China to Build Largest City in Human History

Published on Sep 30, 2015 by China Uncensored

China is working on building a megacity that will have more people than the UK, Canada, and Australia combined. It’s called Jingjinji, a megalopolis with Beijing at the center. And it might be just as nightmarish as you imagine.

7 thoughts on “China to Build Largest City in Human History

    1. Surprisingly, pollution levels (which are completely and dangerously out of control) are actually the least of their problems at this point in time. It’s kinda sad. 🙁

      1. They’ve poisoned all their water.

        That’s why the so-called ‘government’ is stealing it from the Great Lakes and selling it to them.

  1. After living in China for 5 years and about 1 year in Beijing, I am all too familiar with the long lines and having a great deal of patience and making sure I leave for work hours ahead of time. The population over there is exactly what they say it is. After seeing the clip of the people waiting for buses, that’s just a normal day in China as far as I’m concerned. It brings back memories.

    And don’t get me started with the Beijing subways during Rush Hour, especially in the morning. Let’s just say that it was so crowded that I was even afraid to jokingly yell, “Fire” for fear I would be squashed to death. Basically, you’re nothing but a window decoration as your face is pressed firmly up against the window or even the door of the train. I mean NYC is bad, but Beijing is 50 times worse during Rush Hour. Trust me!

    Also, if they want to bring in 130 million, they’re crazy. Most people can’t even afford a plate of meat, let alone a bunch of overpriced houses.

    Sure they can bring in foreigners from overseas and corporate big shots to live there and try to be another rich NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London combined, but that still won’t help them. Infrastructure and transportation, although quickly built (as in months, not years), are very shoddy and of poor quality and as you can see, many people lost their lives in building them.

    I remember living in Shanghai how my wife while coming home from work, noticed a huge pool of blood on the ground from some dead China man who was working on the superhighway and getting it ready for the Shanghai Expo that was happening in 2009 and he basically fell from the top of the highway all the way to the ground. Probably a good 7 stories high, if not more. Very sad.

    Also, considering their elevator and escalator incidents that have been occurring lately, China is not looking like a great place for people to migrate to anytime soon.

  2. It’s a slave warehouse, and nothing more.

    It’ll house the people they choose to keep alive, and the un-chosen peasants in the countryside will be chemtrailed out of their misery.

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