Vaccine mix-up at North Carolina Walgreens results in saline injections instead of COVID treatment

New York Daily News

The latest vaccine mishap amid a global effort to inoculate the general public against coronavirus occurred at a Walgreens in North Carolina.

Workers at the pharmacy in Monroe confirmed on Friday they mistakenly gave some people an injection of saline instead of the treatment for COVID-19. Walgreens told WCNC they managed to reach out to everyone who was affected by the incident as soon as they were able.

The drug store added that an investigation into the mix-up was underway and vowed customer safety and care is their top priority.

So far, at least 177 countries and territories have administered more than 878 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to a tally by CNN. In the United States alone, the nation hardest hit by the pandemic, an estimated 202,282,923 shots have been give out as of Saturday morning.

Still, the worldwide immunization campaign has been met with a range of roadblocks, from delivery delays to storage snafus to distribution gaps. There have also been reports of corruption, with some local officials and health care workers stealing the shots for themselves and their loved ones.

What’s more, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been temporarily suspended in the U.S. over reports of blood clots. Some countries in Europe stopped the AstraZeneca vaccines — which have not been authorized in the U.S. — for the same reason. Health officials continued to research the side effect while emphasizing just how rare the clots have been.

11 thoughts on “Vaccine mix-up at North Carolina Walgreens results in saline injections instead of COVID treatment

  1. Oh you mean the saline injections that all the celebrities and politicians have been taking on camera to deceive the masses into taking the lethal injections?

    1. BINGO! And I just love it when the forces of evil “accidentally” reveal the truth! But they can’t help it. God is in control!

  2. So, can they send a shipment of those saline….I mean vaccine injections to Texas so that I can tell everyone that I got vaccinated so I can get my phoney vaccine card?


  3. Because saline is such a common thing to shoot up some one with , give me a fcken break

    This just blew the cover off this whole scam
    And you’ll never hear another word about it

  4. You know what occurred to me is that they probably are mixing in a certain volume of these placebo shots in order to give the impression of “Successful Safe” vaccinations, knowing that the real ones will ultimately lead to serious debilitating ills and death.

    And someone caught this so they came up with this cover story…. Hmmmmm

    1. That theory also proves this vaccine shit is a hoax
      Those receiving the saline injections are medically recognized as vaccinated
      That right there is a huge rabbit hole of possibilities

      1. Another article I just read states that what they got at the pharmacy needs to be mixed with saline by them and they forgot to do it so at the end of the day they noticed they had too much of it which is beyond belief and the biggest red flag I’ve ever seen in my life

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