US transport plane crashes in Afghanistan killing 12

Telegraph – by Rob Crilly

An American C-130 transport plane crashed at Jalalabad airport,Afghanistan, shortly after midnight on Friday morning killing twelve people, according to officials.

The city is close to the eastern border with Pakistan, an area prone to Taliban attacks.

The plane’s five-man crew died, according to a US military spokesman, along with five passengers, civilians contracted by the US-led coalition.

Two Afghan civilians were killed on the ground, Col Brian Tribus told NBC News, adding that there was no hostile activity in the area at the time.

The C-130 Hercules, a four-engine turboprop plane, has been used by the American military since the 1950s and has been a workhorse of its Afghanistan operations, carrying passengers or cargo.

Jalalabad airport is operated by the United States Air Force and is one of the bases used by American drones.

A squad of Taliban suicide bombers launched a dawn attack on the air base in 2012, using two car bombs in an effort to breach defences.

The US has about 9,800 troops in the country and the numbers are expected to reduce further by the end of the year as it continues its drawdown, handing more responsibility to local forces.

However, the Taliban is trying to stage a comeback and this week seized Kunduz city in the north before being forced back by a sustained counter-attack, which included American and British special forces.

3 thoughts on “US transport plane crashes in Afghanistan killing 12

  1. **** @FoxNews @BretBaier my son is a C-130 loadmasters and he’s in Afghanistan…hope he’s okay…praying for our troops!

    — Marco (@marco4166) October 1, 2015 ****

    Why do people keep calling them “our” troops? They’re OBAMA’s troops — or, if you prefer, they belong to the oligarchy that holds Obama’s strings.

    There have been numerous occasions in our history in which US troops were mobilized to take action against Americans — even against their fellow veterans, as in the case of the Bonus Marchers. More recently, the National Guard helped the pigs confiscate citizens’ guns after Hurricane Katrina. Some outrages are ongoing, such as the key role of the military in the “War on Drugs,” which (along with the “War on Terror”) continues to eviscerate our rights. There are quite a few other examples, but I’m aware of NO instance in which any significant percentage of “our” troops refused orders to subjugate Americans. They sure as hell didn’t honor their oath to actually DEFEND the Constitution.

    The true, unstated purpose of the US military is to enforce the will of the US political oligarchy. About the only interest we have in common with this oligarchy is the protection of the US from foreign military attack. This protection exists almost entirely because of our nuclear deterrent. Ground troops have nothing to do with our national security. The standing army remains only to (1) invade and occupy foreign countries to benefit Israel and/or the “defense” industry, and (2) provide reinforcements for domestic law enforcement in the “homeland.” What do we get in the bargain?

    1. reduced freedoms;
    2. increased development of anti-guerrilla tactics, weapons, and equipment that will eventually be used against American citizens;
    3. increased foreign anger at the US that leads to greater risk of terrorist attacks; and
    4. higher taxes, or less tax money being used for purposes that actually benefit most citizens.

    In a nutshell, “our” troops will gladly turn their weapons on us to take our freedom and our lives if ordered to do so. History proves this. Yet we sing their praises, lick their boots, and thank them for serving the evil scum who want to enslave us and the whole world. Why?

    This isn’t intended to offend anyone (though I’m sure it will). It’s simply a wake-up call to any readers out there who have never questioned the life-long conditioning that leads them to revere the military. For those who haven’t yet swallowed the Red Pill in this regard, the time to do so is now.

    1. “Why do people keep calling them “our” troops? They’re OBAMA’s troops — or, if you prefer, they belong to the oligarchy that holds Obama’s strings.”

      Well said, BMF!

      I, too, am sick of people spurting out the “Our Troops” line all the time. They’re not mine. I didn’t send them over there nor do I want them over there. If they went over there, it wasn’t under my authority, it was their own stupidity. So therefore, they don’t belong to me and they don’t represent my will or our country. They belong to the political puppets and elites who put them there.

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