17 thoughts on “Urgent Message to Canadians

  1. Oh Canada!
    One of you needs to stand back in a high place and look at the reality of this situation.
    This fella is asking you to get as many supplies as you can and completely shut Canada down.
    Now, after those supplies are exhausted, the foreign UN troops can come to hammer your asses and you will be fighting hungry.
    You’ve been invaded. You’re at war. All these people claiming to be your leaders are telling you to just be complicit with the invasion and resist by depleting your supplies without fighting. I don’t think Sun Tzu would like this. People without guns are at a great disadvantage. People without guns and food are in dire straits.
    Food for thought, pun intended.

    1. If dude is straight, why is his face blurred? I see what you see Henry. Honestly I can’t stand this anymore, between the propaganda/traders,I just don’t know anymore. I’m tired.

      1. Hey Hal, off topic, but I did look into the Titles of Nobility prohibition. Many in depth articles, but here’s a bit from Wiki, so of course it’s a screwed up account. Validates The Constitution. Defends lawyers and their “esquire” title. But this is their blurb on The Titles of Nobility Amendment. Sorry for the word “citizen.”:

        “The Titles of Nobility Amendment is a proposed and still-pending amendment to the United States Constitution. The 11th Congress passed it on May 1, 1810, and submitted to the state legislatures for ratification. It would strip United States citizenship from any citizen who accepted a title of nobility from an ’emperor, king, prince or foreign power.’ On two occasions between 1812 and 1816, it was within two states of the number needed to become part of the Constitution. Congress did not set a time limit for its ratification, so the amendment is still pending before the states. Ratification by an additional 26 states is now needed for its adoption.”

        So, pending for over 200 years!! Ha!! I’m sure they’ll get to it by Friday. Anyhow, while it’s been in pending, there were too many violations to name. King Trump comes to mind, even if title wasn’t officially endowed. And Grace Kelly. And Megan Markle. If I put the time in, I know I could name a few hundred more.

        Thanks for the dive, Hal. They sure do want us to bow down to this one and that one.


        1. I think that I posted something on this year’s ago.
          I’ll have to look after my batteries are up, and use the computer.
          Remember, they burnt things down during the war of 1812.

          1. No, I don’t “remember.” More study ahead for me. Geez. For years I have been rehabilitating my history education. 🙂


        2. If ratified it would not become a part of the Constitution because there is no Constitution and it can’t be ratified because corporations do not represent the will of the people, they represent stock holders. You know, the f-king Chinese.
          In short, the authority to ratify any amendment does not exist any more.

  2. That’s one video I would NEVER share, share, share! This is getting so stupid and retarded, it’s beyond ridiculous! At least I know how to grow food and valuable greens for trade and barter if the truckers fall for this. I haven’t seen this video circulating anywhere yet, but if and when I do, I will shoot it down!

    Misty, I know what you’re saying. This is exhausting. Not to worry. I will be re-charging for another day in the fight to get the message out to tell as many people as I can possibly reach, to ditch the emergency act and to defy it. Actions will be enforced on anyone who violates my rights with it! Anyone who chooses to enforce it is WORTHLESS! I am so thankful for the fighting words I find here.

      1. Misty, I caught that fine detail as well. I started watching a documentary on the Holodomor this morning. When you see how this kind of vermin operated back then, it is easy to see history repeating itself, right before your very own eyes. I pray to the gods of guns and ammo, that this time around, things will be different.

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