One thought on “USS Liberty Survivor Pres Johnson Ordered US Jets Grounded – Bryce Lockwood

  1. My comment on the youtube page:
    Poor man. Attacked by the country that even then owned the U.S. government and even with the knowledge that israel owns congress he wants this owned and servile body of lying greedy cowardly and avaricious criminals to investigate an act of their owners with the intent of justice being the goal? The quote by kissinger describing what the military are comes to mind.

    It is hard to overcome ones training and beliefs. This man still believes congress is capable of doing what he believes is its job when the job of congress and the entirety of the U.S. government was stated clearly by barney franks sister and their behaviour shows this is true. I have to hand a hat tip to Ken O’Keefe. He was able to overcome his training and beliefs and all that took was exposure to reality. Reality does not impinge on Bryce Lockwoods beliefs. A shame. A crime in itself.

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