Utah brothers detained by feds in area closed for ‘trespass cattle’ roundup northeast of Las Vegas

web1_web_shilligs.jpgLas Vegas Review-Journal – by HENRY BREAN and JOHN LOCHER

Two brothers from St. George, Utah, were detained and cited by federal authorities Thursday afternoon as they crossed into an area closed for the ongoing roundup of “trespass cattle” on public land in northeastern Clark County.

Tyler and Spencer Shillig said they were held for at least an hour after they intentionally crossed underneath a gate blocking the road to Overton Beach at the northern end of Lake Mead National Recreation Area northeast of Las Vegas.  

Tyler Shillig, 28, said they decided to join the protests against the federal roundup of rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle after they heard about the Bureau of Land Management trying to restrict protesters to a pair of First Amendment areas.

“The federal government has way overstepped its bounds,” Tyler Shillig said. “For them to try to corral me in a 20-by-40 free speech zone is inexcusable.”

The Shilligs were not arrested, but each of them received a citation for interfering with an agency function. Spencer Shillig, 22, also was cited for disorderly contact and violent behavior before both men were released.

The only arrest so far came Sunday, when Bundy’s son, Dave Bundy, was taken into custody by the BLM and released the next day after being cited for “refusing to disperse” and resisting arrest.

There were indications Thursday that Dave Bundy’s brother, Ammon Bundy, also could face federal charges stemming from a clash between protesters and BLM rangers that resulted in him being shot with a stun gun.

A criminal case against Ammon Bundy appeared on the electronic docket for the federal courts system and then disappeared after a reporter made an inquiry to the U.S. attorney’s office about it.

No information about the charges against the 39-year-old was provided on the docket, but a case number for “USA v. Bundy” was listed and the case was assigned to U.S. Magistrate Judge George Foley Jr. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nadia Janjua Ahmed was listed as the prosecutor.

When U.S. attorney’s office spokeswoman Natalie Collins was asked in an email why the case was no longer on the electronic docket, she replied, “We cannot comment on it.”

The spot where the Shilligs were detained is on National Park Service land outside the almost 600,000-acre temporary closure area federal officials established for the roundup.

On Wednesday, the Park Service announced an emergency closure of the roads to St. Thomas Point, Stewarts Point and Overton Beach so Bundy’s cattle could be rounded up there. A Park Service official said those areas are expected to reopen to the public Friday.

The Shillig’s knew they were crossing into an area that was closed, but Tyler said: “If you look at any successful movement, it’s because people have fought, people have been jailed.”



Review-Journal writer Jeff German contributed to this report.

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11 thoughts on “Utah brothers detained by feds in area closed for ‘trespass cattle’ roundup northeast of Las Vegas

  1. What the hell happened to the side of his face? Did the feds do that to him or was that from something else?

  2. Great Recon, methinks.. Someone in the militia movement has just tested and confirmed the eyes in the sky. I would expect the brothers timed the arrival of the thugs to the second from the moment they crawled under the gate… as well as the direction(s) of the enemies approach probe, probe you know…. There are some of those militia commanders doing some good thinking… expect more….

      1. Win — Win no matter the outcome….

        First, the stupidity of the BLM shows everyone what desk riding warriors they are..

        #1 The BLM has been completely out maneuvered by the militia. They don’t have the slightest clue what to do without the micromanagement emanating from DC.
        The inability of desk jockies to think on their feet and react is evident from watching the videos. They have sidearms with no mag pouches. They gather in easily defeated postures with no 6 watchers. Their gun hands are busy holding a taser or a dog leash. Granted there are reported XE guys there, but those guys will have strict orders to stay out of sight and wait for orders on any confrontation, as well as to ask permission for any possible shot.

        The first win is that the BLM desk jockeys have proven to be no match for the Militia Veterans and the combat training they have, and the courage of the protestors have ignited a firestorm of outrage from coast to coast.

        #2 Win .. We learned somerhing..
        Although The BLM will eventually probably retreat from the oppression stance because of the bad press they are getting, in so doing it will GREATLY encourage future protestors armed with cameras. Be careful in rejoicing though, for there are other agencies such as FBI and ATF which do have decent strategists.
        However, to control this, the militia must do exactly what they are doing. Ie, form a protective barrier around civilians to force the thugs to risk injuring protestors with their fire, while obviously the militia will not have the same problem with their return fire.

        IOW, 4GW, waged the same way it was by the Afgani’s and the Iraqis. Even the Jooz have been kicked in the teeth by a watchful world press and molding world opinion about their murderous tactics.

        The next job is to carry the fight all the way to DC


        1. BLM is manipulated by the Military Industrial Complex and will do whatever they say. So don’t underestimate what is going on here. Follow the money and who is pulling the strings for these BLM puppets. The MIC will stop at nothing to get that land, one way or the other and if BLM won’t do it for them, they’ll definitely get someone who will.

  3. Identify all supporting this 1st amendment violation with photos and then with some sleuth work home addresses.

  4. Citations do not confer in-personam jurisdiction over the individual upon the court. Substantive due process is found in the 4th amendment,”no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation”. Procedural due process was promulgated to insure substantive due process. There are only 4 instruments which confer in-personam jurisdiction upon the courts, the warrant, the summons, the indictment, and the civil summons.Only these first three instruments include a finding of probable cause. A citation does not meet the procedural requirements for any of these instruments. Both warrant and summons must be signed by the issuing magistrate, the indictment must be delivered in open court by the foreman of the grand jury and the civil summons must be signed by the clerk of court.Jurisdiction of the court must be challenged by means of a special appearance. A “Motion to dismiss for want of in-personam jurisdiction” must be filed with the court in order to honor the “promise to appear” which is all the citation actually is.

    1. Yea, save the law speech, Hadnuff. We’re kinda in the middle of a standoff that may set off the Second Revolutionary War, so I don’t think shouting about the law for ridiculous citations will matter to the insane hired goons when bullets are flying all over the place. Just sayin’.

  5. ” Assistant U.S. Attorney Nadia Janjua Ahmed was listed as the prosecutor.” Now we have a mooslim involved?

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