Google bans plug-in that picks out Jews

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Google has banned an extension of its Chrome browser which was being used to identify Jewish names on the internet by surrounding them with three sets of brackets, or parentheses.

Those identified were then subjected to anti-semitic abuse via social media.

The symbol has been described as a secret signal because punctuation does not show up in ordinary web searches.  

Google said that the extension was blocked from its store because it broke its hate speech rules.

The tech giant declined to comment further.

It was called the “coincidence detector” – a reference to a conspiracy theory about Jewish people and global control.

The extension was developed by a far-right group called alt-right.

It had around 2,500 users and a database of 8,800 common Jewish names which it could pick out on websites reported tech site Mic.

The symbol stems from a right-wing group called the Right Stuff, who told Mic it was “a critique of Jewish power”.

Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor of the New York Times, wrote about his experience of receiving a tweet with his name wrapped around with brackets.

Jonathan Weisman's tweetImage copyrightTWITTER
Image captionJonathan Weisman is now using the parentheses himself.

When he asked what it meant the tweeter replied that he was “belling the cat”.

“The anti-Semitic hate hasn’t stopped since,” wrote Mr Weisman, who has now altered his name on Twitter to include the brackets himself. Others are doing the same in support.

“Nobody’s telling us to self-identify. We are showing strength and fearlessness,” he tweeted in response to a journalist who said it made her uncomfortable.

He also said that much of the hate appeared to come with “self-identified Donald J Trump supporters” – and many had Twitter names which included the US presidential candidate’s name.


4 thoughts on “Google bans plug-in that picks out Jews

  1. This banned plug-in is only misleading people anyway. The most sinister of the Zionists adopt Christian-sounding names, and they always have.

    Children are also given the last name of their father, while Jewish law states that Jewishness comes from the mother.

    Most people don’t know that Obama is a Jew, but since his mother was a Jew, he’s considered a Jew by other Jews.

    You can’t detect Jews accurately by name, and there’s really no need to. Many Jews are on our side ( ), and many more are innocent. America’s enemies are Zionists, descended from Kazarians, and this is an important distinction to make because the Zionist press will otherwise always dismiss the truth as “anti-Semitism”, and as a result of this, most Americans will ignore what you’re trying to tell them

  2. normally i’d say something but my soapbox is in the repair shop.
    not to mention that if i get started shit i’ll be here all damm day.

  3. “The anti-Semitic hate hasn’t stopped since,” wrote Mr Weisman,…”

    Like you don’t deserve it, scumbag?

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