisting!  We are with the government and we are here to help!”  Just before my eyes swelled shut, I saw them chopping up my lemonade stand with axes.  So much for making lemonade when life handed me lemons.  This is kind of funny, but then again it is not.

The government is busy spending millions of dollars to bust people selling untaxed lemonade.  There have also been raids on the Amish for selling unlicensed products.  The fact is the country is 110% under the control of the international corporate mafia, and if the people here want to work we have to pay them tribute through licensing, bonding, paying for inspections, and taxation.

According to the merchant law we are being oppressed under we cannot even lift a hand to keep ourselves from starving to death, because our actions might just be dangerous to our health.  In the land of the free and the home of the brave, people are now going to jail for producing and consuming raw milk.  Just think of all the little babies that are going to wind up in the clink.

Of course the food you buy out of the store that is being defecated on by illegals in the fields, seems to somehow slip through the cracks.  And they never can seem to find out just who is responsible for these products.  Think about it.  They are telling us we cannot drink raw milk as our bodies are being radiated by the fallout from Fukushima.  They do not care if we all drop dead right now, in fact that is what they want.

All these regulations on the individual are for is to make sure each and every one of us stays down where they have put us.  The government was never supposed to regulate the people in any way, only commerce.  So they created millions of commercial regulations, which finally left them regulating the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat; not to protect us in any way, but simply to regulate how much we get.

It is time to throw these chains off.  And this is what Ron Paul is talking about when he says we need our freedom and liberty back.  In spite of what Mitt Romney says, corporations are not people, they are commercial entities, and hence they are to be regulated to make sure they are not stealing from us or poisoning us for profit, which is exactly what they do every time they are deregulated.

So I say regulate the hell out of corporations and free the people as it is the corporations who are regulating the people into slavery.  Ron Paul has been having a hard time in addressing the excesses of the filthy rich, which is okay.

Ron Paul has made one promise that I believe he will keep and that is that he will free the people and serve their will. Hence if it is our will that the corporations be made to give our wealth back and be put in their proper place, which is beneath the people, who are human entities, Ron Paul will lead us to that end.  And how sweet it will be to actually be able to work for ourselves instead of the fat ass corporate bastards that own and run our government.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Unemployed Make Lemonade out of Lemons

  1. Great article Henry,

    Lets send it to Barry, maybe he will slip it in to his speech Thursday! Gee ya think?

  2. Gotta love all that imported produce too, you know, the stuff that is grown with all the chemicals that were outlawed in the USA decades ago.

  3. Henry,
    What you’re saying about not being able to tax certain products is so true!!
    A good example of that here in Michigan was a few years ago. The hunters of this state had to vote if placing down corn or bait for deer hunting should be legal. The majority vote won by a land slide. However since corn, apples, carrots and so on are actually consumable food the dirt bags couldn’t tax it. So they went through the next year with their BS regulations and outlawed it becuase they said we had TB in the deer herd. Based on 3 deer testing positive for TB. Michigan has a deer herd that exceeds 1.3 million deer……………… Are you shitting me! 3 deer! It took 3 years to over ride that and millions of dollars in fines imposed on the guys that said BS we voted this in and screw you! Now they’ve changed the laws and it states that any product used to attract deer, bear or wildlife for the purpose of hunting is not considered food for human consumption. What a joke!
    The most recent issue here is medical pot! It was legalized here a year or so ago. I personally don’t use it or grow it and don’t want my kids doing it either. However the majority won with 67% vote. So guess what I’ll suck it up and deal with. Now the Michigan attorney general deemed it illegal based on certain loopholes in the law. He actually stated “people are making money off of this” So let me see….all of the GM jobs are gone, we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and people are actually moving to Michigan and opening new businesses because of this law and they want to shut it down because of personal beliefs. I guess it’s a bad thing for people to make money these days!!!
    BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! They haven’t figured out how to tax it yet because it falls under the food laws because people put it cakes and brownies and eat it.
    They’ve approved hundreds of thousands of medical cards at $100.00 each and thousands of business permits at who knows what cost and approved them all. How in the hell can they say….. OK…….. we’ve changed our minds now. And by the way you won’t be getting your money back.
    I’m really sick and tired of this shit!

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