99ers HR 589 Supporters Lee and Boehner to Meet Pray for the Extension and Prepare for the Easter Project

Barbara Lee and company and John Boehner and company are scheduled to meet today to discuss HR 589.  What fruit if any these discussions will bear I do not know and indeed we here at From the Trenches will be the last to know as in the realm of 99ers we have become that red headed bastard step child  that no politician wants to claim as their own.  Who knows, maybe we’ll hear from the 99ers socialist Union tomorrow.

As for Boehner being willing to compromise on HR 589 I think the looming government shutdown on Friday speaks volumes.  I believe Boehner and company are on a one term suicide mission as they have come forth declaring a non-existent mandate from the people as their authority for bringing the causes of the ultra elite to the next level.  And I think the neo-con position on the 99er issue is pretty well set as their “Path to Prosperity” plan introduced on Tuesday calls for further cuts in unemployment benefits.

I do not believe the 99ers are going to find any answers within the realms of the false left-right paradigm, but we are far from whipped.  A lot of you reading this have been working diligently at spreading our website all over the internet.  People like Barbara have suffered personal attacks and denial of services as a result of their efforts.  But I tell you it has not been in vain.

In the last month alone From the Trenches has seen 39,236 visitors to the site, with 63,952 page views.  And for the proof positive that those working to spread word of the site on the internet are succeeding, 25,615 of those visitors were unique, which means it was their first time to visit the site. 

From the onset we have had to struggle against adversity through troll attacks, attacks from the false left, attacks from the false right, and denial of advertisement revenues.  But I believe that short of unlawfully shutting us down our growth can no longer be stopped.  The fight in just telling the truth has become arduous in the realms of our so called government’s attempts to monitor and regulate what we the people say to one another, but we shall not cease. 

Every lie coming from the mainstream propaganda machine will be challenged.  I would thank those who have been working to build From the Trenches but as I have said before From the Trenches belongs to the 99ers.  So if anyone feels a need for gratitude, place your right or left hand over your shoulder and pat your own back.  You sure as hell earned it.

That being said let us take our site to the next level.  If we keep up our efforts I promise you we will continue to grow exponentially.  And if just one of the Easter Project protests makes it into the mainstream propaganda I believe we will see From the Trenches explode, though I do not believe that the mainstream media will report on any of the protests even if someone were killed.  But that is alright, that shows that we have become a threat and that our enemies fear us.  And as I have said all along our greatest strengths are our numbers and the fear they cause through our unpredictability as individual free thinkers.

In the next week I will be constructing a letter to Congressman Ron Paul which I will reveal on our site.  The letter will be to tell the Congressman that we the 99ers are constitutional patriots who want to see our beloved Republic restored and a return to prosperity.  I will also be asking Congressman Paul to acknowledge the 99ers and their plight and to inform us as to what measures he would take to eliminate our suffering. 

In specific: retrieval of the $26 trillion stolen which in part represents all we have lost; an end to NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT; a return of our industrial base to our United States; the ban on export of our natural resources except in the form of 100% US manufactured goods, not components to be assembled in foreign countries, but rather fully manufactured products; massive tariffs that will end our trade deficit; and prison sentences for the corporate elite that have been working diligently at subverting our Constitution for the past fifty years.

Paul has already stated that he wants to end the Federal Reserve and stop the wars and truly this would be a serious blow to the international corporate mafia and enough to win my support unconditionally, but as I know that if Paul runs with Ventura at his side, the two of them are going to be attacked from every angle with lies, half truths, and a little bit of truth mixed in.  So personally I would like to know where he stands on every issue I consider constitutionally important.

If the Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket is to succeed it will have to do so as a political revolution for the restitution of our Republic under our Constitution.  This being so this is where the enemy will launch their attack in opposition and we must be prepared.  99ers, let’s build our power base.  Pray for the extension and prepare for the Easter Project protest.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more”if i had it”, for better quality “American” made Products!!That’s How I Was Raised With Patriotic Loyalty“Made In America” By “Americans” Its Not Separatism Its”Patriotism”!If they build it somewhere else,then let them sell it somewhere else(“corporate” and “consumer” loyalty/patriotism)keep America strong,”end outsourcing” . WE also need equal Trade agreements with other countries and better and stricter oversight and accountability with our banking industry. Also at some time in history either we or our ancestors were at one time immigrants seeking freedom and the American dream,but this great land in which we built this great democratic society,the most powerful free society in the world THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,Can no longer sustain our own population growth, sometimes laws and practices need to be reevaluated and out of necessity must change for the survival of own citizens,All good honest hard working immigrants should always retain their rights to apply for legal citizenship,but America can no longer afford to allow non-tax paying illegals to burden our system. We need real change,We need “all” unemployed through no fault of their own,To band together and exercise their “power” and vote out all incumbents Dems.& Repubs.end their monopoly,and self-servitude,maybe even look at 3rd party independents,more representatives than politicians like sen.Bernard sanders!
    I Love My country and the Ideals in which it was founded on,but today’s government is far from the visions of our forefathers,it certainly wasn’t to be controlled and monopolized by these self serving corrupt Politicians!
    Democrats and republicans “corrupt monopolized government” at Its best or worst depending who you are and how you look at it,Policies for Hire & Legislation For Sale.Our system of government gives us “the people”(the majority)not just the “wealthy”,but the needs and concerns of the many,not just the few with money & power,the power of the People is in their vote,so we should never leave our votes at home as some have suggested in the past,because when they cant count your vote,then neither you nor your interests and needs will count either,to our elected government representatives.
    Strength in numbers,next election lets let our voice(working class unemployed Americans) be heard through our Vote!We must save our middle class,from this Form of class genocide,the corp. wealth in America are motivated by greed not whats good for the country in which they live in and have built their fortunes.They are trying vanquish all the great middle class manufacturing etc. jobs over seas,they are training them for our jobs,its about profits over quality,and the poorer we get the more we add to the problem by shopping places like Walmart etc.and buying products that aren’t made here,there cheaper but not better,not quality American made products!!


    I have been following your site for some time now. Thank for you have been doing to help these people.

    1. On the Crew of 42 website there is updated information as of 4/7 regarding the most recent ploy by both parties for the continued “set up for the let down” of the 99ers.

      A hope and a prayer is having a hard time getting us there. What’s next?

  3. Good to see,once again, that the wonderful, loving creator has answered the prays of his rich whores by cancelling the meeting. I agree with all your thoughts, Henry, with regard to the political game being played except the intention to pray. Maybe if mankind stopped asking the cheif sociopath of the universe for help the poor would overcome.

  4. Hi Henry and thank you again for your great articles and support. I am out here swinging the bat trying to make intellectual idiots understand what is really happening to our country. They simply do not get it. They look at me like I am insane and spout nonsense that comes directly from Fox News Channel. You must know how difficult it is ro educate GROWN men and women. I really feel like they will not understand until they hit the wall like I did. Your site along with all of our efforts must go to the next level.

  5. The fall of the Republic has continued because of puppets like Obama who is just a puppet who continues to make mistakes and is just a continuation of Bush, even though a Democrat without any position, though a smooth talker who did nothing for this country. Obama worse president in the United States ever!
    There was no change and things are worse than ever!

  6. The hell with this shit! I have no more more money and no more food! I have nothing to lose anymore since I sold everything I own! Now a reschedule date is given!!!!!!! This is some bullshit ! It better be for this coming Monday 4-11-11!!! This is genocide! You might as well drop a bomb on us.

  7. I find it ridiculous the meeting has been delayed yet again. This was supposed to be voted on about a month ago and this is just an intial talk not a vote. Guys, get it together. And the delay is 1-2 weeks? They should meet on Monday just as Fiestaover says, it’s the only right thing to do.

    1. Paladinette,
      You need to take the red pill. The false left Obama and company and the false right Boehner and company are playing a game of good cop/bad cop designed to sucker we the people back into the false left-right paradigm before the 2012 election campaigns get underway. Screw the left and screw the right as they are both working diligently to finish screwing us and destroying our country.

    1. Never, ever, NEVER in a Million Years! I’ve lived in NYC way too long to believe One Word that comes out of his mouth.

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